100k Factory Scam Review: Is It Any Good?

By | June 5, 2015

Name: 100k Factory Review100k Factory Review: Scam Or Legit?

Website: www.100kfactory.com

Owners: Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth

Price: $2,497

Rank: 37/100 – Borderline Scam

What Is It?

The 100k Factory Review was a product just released by Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth essentially showing you how to make your own money making websites.

While this is surely an effective way to get started online and in affiliate marketing, one thing that greatly concerns me is their claim that you can get traffic in no time. Once this happens, you can begin to make money. One more big concern I had with this product is its high price tag.

How Much Is It?

The 100k Factory can be purchased at $2,497; possibly one of the most expensive online marketing products I have seen in a while. And while creating and owning your own websites can be a very lucrative way to begin as an online marketer, there may be other more viable options to 100k Factory.

100K Factory Traffic Methods

On top of the price tag, there is one more concern that I have – their main traffic methods. While this may not be a problem for some, it may come as a shock that even with the $2,497 tag you’ll need to spend more money on your PPC ad campaigns.

Despite this being an effective method for getting traffic and making sales with your own website, there is a lot of testing involved, and no guarantees. Last but not least, 100k Factory Traffic claims to use this so-called traffic generation software.

Every traffic generation software I have tried has always resulted in a complete failure and for the most part, consisted of bots. Another thing I dislike is they don’t even teach you SEO to help your website rank in the long-term. I believe the most effective way to getting traffic is by ranking on Google; something more established companies like Wealthy Affiliate tend to have amazing experience with.

Website Monetization

Here is one of the better aspects involved with 100k Factory System as it teaches you effective ways to begin monetizing your website. The only problem remains. Their efforts in trying to teach you a fast track formula to traffic only tends to result in failure.

Nonetheless, here are a few monetization methods you can expect to learn about:

– Affiliate Marketing
– Google Adsense
– How To Sell Your Own Products
– Building Up An E-mail List

What’s Included?

While there are only eight weeks of live training, they will help walk you through the entire process. The only con here is you’ll be handling quite a lot with four different websites of your own going at once.

100k Factory Review: Scam Or Legit?


However, you will have access to instructional videos, PDF manuals, and a business planning kit. They claim that this will help you build a $100k per year business.

Of course while this is possible, they give you no time period of when this will happen because the reality is this will take quite some time, most-likely a couple years making it all the more important to be involved in the right product and community that is completely transparent and truthful with the information they provide.

The 100k Factory Overview

Much of the premise dealing with this product has been built on their new traffic generating software. These types of software never work, so to tell you all you need to do is point and click is a huge drawback.

In addition, for some reason these guys are against SEO, which I would find odd except for the fact they are simply using this as leverage to get more people into the system. I believe the reason being most people may find this to be more work involved, despite its great effectiveness. From there you’ll be shown how to generate your own traffic through PPC methods, which you’ll need startup cost for.

To conclude, the 100k Factory System is much overpriced. You can get this same deal anywhere else for under $100. The fact here is clear, they are trying to appeal as best as possible to people who are new in the world of online marketing who are yet to realize, they may have to spend much more money than necessary.

I further believe the 100k Factory System to be a borderline scam, given its extremely high price, high exaggerations on the simplicity of it all , and their pretty bleak training overall. Anyone willing to spend up to $2,500 for just one system should be able to expect a whole lot more for their money. The fact they don’t even have a community to support and back you, and nothing more than a couple months of training makes this a product I don’t believe to be worthwhile.

On the contrary, you can get all this and so much more for a mere fraction of the price that can help deliver you great results. The product I’m speaking of is Wealthy Affiliate and in my opinion is a much more established and reputable company that you may want to check out!

Thanks for reading this review on 100k Factory System. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below.

11 thoughts on “100k Factory Scam Review: Is It Any Good?

  1. Fran

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Peter for posting this article. I signed up for the 100K Factory and realized 5 days after paying my money that something was wrong. I started to do an online search and found your page.

