155ProfitAds Review – Another Revenue Sharing Service??

By | October 2, 2015

Name: 155ProfitAds155ProfitAds Review: Another Revenue Sharing Service??

Website: www.155profitads.com

Type: Revenue Sharing

Price: Varies – From $1 to $20,000 adpacks

Rank: 45/100 – Not Recommended


What Is It?

155 Profit Ads is another questionable revenue sharing service launched on September of 2015. With just over 3,000 members, it’s hard to say whether this HYIP will last very long. This site promises you cashback earnings on each purchased advertisement package of up to 155%.

Despite being able to get 1,000’s of adpacks for each purchase however, its advertising overall is highly ineffective. Nevertheless, the majority of individuals have joined this product not so much for managing new advertising campaigns, but for the opportunity to earn a little extra money.

155ProfitAds Review: Another Revenue Sharing Service??


How Much Is It?

155 Profit Ads does not work by offering a set number or price of adpacks but by how much money you’re willing to spend. You
can invest anywhere from $1 to $20,000. In return, any amount is eligible to receive up to 155% return on investment with a current rate of 3.65%.

155ProfitAds Review: Another Revenue Sharing Service??

How It Works?

The way 155 Profit Ads works is what makes the service highly debatable. Basically after you’ve invested money, you’re placed into a cycler that pays out money in order of its oldest to newest members. It does this by taking funds from the latest deposits and simply dispersing them to older members. This is a highly skeptical practice that has caused hundreds of various HYIP’s to shutdown only months after their release.

The fact that such a company would allow you to invest amounts of up to $20,000 is simply bad practice. If anyone were to ever do this, I could guarantee it would take years and years to see that investment coming back to you. This is because all the profits within 155 Profit Ads completely relies and depends upon new members and their deposits. Without new members coming in, there is no many to pay out its members and this happens much more often than you might think.

In addition, you’ll need to constantly invest more money in order to make more money. HYIP’s take a lot of time and re-investment in order to make anything substantial. Here is a look at the latest withdrawals and how small they are!

155ProfitAds Review: Another Revenue Sharing Service??

One thing I do like about this one though is the fact that it does show you its current rate on return. I rarely ever see this in a revenue sharing program so that is very beneficial. This way if you start to see this current percentage begin to decline consistently, you can be certain that the program is getting ready to close down. Without growth, 155 Profit Ads is not a sustainable opportunity.

Personally, I’ve shifted away from the use of HYIP’s. While yes, you can make money with them, you can also lose your entire investment. If you think about it, every person’s loss here is another man’s gain. For example, all of your profits are coming out of another person’s pocket and so forth.

This happens over and over, until the program can no longer continue. At that point people will inevitably lose their entire investment regardless of the owners intention and/or reputation. Question is, are you willing to put your own money in the hands of a company that has no name or reputation to show for? If so, just make sure you’re not investing more money than you can risk losing.


  • Opportunity to earn money.
  • Offers a good amount of advertising credits.
  • Shows the rate of return.
  • Able to start small.


  • Very risky.
  • Not sustainable.
  • Could lose entire investment/Requires constant re-investment.
  • Advertising is highly ineffective.

155 Profit Ads Overview – Is It a Scam?

In my opinion, while it’s the advertising service that makes 155 Profit Ads a legitimate product, it’s revenue sharing service still does not do it any justice. Just like every other HYIP, they use this advertising to kind of cover up it’s revenue sharing. This is an unethical practice that cannot go on forever without proper growth, thus increasing the risk.

For me, the pro’s do not outweigh the con’s. I’ve had my fair share of revenue sharing services and in the end, they all turned out to be the same. That is, in order to make anything substantial you need to invest large amounts of money and hope to god that the program sustains while you’re still in it. For a more legitimate method to making money online, that will last for a lifetime, check out affiliate marketing. This is how money should be made online, not by attempting to pocket other people’s money!

155ProfitAds is just another illegitimate online marketing service that has just as many downfalls as it does benefits. It just really bothers me that individuals will definitely being losing money with this in the end, despite how many individuals will be making some gains in the short-term. But overall, the compensation isn’t all that great and the income is far from reliable. I guarantee you will see this current rate of return decline greatly sooner, if not later.

Thanks for checking out my 155ProfitAds Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.


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