10AdsPay Review – How Long Will This One Last?

By | November 29, 2016

Product: 10AdsPay10AdsPay Review

Website: www.10adspay.com

Type: HYIP, Revenue Sharing, & Advertising

Price: Varies With Adpacks

Our Rating: 45/100 – Not Recommended.


What Is 10AdsPay?

10AdsPay HYIP’s revenue sharing service was launched on June 8th of 2016. It is still running and paying out its 12,000 members to date. Their products and services are the same as you would see on any other revenue sharing website consisting primarily of advertising. We’ll be going over the actual effectiveness of this advertising and their associated adpack plans. But first let’s take a look at how 10adspay.com works.

#1. The individual or consumer registers an account with 10AdsPay and makes an investment into one of the adpack plans.

#2. Depending on the purchased adpack plan, the individual could stand to gain between 110% and 120% of their initial investment after their adpack matures.

#3. This profit can then be used to purchase additional adpacks or withdrawn using one of its payment processors; bitcoin, 2pay4you, payza, solid trust pay, or perfect payment. Currently, PayPal is not an accepted payment processor.


Risks Involved With 10AdsPays & Other HYIPs

For those of you who have never been involved in a site like 10AdsPay or any kind of revenue sharing website, it’s important you know the risks beforehand. One of the biggest annoyances I find with sites like these is the fact they don’t tell you the risks that are involved. All they tell you is if you invest this amount of money, you’ll make back a profit on your investment when in-fact there is a great risk of losing that money altogether.


Possible Risks & Drawbacks:

#1. The site can shut-down at a moments notice.

#2. Daily earnings could plummet along with potential profits.

#3. You may not feel financially satisfied.

#4. You might walk away with no profits at all.

#5. Risk of losing your entire investment.

#6 Being deceived into the fact that this is a legitimate financial opportunity.

#7. Purchased advertising could be completely ineffective.


In reality, 10AdsPay risks are way more significant than any potential benefits you could receive with the site. While some individuals might earn a profit, more people will end up losing money than making anything. Those who get in early and purchase the most adpacks and continually re-invest those profits are likely to gain the most from their investments. But let me explain to you the risks in doing that.

First of all, if we take a look at the adpack plans, you’re earning no more than 120% in total ROI. Let’s say you were to invest $100, you’d only get $120 in return with $20 being your profit. This means that in order to earn anything substantial, you’d need to continually re-invest that money into buying more adpacks.

Now the risk with that is two-fold. The first being that it is very likely the site could shut-down before you received any substantial profit and the second being that even if the site were to remain open, there is a very good chance that the daily earnings on those adpacks will decline. This means it’ll take you a lot longer to earn your profit on those adpacks.


Is It Unethical?

In my opinion, HYIP’s are a very unethical way of earning. The reason it’s unethical is because all of your earnings are coming from new members depositing into new adpacks. These earnings circulate back to you. The newest members who do end up joining 10AdsPay faced the biggest risks of anyone since they need to wait longer for their adpacks to start earning, while facing the inevitable risk that the site could shut-down. In the end, the people who end up with their money are the older members of the site.

Nonetheless, 10AdsPay is still operating and paying, even if the daily earnings may not be as high as they were when the site first started. Here’s a quick look at their adpack plans:

#1. Personal AdPack Plan: $2 per adpack with a 110% return on investment. In other words, those who invest into a $2 adpack receive a $.20 cent profit.

#2. SMB (Small-Medium Business) AdPack Plan: $25 per adpack with a 115% return on investment.

#3. Corporate/Enterprise AdPack Plan: $50 per adpack with a 120% return on investment. In other words, those who invest into a $50 adpack can receive a $10 profit.

In exchange for purchasing into an adpack plan, you receive credits to advertise on the site. These include an alotted number of PPC Banner Clicks and Website Credits. The site also offers a Traffic Exchange center, Text Ads, and Login Ads. Depending on what you’re actually offering, these advertising credits might not be the most effective since every member on the site is merely advertising offers to each other.


Will 10AdsPay Last For The Long Haul?

Given that 10AdsPay has been open since June of 2016, joining the site right now might not be the best idea. It’s very likely that daily earnings are much lower than when it first started and many, many HYIP’s rarely last longer than 6-months. Those that do are lucky.

In my opinion, you’d be so much better off to avoid these revenue sharing schemes altogether. It really is a fine way of losing your money and even if you do make a profit, it might not end up being as much as you thought. Do yourself a favor and hold onto your money!

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