10 Ways To Create More Online Content

By | December 5, 2016

If there’s one thing that’s greatly symbolic of online success, it’s the idea of creating content. One thing we all go online for is content consumption, in one way or another. Whether it’s a video we watch on YouTube, the latest post on our favorite blog, or status updates on our social feeds, one thing that’s for certain is that we go online to consume content.

So as bloggers and content creators, how can we develop a better content creation strategy in an engaging way to attract more of our audience? In this post, I’ve compiled a number of ways you can develop content for a better and more successful long-term strategy.


#1. Create a YouTube Channel

One of the most popular methods of creating content today is through the upload of videos. It’s no question that YouTube utilizes many of the same SEO techniques today as search engines do. As long as you can consistently create an engaging number of videos relative to your niche, you can grow your subscriber channel, which can also be linked to your website or blog, resulting in more engaged traffic going back to your website.


#2. Create Your Own Images

Creating your own images is something you might already be doing. But did you know you can also use those images and effective visuals to gear a heavier amount of traffic to your site? By utilizing social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram, you could be build a larger following, long-term asset, and growing audience base resulting in additional web-based traffic.


#3. Write More Blog Posts

One of my favorite techniques for creating and delivering value to my readers is by writing a blog post. The more blog posts your site has, the healthier it will be and the greater potential for your website to receive more traffic, both now and in the long-run. There are some occasions where you might feel a bit of a stretch of the amount of time it takes for that blog post to get ranked. But the more consistently you write and the better value you deliver, the higher the chance your blog posts will be seen.


#4. Stream Or Broadcast Yourself

In addition to YouTube, you might also choose to do a live stream. This should definitely be considered a way of creating added content and value because of the interest people now take in watching you live. Platforms like Twitch where gamers can stream live, while sharing they’re gameplay and thoughts have become a popular content creation method. Platforms like Ustream that allow you to broadcast yourself and then use those recordings to be embedded into your website or blog is another popular go to method for creating additional content. Other livestream websites include Justin.tv, LiveStream, and YouCams.


#5. Create Your Own Music

If you’re an artist or musician, what better way is there of creating your own music. With the internet today, you have a number of resources you can use to get your music out there and one very popular way of doing that is through YouTube. You may not have noticed this, but now you can find all kinds of artists gaining more traction than ever by use of YouTube. Take Justin Beiber for example who built his entire reputation with the help of YouTube. The key to YouTube success is by using proper SEO, uploading a continuous amount of content, and engaging with your audience base :)


#6. Start an Online Forum

Starting an online forum and creating a discussion-based community can go a very long-way in creating additional content for others to read, especially when this is highly relevant to your website or niche. Forums and discussion-based communities are an enormously helpful place for people to gain more insight, information, and opinion-related answers to a specific topic. As a forum moderator though, it’s very important to keep the place spam free and enforce proper rules, as well as help to spark up new and interesting debates amongst your members.

#7. Record Podcasts For Your Site

Recording podcasts with highly relevant and helpful information, where you can share your own personal insight into a topic can be a very attractive solution to your readers. This is also a wonderful alternative to individuals who prefer to not go under the “YouTube spotlight” or camera. Podcasts are especially attractive because some readers might enjoy listening to them on a long-commute or way back home from work. It’s nice to shut-off the music every once in a while.

#8. Create & Write Your Own Newsletter

Now if you really want to engage with your audience even further and spread your thoughts and ideas on a topic that is of interest to both you and your users, you should start writing your own newsletter. This is a popular technique among bloggers and internet marketers who like to place a lot of care in their already growing readership and subscriber base. It’s also an excellent way to deliver additional content that might feel more personal and create a stronger bond between you and your readers.


#9. Write & Publish an E-book

One more way of creating plenty of online content is by writing and publishing your own e-book. If you already have a blog or website and have been doing it for some time, you’ve likely grown to be more knowledgeable in that subject than most. If you’ve already researched and written a lot on a specific topic then it only makes sense to write your own e-book at some point in time. The benefits of this can be two-fold: 1. you can grow your subscriber base even more by offering it to them for free and 2. you can list and sell it on Amazon for interested readers in that topic.


#10. Interview Someone Within Your Niche

One way of creating and delivering even more online content is by doing an interview with an expert or someone who’s had a notable¬†experience with something. Readers love reading interviews just to get more detail and depth on a specific experience someone might have had. More importantly is that it really allows you to implement and add more variety to your daily blog posts and deliver something unique that no other blogger or writer can.



Those are 10 methods you can utilize to step up your content creation strategy even more. Creating online content¬†can be a wonderful thing, but it’s important we do it in a effective and consistent manner.

To become a leader in your niche, you should be utilizing more than just one of these things. That’s how your going to grow your reader-base, but more importantly is how your going to grow a reader-base that is engaged and can’t wait to see what’s next!



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