100 Percent Profit Bot Scam Review

By | March 18, 2015

Name: 100 Percent Profit Bot100 Percent Profit Bot Scam Review

Website: www.100percentprofitbot.com

Owner(s)/Creator(s): Hayden Blake

Price: “Free” with a catch!

Rank: 0/100 – Scam

What Is 100 Percent Profit Bot?

The 100% Profit Bot consists of a system and software to help you earn in the 100 Percent Profit Bot Scam Reviewbinary trading options market. The company and product claims it is a system that literally does all the work for you and operates based upon the money you put into it.

Usually we are given almost no direction prior to registering as to how the binary option trading product supposedly works, and are merely told it is some kind of “automated robotic money-making machine” based on binary trading. In this case, I must say I am very impressed actually with the creation of its home-page; very intricate, detailed, and fancy-looking.

TOO BAD these guys decided to base it upon nothing but a complete money-losing scam instead of something legitimate like Wealthy Affiliate! Because of this wrong-doing and for taking something that is a complete scam and a full-out LIE look legitimate as possible I intend to blow ’em out the water with the simple writing of this review!

This review has thus been written for your informative purposes only and should help you decide whether this is a product you potentially want to get involved in.

Binary Robot?

In addition, 100% Profit Bot falsely claims to be a Binary Robot which quote:

“FORCES You To Withdraw Your Profits Regularly! You either withdraw to your bank account… or it will refuse to trade!”

How This Works?

Essentially, 100 Percent Profit Bot is no different nor unique from any other Binary Option Trading scheme and requires you to deposit a minimum sum of $250, which you 100 Percent Profit Bot Scam reviewthen use to bet on a binary trade by either “Call” or “Put.”

100 Percent Profit Bot comes into the scenes by claiming to us its profound ability to foretell certain binary option trading signals before they ever even occur!

Unfortunately, that is as far from the truth as it gets, and as a result, isn’t some robotic money-making machine, but in-fact is a way to try and scam us. Thus, there have been a wide number of consumer complaints with this product, giving it a 1-star rating.

Multi-Broker Bot

As claimed on the home page, 100 Percent Profit Bot uses a very simple software, in which you are required to download in order to activate your trade.

As stated, this software will act as your binary option trading broker.. By using 100 Percent Profit Bot as your broker, you are giving all the claim to the owner of this software to be your affiliate referral. Thus, what happens in return is while the owner becomes eligible to be making a continuous profit off of your one-time or recurring binary deposit fee, you are essentially risking 100% of your money.

The only one who benefits off the use of this system and software is therefore, the person who is providing it to you.. Hence, the use of all these online marketing scams and unethical tactics.

Although, the company claims for you to be able to consistently DOUBLE your money every month up to $138,000 is a senseless allegation and would require you to risk up to $64,000 on just one single binary bet!

Are You Willing To Risk It..?

“2 Beta-Test Licenses Available”

One of the reasons I decided to write a review on 100 Percent Profit Bot is a result of its use in non-traditional marketing tactics that immediately call out scam.

The first of which is the upper right hand corner stating “2 BETATEST LICENSES AVAILABLE (From A Total Of 2,300).. Important: When these licenses are depleted, this website will close)”

– A highly ironic statement, given the fact, this product has been open up now for months on end..

 – Also ironic, given the fact, only 2 out of those 2,300 are said to be available.. What are the chances?

– Lastly, they claim it is some Beta-Test of the software, yet would require me to first make a quick $250 deposit, and without any thought, apparently!

Use Of Fake Consumer Testimonials

In addition, 100 Percent Profit Bot uses a strong form of advertising by the use of wrongful purchased consumer testimonials, which we see in the middle of the page.

They take up almost half the page, and each one appears to be similar, by also providing their total wins, and no losses.

Moreover, we can see that each one’s starting balance is very high for a reason. That is because the higher your deposit, the more money and commission the 100 Percent Profit Bot owner will make.

100 Percent Profit Bot Overview & Alternative!

Everyday I become more amazed with the growing new releases of these binary option trading scams. It must be one of the most popular ways of making money online, along with a very high potential of earnings.. Not for the consumer, but the owners. These owners tend to make a very high commission just for bring you into the binary option trading market and therefore, will go lengths way to convince you binary option is probably the best way to be spending your time and money.

When in-fact, the complete opposite is true, and you should have absolutely nothing to do with it. Why give these complete scammers any sense of satisfactiong by giving them any of your time, effort, or co-operation.. Let alone your money for something as completely useless as this.

True, if there were some or any value to this, then it would be completely fine.

But the truth here is, binary option scams are becoming one of the worst and most brutal online marketing scams and are taking the internet by force in our world today. You would have never thought that this “new method of gambling” could be twisted around and developed into this so-called potential and ingenious way of investing your money, when really, you would be ten thousand times better off playing poker, or blackjack even!

And that’s saying a lot.

Last but not least, I want to let you know that I understand very well what it is like to have that urge and burning desire to be making some kind of online income. It is a very nice way to make a living and to even begin owning your own online business. There is a lot of great potential there to say the least. But more importantly, are the extra perks that come with your efforts such as, time, freedom, family, and just having control over your own life!

With that said, if this is what you are interested in, don’t leave until you check out My #1 Recommendation!

Thank you for reading, my 100 Percent Profit Bot Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concern relating to this review, please them below!

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