12 Minute Pay Day Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 14, 2015

Name: 12 Minute Pay Day

Website: www.12minutepayday.co/12 minute payday scam review

Owner/Creators: Steven James & Justing James

Price: $47 With Upsells

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Verdict: 20/100

12 Minute Pay Day is truly a product to avoid at all costs, and as a result of their upsells alone!

Any online marketing product you even feel a slight hesitant when coming to trust, is better to be avoided.

When buying into this product, you will also come to find that you’ll end up spending more money than you would have wished, as a result of their schemey upsells.

What Is 12 Minute Payday?

12 Minute Payday which is offered right on the Clicksure affiliate network, that claims to offer you $2035.38 in just 12 minutes.12 minute payday scam review

Hence, the name “12 Minute Pay Day,” and which additionally gives the vibe that 12 Minute Pay Day is nothing but a scam into the world of affiliate marketing.

In addition, the company claims to not have to use binary trading, hosting, or social media networking, like using Twitter or Facebook. Nonetheless, the product uses many fake testimonials, income earning screen shots, and fake stories just to get your interest and attention.

I have seen product like 12 Minute Pay Day time and time again, allegedly claiming to have this “secret” to earning an unlimited amount of income. Hence, it’s important to be aware of the falsely used testimonials, which have been all purchased on Fiverr.

Many of these 12 Minute Pay Day testimonials, claim to be making thousands of dollars with this system, and is ultimately the only thing this product tells you will be doing.

Therefore, we barely have a clue as to what we will be doing or learning in order to earn in the first place.12 minute payday scam review

The simple fact, 12 Minute Pay Day does not take an interest in recruiting more experienced marketers and are focusing on the recruitment of more online marketing newbies infers to us that the system is a scam!

How Much To Join 12 Minute Pay Day?

The product uses an intricate sales funnel and technique to get you paying more money. Thus, the starting price being $47, is immediately lowered by declining the offer at first sight, reducing it down to $9.

So if you decide to purchase the 12 Minute Pay Day product on your first attempt, you can expect to pay the hefty $47 fee.. But by simply declining at first sight, you will only be required to pay $9.

However, that is not the only catch!

In addition, to paying the first $9 fee, you will be confronted with upsells; a popular schemey tactic which has taught me to never affiliate myself with products who utilize upsells into their product or service.

12 Minute Pay Days Lack Of Support..

One of the biggest evident flaws in regards to 12 Minute Pay Day is the absence of any support system at all.

There is no valid support address, and whenever consumers attempt to get a refund are completely ignored.

This is a very big problem and truly says a lot about this potential income opportunity.

Last but not least, one of the biggest consumer complaints I have seen regarding 12 Minute Pay Day is the critical fact, most end up spending more money, than making money.

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First 12 Minute Pay Day Upsell

Your first upsell will cost you $97. This upsell will apparently get you “ten more businesses,” to use to plug into your first initial purchased business. These ten businesses however, are not actually businesses. They are very simplistic capture pages used as opt-ins for the autoresponder you are additionally required to purchase.

However, you may do the same with the original 12 Minute Pay Day price, by avoiding the first price, and letting it decline once again, down to $47!

Second 12 Minute Pay Day Upsell

Your second 12 Minute Pay Day upsell, is called a Traffic Pool. The claim is that by purchasing this second additional upsell, you will obtain a rush of “hungry buyers” and traffic to your 12 Minute Pay Day web pages, and that you have to do nothing.

This claim couldn’t be any further from the truth and is not how you would go about making money with affiliate marketing.

12 Minute Pay Days Training Modules:

Module 1: Getting Started

The getting started 12 Minute Pay Day module, contains your purchased capture pages, where your visitors are able to enter in their e-mail, which you can then use to begin promoting other affiliate products.

There are 15 templates in total, and to unlock them, you must purchase the first upsell. By simply paying for the one-time fee, you will have access to only the first 12 Minute Pay Day capture page.

In addition to this, the next 12 Minute Pay Day section tells you to register for your own personal autoresponder, which is used to send your e-mail list messages automatically.

12 Minute Pay Day recommends using GVO, a Pure Leverage product, which will cost you an additional $25 monthly fee.

Module 2: Setting Up

This section will help explain to you how to go about setting up your purchased autoresponder and includes:

12 minute payday scam review Creating Opt-in: How to create your opt-in form in your capture page templates.

Commission Account: Shows you how to get registered for your personal Clicksure account.

Manage Clicks: They additionally recommend you sign up with a resource titled Click.org.

Double E-mail Profits: Another optional recommendation, which is used with what they call EPC Maximizer. EPC, the abbreviation of “estimated profit per click,” is focused on the promotion of affiliate offers using PPC.

Traffic Pool: The second upsell, claiming to get you automatic traffic, and costs $34.95 per month.

However, you must be using GVO and not a more professional company, like Aweber, in order to properly set up your capture pages and templates.

12 Minute Payday Overview

As you can see the 12 Minute Pay Day system offers you plenty of information, but whether or not any of this is worthwhile is greatly questionable. In addition, the company greatly fails to explain how e-mail marketing really works and how to even go about using an autoresponder.

