2015 Millionaire Review – Big Risks With No Reward!

By | August 15, 2015

Name: 2015 Millionaire2015 Millionaire Scam Review

Website: www.2015millionaire.co/

Price: “Free” with a catch

Rank: 0/100 – Scam

What Is It?

2015 Millionaire is a binary trading product, which as the name states, claims to help you become a millionaire. He even tells you that he is going to personally turn you into a millionaire this year. It’s kind of outrageous to see some of the claims being made online today. But moreso within this world of binary trading. That’s exactly where 2015 Millionaire places all of its focus on.. Making money in the binary market.

We therefore now know that these product claims are far from being legitimate and truthful. In-fact if you weren’t aware, you can actually lose more of your own money in the binary trading market than coming out on top. It’s very hard to profit in the binary trading market and for that reason, many individuals have created products and so-called softwares that claim they can “hack” into the binary trading market per say.

How Much Is It?

Of course with all the claims, this product is going to tell you that it’s completely free to join. But that is not the case. While it may be free to register for 2015 Millionaire, you’re still going have to deposit a nice chunk of money and that’s just getting started. Because binary trading requires an initial investment in order for you to invest them in these binary trades, you need a minimum of $250 starting capital.

That’s not even the worst part. Even after you deposit this money, you should be aware that this entire $250 is put at risk. It’s almost like a double or nothing approach. If you win your trade, you might be able to double your money. But if you lose, you’ll have to say goodbye to that $250.

How 2015 Millionaire Works?

The way 2015 Millionaire works is really not very interesting at all. It’s a complete ordinary scam product we see time and time again being used in the binary trading market. The sad truth of it is that these products actually do work in luring people in. I’ll even admit it can raise quite a bit of curiosity. That is only, if you’ve never heard of binary trading and options before. If you have though, it’ll probably come to no surprise that this product is basically a load of crap.. Excuse my language.

But honestly, what does 2015 Millionaire really have to offer? Another product just claiming to have a software that can predict the outcome of binary trading..? Or in other words, a product that can predict the future? I don’t think so. In-fact, any binary trading product you see, with little widgets saying things like “Spots Left 20 – Arturo Just Become a Millionaire” and “Look At My LIVE Updating Trades! I’m Making Profit Every 5 Seconds,” should be some quick signs that you should turn away. Never give into these because the truth is, he’d probably be losing profit every 5 seconds, that’s if he was actually using his own software.

But these guys aren’t even advocates of their own software. It’s like a developer who doesn’t even try or play his own video game. He just creates to find a loophole to make a profit off the binary market. That loophole are the consumers who buy into 2015 Millionaire thinking that it might actually work.

Here’s how he makes money:

#1. You register for 2015 Millionaire assigning you to him as your binary broker.

#2. You make your $250 deposit (despite being told its free)

#3. He makes a commission off you just for trading away your money.

The end. And that is all the “software” is capable of handling. It won’t decrease your chances of losing and it definitely can’t make you nor I a millionaire.

2015 Millionaire Overview

If you’re looking to make money online, I’m sorry to say 2015 Millionaire isn’t going to cut it. Binary trading itself is not a great way to try and make money online. I usually compare it to gambling. What you’re doing is simply trying to predict in which way a trade is going to go without the necessary information or clues needed to get a better understanding. For this reason alone, it is said binary trading has a steady 50/50 chance of winning versus losing and the majority of times, people walk away with a loss.

But it’s not all bad news. There is a much greater and more lucrative way of making money online and that is through what is called, affiliate marketing. I know, it’s in a totally different realm than binary trading but if you landed on this review because you were wondering how to make money online, this product is perfect for you. Make sure to read my full review before you leave here today and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns for me, please leave them below. Thanks!

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