20 Ways To Increase Organic Search Results

By | February 8, 2016


As a full-time blogger, I know what it’s like to have spent all this time on writing a post only for it to never see the light of day on Google. But did you know there are a lot of different steps you can take to improve the ranking of any given blog post on your site?  In this post I’m going to show you 20 different techniques you can begin using now to get that post in the top few positions in Google.

Some methods will rely on the use of social media, while others could be as simple as placing a few links within your blog posts. Regardless of what it is, any one of these steps can make a dramatic improvement in your search engine rankings, especially when combined together. Without further or due, lets dive into how you can improve a search engine ranking.


How To Increase Organic Search Results Using SEO

increase organic search results

#1. Making Use of Long-Tailed Keywords:

In todays day and age, with so many blogs and websites that are competing for similar positions, there is no better way than to rank your blog posts by the use of long-tailed keywords.

What is a long-tailed keyword? It’s basically a description or a phrase that includes your primary keyword. Let’s say “training dogs” was a keyword. Using a long-tailed keyword such as “how to train a dog at home” can do wonders for your organic search results and traffic.

#2. Interlinking Within Your Posts & Why It’s Important:

This is such an overlooked yet vital and key strategy to making your blog posts stand out within the search engines. By interlinking your posts, your passing authority from one post to the other. It also allows Google to index and crawl your webpages easier and on a more regular basis, which is great for the health of your blog and traffic.

It also has a number of other benefits such as helping to decrease your bounce rate by increasing user engagement as well as increasing the time spent on a given page. These are all very important metrics when it comes to Google deciding whether or not to keep you on the first page for a post.

#3. Use of H1, H2, and H3 Tags

When writing a post, you always want to make sure you’re using one or two of these tags and splitting your topics within subsections of your posts. The reason why is because when the first thing being read on your page is your title (as an H1 tag), Google knows immediately what your post is about.

This is one of the most important signals to Google explaining to them that ok here is what my post is about, thus giving you a higher rank than otherwise. This is nothing more than basic SEO knowledge, but again is an important ranking factor for Google.

#4. More Content = More Traffic

According to a study done by SEO Moz, more content can equate to you getting higher rankings than your competitors in the search engines. If you’ve tried everything to get a blog post at the top of the rankings with no luck, you may want to look into beefing up that content and even adding more long-tailed keywords within your post. This is probably one of the best things you can do increase the organic search traffic to a given blog post.

#5. Importance of Engagement and Comments

Besides increasing the length of your content, the next thing you can do to increase any given search engine ranking is by getting more comments and engagement onto your site. I’m not sure if there is anything Google loves more than seeing real people interact within your content. What could possibly make your post look more deserving of the top spot in Googles ranks than commentary?

It makes your posts look up to date, adds more content/keywords, and shows that your content is actually being read and considered by the masses. When all else fails, obtain more comments onto your posts – If you’re having trouble with that, make sure to check out the awesome SiteComments feature within WA (highly recommended)!

#6. Incorporating Media + High Quality Images

Did you know that these two alone can account for a higher search engine ranking? Whether its a video you’re looking to produce yourself or a simple video embedded into your site off of YouTube, doing so will add even more content onto your site and diversify the manner in which people can consume your content.

Also, make sure to always incorporate a few high quality images into your post (using keywords in the alt tag) to make sure you’ve improved your chances of ranking high in the search engines.

#7. Linking Out To Authority Sites For Better Rankings

What a nice and simple step to take to help improve your rankings! Just by adding a simple Wikipedia link or referring to another case study done by a high authority website can help to increase the authority of your own site and blog post. This is another important metric Google takes into consideration showing that your website is what they call a “hub” of content and information.

#8. Use a Related Content Plugin

By using a related content plugin and showing off other posts related to the one you wrote about will most-definitely increase the user time on your site. By doing so, your not only guaranteeing increased time spent on that particular blog post, but even on your website as a whole.

#9. Optimizing Your Posts For Search Engines

If this isn’t already somewhat obvious, make sure you’re using the appropriate title tags, descriptions, and meta to make sure your blog post will got the proper visibility. To do this, make sure you’re using the All In One SEO Plugin or Yoast SEO.


Increasing Organic Search Results Using Social Media

#10. Creating a Facebook Page For Your BlogIncrease Organic Search Results With Social Media

Create a Facebook Page for your blog as a whole can allow you to get in touch with your readers and increase user engagement. In a way, it’s almost like you’ve built your own e-mail list that you can use to notify as well as build up your reader base, while targeting a different audience as a whole. This can be a very powerful technique for ranking higher for your blog posts, but does take persistency, time, as well as effort.