To simply jump in blind fold into an opportunity that fails to properly teach you in detail how to start earning by e-mail marketing is only the beginning of how bad this product is. In addition to this, you will find that just the lack of traffic alone, will become your next biggest problem, and their solution of having you pay for it, will resultantly cost you an arm and a leg.

Hence, I do not recommend 12 Minute Pay Day, most especially to beginners.

I believe that the best way of going about making an online income, is by learning how to create a proper website.. To see more on my #1 recommendation, please click here.

Last but not least, it seems 12 Minute Pay Day system was merely created to refer more and more consumers to the GVO autoresponder system, allowing only the owners/creators to produce more affiliate income, along with other additional affiliate offers and upsells used for their mere satisfaction.

Verdict: Scam!

Rank: 17/100

11 thoughts on “12 Minute Pay Day Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Andrew

    Hi there. Thanks for sharing your review of the 12 minute pay day system. I remember getting an email quite some time ago about this. I did take a look at the sales page and remember thinking it looked like a scam. I hate those sales videos that manage to drag out a sales presentation for 10 minutes plus and still don’t actually tell you what the system is.

    I have never seen a decent product yet from the Clicksure network. Everything that company runs is a complete scam, just like the never ending stream of binary trading scams that they keep churning out!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yeah completely agree with you Andrew. I can’t stand those drawn out sales videos either. As soon as I see even the slightest glimpse of that, I leave!

  2. Darren

    The 12 Minute Pay Day is certainly catchy and appealing for a name. Sounds like there are lots of upsells, meaning the program is more designed to draw you into a sales funnel than of being any real value of itself.

    I love the way all these schemes offer up some secret money making system that no one else on planet earth knows about. It’s such BS.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Definitely Darren. It’s primarily the up-sells that would make me hesitant to join a program like 12 Minute Payday.

  3. G.C.Horton

    You are so right about upsells. It’s like the seller sweet talks you into opening your wallet with the $9 offer and then tries to grab all your cash with the upsells!

    It’s unethical. Never, EVER, do business with someone who you don’t know, like and trust. Period.

    If 12 Minute Pay Day was ethical they’d let you join for free and look around. If it was a good deal, they wouldn’t even have to ask for your money. You nailed those scammers good.

    Finding an ethical business online is difficult, but it can be done. There is honest to goodness real training out there that teaches people how to really make money online with integrity and proven business principles. Your #1 Recommendation is clearly an excellent choice. One I highly recommend too.

  4. Rich

    Thanks for the overview…

    So basically 12 Minute Pay Day isn’t actually a business, its just a sales funnel for GVO/Pure Leverage? Is that right?

    The frustrating thing is that the Pure Leverage/GVO suite is actually not a bad set of tools for online marketers. I used to use them myself, they were a great alternative to Aweber but seem to have really gone downhill in the last couple of years.

    I think they are really targeting “Newbies” by doing these kind of sales funnels and it leads to so many people losing money and then giving up! Such a shame because with the right support and training, the internet is a great place to be…Don’t you think?

    1. Pete

      Absolutely Rich and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not so much that the tools they are using that are scams, but how they’ve incorporated them into their own business. It’s the fact that 12 Minute Pay Day is really using companies like GVO and Pure Leverage to upsell their own members. To be honest, they use a lot of schemish techniques, which in turn makes it so much harder to trust them.

      For one, you really don’t know what you’re buying until you purchase the actual product. And number two, they’ll even downsell you as well.

      So for example, if you were to try and leave the buy now page, what happens is they automatically reduce the price by ten dollars since they know you’re going to leave. This is not a product nor company I would want to deal with. Not where there are so many better options out there, like Wealthy Affiliate for example :)

  5. Val

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for warning us of the 12 minute pay day scam. Seriously, if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. I wish I could work only 12 minutes a day and have the cash just roll in. I have never heard of the product and I cannot figure out exactly what their system does to help you earn big dollars. I wish there were more internet marketing companies that were upfront and honest with what it takes to be successful in the internet-marketing world. I have read many good things about Wealthy Affiliate. Do you think they offer the best training for new internet marketers? Thanks again for the warning about the 12-minute ‘swindle.’

    1. Pete

      Well for the most part Val, they do have a realistic system in place. A lot of the focus is on sending messages to your e-mail list, which in-fact can be a great way to get started in online marketing. The biggest problem though is they don’t show you how to build an established presence online, which is very much a necessity for online success.. Neither through a social media presence, or a website. So I’m not exactly sure how anyone can find a use for these capture pages.

      They make it seem like more is better. But in this case, the 12 Minute Payday System is simply ineffective. In regards to Wealthy Affiliate, of course they are and always will be number one in my book! Not only because of the fantastic training, but by actually showing you how a real income is to be made online. Thanks for dropping by Val and if you have anymore questions make sure to let me know!

  6. Chris

    Oh I hate the way these types of dynamic new products bombard you with a ton of upsells time and time again – puts me right off. It’s got to the point where you can sort of tell what a scam product is going to be due to the amount of upsales present. Great article – thanks for warning us about this

    1. Pete

      No problem Chris. I agree completely. The upsells are actually one of the biggest indications that 12 Minute Payday is a complete scam. You expect to go into this business with all the tools you need to succeed only in the end to see that they are trying to sell to you over and over again. Definitely not the most trustworthy product to get in business with!


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