    The support wasn’t that good, they had no phone number of where to contact a live person. I found this out when I started the process of asking for a refund. I then called my bank to figure out what to do next. They informed me that because I had paid through click bank I should start the process with them. It worked! I got my money FULLY funded. Sorry for the rest of you that got taken. Hopefully in the future scammers can get penalized!

    Just a note that if you paid through click bank and it is within 60 days, you WILL get your money back! Good luck everyone. I will check out Affiliate Marketing for sure. Thanks for including the link.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Not a problem Fran and so glad to hear you got your money back. You’ve got to love the 60 day money back guarantee by Clickbank, especially since you don’t know how good that product will end up being. You should definitely check out affiliate marketing/blogging when you get the chance :)

  2. Martika

    Hi Peter,

    I just watched webinar 1 and 2 for the 100K Factory and have been researching for reviews which is really hard to find.

    These comments are so bad and are making worried about all the promised value these guys are offering.

    E-commerce is something I am very interested in and I am stuck in so many ways so I thought if someone could show be a system that works that it would be perfect for me.

    In the course they tell you if you follow all the steps after 90 days you will be on your way to making a 100k per year. If that does not happen they promise you to reimburse you. So I am just wondering why the 2 people that commented here didn’t just get their money back.

    Also Peter do you recommend any trustworthy courses for e-commerce ?

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Martika, I’m assuming they tried to get reimbursed but were unable to. One of the complaints below says that when they emailed them for support, the only exchange they got in return were up-sells into more of their products. I’m not sure of any courses particularly available for e-commerce. Are you referring to selling physical products or affiliate marketing?

      For physical products, I’d check out Salehoo.com and for affiliate marketing, you should definitely go with Wealthy Affiliate. But please, be careful of products being sold for $1,000’s of dollars online from unreputable owners. There is no guarantee they will give you any money back or if they will hold up to their end of the bargain.

      Thanks for the questions Martika and I hope this helps!

  3. Rob

    Agreed with all the comments here guys, this is a scam. I purchased this product in November 2015. It was until I had signed up that I realised that all the training videos were from when it was launched in July 2015. They take your money and the support is rubbish, three and four weeks for a tardy response. When they do respond they say about upgrading to their new product and more cost. DO NOT BUY THIS, it has cost me over £5000.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the input Rob. Reading about your experience should be helpful for a lot of people here!

      1. Jason

        Hi Rob,

        Just curious which training video that you’ve watched and stopped you from continuing the training with them? Is it because of the support issue? Where did you up to? e.g. setting up hosting, setting up shopify or traffic generation?

  4. martina watson

    I bought the 100K Factory, it is a 100% scam, I spent over 6K and I still have not had any results. I am spending 6 hours a day 7 days per week following the instructions of the course and it does not work.
    I sent several email to the help line and the only responses that I get from them are links to review the previews chapters or links to buy new products.


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Wow Martina that is a lot of money and sorry to hear about the poor experience and support from their team. A lot of products are merely there to sell people more products and provide individuals as many upsells as they can. I haven’t heard anything good about 100K Factory and hope that you find a way to recoup your costs. If there is anything you need or if you want something legitimate to start making money, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help!

  5. martina watson

    This is a 100% scam, do not buy this program, Aidan Booth from New Zealand and Steve from USA are scammers. Be really careful.
    Do not give your money or credit card details to these people, they will take everything out of you.

    1. Dewi

      Uh Oh, I invested in this program and I have found it a very frustrating journey so far with a number of hickups with the implementation of the materials – partly because I am a relative beginner in all this and there are certain steps where the “bridge” is missing. And troubleshooting when things are not going accordin plan are missing, so this means indeed spending an enormous amount of time and effort to findign it out for yourself. Not bad, but if you are strapped for time and cash, it all adds up to feeling frustrated big time. A lot of little things in the material are not clear to me andn leave me stranded until I get a repsonse, which cam take some time… Also am a bit surprised that they seem to be still working on the materials while they say that they have been doing this for 10 years. Of course thing are continually changing, but at times I have the feeling that we’re kind of guineapigs here. Did you get your money back Martina? I am considering this as I don’t think this program works for me, inspite of all the people for whom it did.


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