12 Second Commute Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 27, 2015

Name: 12 Second Commute

Website: www.12secondcommute.com12 Second Commute Scam Review 2015

Owner: Darryl Graham

Price:   Basic– $9 Per Month

Advanced – $19

Executive – $29

Elite – $39

Rank: 78 – Legit!


After first arriving on 12 Second Commute, I immediately thought it was a big fat scam. I wasn’t even going to write a review after having left the home-page. But, after a day of research, my opinion was swayed. To my surprise, I felt if I hadn’t already found this one product I needed along, that it could’ve been my next potential go to. Thankfully, that is not the case!

12 Second Commute Scam Review 2015

What Is It?

12 Second Commute is an all-in-one online marketing suit and product created to help you make money online. Its primary focus is on e-mail marketing, though they do go the extra mile to train you on creating your own website, which is another plus for sure!

They even have a pretty snappy name.. “12 Second Commute.. Get it!” :)

By use of its many features and tools, the 12 Second Commute has attracted many individuals from around the world. But, whether or not this product is legitimate, has been brought into question.

This review will make an attempt at giving you the heads up on its provided features, benefits, and disadvantages. Whether or not you can make money with 12 Second Commute will therfore, be explained to you below.

Features and Tools

The 12 Second Commute offers a plethora of marketing tools, to help you in your online marketing efforts, regardless of whether you’re just beginning, or an expert online marketer.

Consisting Of..


To help you create your online marketing campaigns, build your personal e-mail list, and get in touch with your potential buyers and readership.

Contact Manager:

A tool that is used within the 12 Second Commute system to help you properly organize your list; delete potential contacts, make edits, and manage your list.

Ad Tracker:

Tool that helps you create a tracking link for each referral link created with 12 Second Commute. Also, used as an effective way to monitor where exactly your referrals are coming from.

Capture Page Creator:

Feature that lets you customize your own unique capture pages with an opt-in form that allows you to capture leads.

Affiliate Promotional Tools:

Lets you promote 12 Second Commutes products and services, consisting of several banners, affiliate links, and squeeze pages, to help you earn commission.

URL Rotator:

Allows you to create your own personalized rotator link. This allows you to display many URLS, capture pages, and websites, with just a single link. When a visitor is re-directed to that link, any one of the several pages used will appear randomly.

Video Training Center:

Brings you up to date on how affiliate marketing works, and different techniques, to help you become more effective.

E-Book Resource Center:

A variety of Ebooks based on internet marketing and personal development, which is offered at no cost with your 12 Second Commute membership.

Program Builder:

Teaches you how to create and promote your own affiliate program.

Conference Login Center:

A place where live or existing meetings, trainings, and consultations are held.

Newbie Training Center:

Holds a variety of articles and helpful links for beginning marketers.

How 12SecondCommute Works?

12 Second Commute attempts to put all the necessary marketing tools and training in one place, and tries to make online marketing as easy as possible. One thing this product surprises me with are its bundle of tools and features, consisting of its own 12 Second Commute autoresponder.

Nonetheless, they focus on helping you to properly get set up as an affiliate marketer with a good foundation of your own to rely on. The fact it is not so much in business just for itself and profit, does say some good things about them.

However, one thing I do not like about 12 Second Commute is how it leaves out some important and vital information.

Additionally I do not like the approach it takes on by having to solely rely upon e-mail marketing. Essentially that’s what they’re all about in this case and is why their so heavily focused on their autoresponder and capture pages.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate does a much better job, by showing individuals the importance of traffic. The reason for this comparison is to show you and bring up this potentially concerning question, what happens ‘if’ you are unable to attain the proper e-mails?

Nonetheless, it is good to see that 12 Second Commute offers a product that also shows you the importance of having and creating your own website. Although, there are some problems and disadvantages, with their attempt in simply wanting you to slap up a bunch of Clickbank banners. I have visited a few websites that are affiliated with 12 Second Commute, and while they do offer some valuable content and information, it simultaneously lacks professionality. The majority of websites seem to write a post, and then simply slap up 100 different Clickbank banners all around the site.

Personally, I find this to be too ineffective for me and not of much value to the visitor.

12 Second Commute Overview

Furthermore, 12 Second Commute’s intentions are indeed good!

Yes, I am surprised myself to even be saying this, with the massive number of scams out there today, especially after leaving its homepage only to notice how extremely bland it was. But, they do offer a great range of tools, some great one-on-one support, and a bit of extensive training.

Although, another problem I have come to see with 12 Second Commute, is it doesn’t take you through the proper steps of really showing you how to create your website effectively. Besides that, I believe you can make some great online success for yourself, if you’re willing to work hard and persistently at it. But if you happen to still be on the fence and don’t know how to best get situated with affiliate marketing, definitely take a look at my top recommendation.

The reason I would not prefer 12 Second Commute for myself, is probably because I am a ‘Wealthy Affiliate,’ after all! And that’s a difficult one to top. I’ll tell you this though, if there was no Wealthy Affiliate, then I believe I’d definitely give myself a go with 12 Second Commute.. Luckily I don’t need to take my chances! As a result I have been shown the ropes of becoming an affiliate marketer the best way possible, which I also believe you can, and should too.

Verdict: Legit!
Rank: 78/100

If for some reason you feel more inclined of really wanting to be an e-mail marketing expert, rather than creating your own authoritative website in any niche you can imagine, then you may want to stick with 12 Second Commute. In my honest opinion, you’d do better off with Wealthy Affiliate, no matter the circumstance!

Thanks for reading this review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, relating to this 12 Second Commute Scam Review, please leave them below.

4 thoughts on “12 Second Commute Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Juniorre

    I used 12 second commute and while doing a promotion and attempting to update my promotion I could not get access. When I contacted the administrators I was told that they had deleted some accounts as is their custom. This had happened before and it was reinstated but after the second episode I abandoned this site.
    I could not afford to have my promotions curtailed by a company for whatever their reason was. I am with another company and am getting better service and thankfully no deletion and later reinstatement.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s very shady of them. I’m surprised 12 second commute would go as far as to cancel your account and it’s not like you did anything wrong. This is just bad practice and just comes to show how careful we have to be of the products we join and choose to promote. I’m glad you found a more reputable and legitimate company to work with!

  2. Warren

    Help me get in contact with Daryl Graham, please. What’s going on with Ultimate License site? The money that I paid for this at the beginning and emails sent by Daryl of the confirmation of receipt of monies paid/received and the time spending inside this account, once again, another marketer has done the dirty and you cannot tell me that it takes 3 months to get an answer from customer support if they didn’t have something to hide. I am glad that I didn’t spend anymore money in subscribing to 12secondcommute. Marketers have to take notice if a customer who has purchased their product and if they are unhappy to attend to it as soon as possible or otherwise, something like this is appearing of dissatisfaction.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Warren, I’m sorry but I do not have the contact information of Daryl Graham. Sorry these guys from 12 Second Commute scammed you. I really wish there was something I can do. If they aren’t even contacting you back, then one step you can take is if you paid with PayPal you can file a PayPal dispute. Their really good at refunding money if you happened to get scammed. Reason being they would rather pay you than be responsible for being associated with a scam like this. Otherwise, I’m really sorry for the poor experience you had. If you need anything else just let me know, thanks Warren!


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