#11. Using LinkedIn To Stir Up Discussions

One very powerful and easy method I found to get my post up to the top position in Google (in many cases) was literally just heading onto LinkedIn and find discussions that were related to my specific blog post. From there all I would do was post a link to my blog and say something simple that would help stir up some controversy.

Next thing I knew, I’d find maybe 5 or so comments talking about the topic of my blog post as well as helping get some engagement on the blog post itself. What this helped do was immediately send out social signals to Google, while also increasing the social traffic to the blog post, which I believe allowed to increase the overall ranking of that post. If you haven’t done this one yet, definitely give this one a shot!

#12. Creating a Pinterest Board

Another very strong method to help increase the ranking of a blog post is by creating a simple Pinterest board. Now let me just give you one word of caution that it does take some time to build up a Pinterest following. But trust me, once you begin adding pins on a regular basis, your followers will dramatically increase organically.

Do this on a regular basis, and you’ll probably be receiving more than enough traffic from Pinterest alone (which is probably why it is praised so highly). Tip: Follow other individuals in your niche to begin building up your following a whole lot easier.

#13. Using Instagram For More Search Engine Traffic

Similar to Pinterest, why not post your images onto Instagram as well. Every time you do so, you’ll be notifying your Instagram followers that you’ve written up a new blog post on your website. Also, by making use of the appropriate hashtags, you can appeal to a much wider audience and gain a larger number of followers.

#14. Tweeting Every Blog Post

Remember that Twitter can be another big source for social traffic and tweeting out your latest blog post is as simple as clicking a button, so don’t forget to do that. Even if it doesn’t get any retweets or likes, it’s still sending out a social signal to Google letting them know you’ve just written a new post and will help to get it indexed. Again, the more you build up your follow, the better the chance you’ll get for more retweets and likes, which can help the news of your blog post spread more “virally”.

#15. Creating a YouTube Channel To Complement Your Blog Posts

I’m not sure if there is anything stronger than having a YouTube Channel that can direct traffic to your blog posts. Not only can you embed your own videos into your content for higher rankings, but can have visitors coming from YouTube directly to your blog.

It’s really like hitting two birds with one stone, but of course this will take a lot of time and effort on your part. But, if your willing to do it, it will only make your blog that much stronger. Plus, you can even transcribe those videos onto your blog for additional content and search engine rankings.. Wow!


Increasing Organic Search Results With Guest Posting + Link Building

#16. Guest Post On Other Related BlogsIncrease Organic Search Results By Guest Blogging

Did you know by guest posting on another related blog, you could potentially get up to an additional 500 or more individuals in traffic? In this case, it’s not only the numbers in additional traffic that makes a difference either, but the quality of that traffic as well.

As you can imagine, those individuals are looking for help in a similar topic, so why not look for other similar blogs where you can contribute, while getting a very positive ROI for your efforts. In addition, you’ll be building up your page authority and credibility, while building up more brand awareness; a win-win situation for any blogger out there.

#17. Add Your Blog On Technorati

This is a pretty simple step that can provide a number of SEO benefits, while also getting your blog found more often and increase your search engine traffic. If you already have a niche blog in place, then this is something that can definitely be worth looking into.

#18. Adding Links Back To Your Blog

Do you have a Google + account, maybe a Facebook? Make sure to add your website into any and every online user profile you have for some added juice to your rankings.

#19. Using Blog Directories

Make sure to also add your blog into as many free directories as well if you’re looking for that boost in traffic. Here’s a list of verified directories you can begin using today:

#20. Posting On Yahoo and Other Relevant Forums

One of the methods I used to get that initial boost in my traffic was actually by answering questions on Yahoo! You can also do this by joining other relevant forums and getting involved with discussions related to your niche. The powerful thing about this is the ability to add a link back to your site or a relevant post, which can get you a traffic for a long time to come. Think about how many times a question is searched on Yahoo. By merely answering a few questions on there on a daily basis, you can essentially provide your site with some natural links that now point back to your site.


Increase Organic Search Results Overview

So these are 20 different methods you can begin using to increase and improve your organic search results and traffic. Of course, it’s not a wise idea to work on every single one of these ideas all at once. But, if you were to choose between just 5 and 10 of them, you could begin to find a nice traffic boost to your website.

Of course, my biggest advice of all however, would be to blog consistently. Get into the habit of writing a few posts a week, and you will eventually find that getting your traffic to 1,000 visitors per day shouldn’t be that hard. There is nothing else like a consistent posting schedule that ensures that your posts are being engaged with daily. That my friends is what constitutes the recipe to success!



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