Monthly Archives: October 2015

BZTraffic Review: Is It The Right Opportunity?

Name: BZTraffic Website: Type: Revenue Sharing and PTC Price: Varies Rank: 50/100 What Is It? BZTraffic is a revenue sharing product, which I feel is much more oriented towards advertising than other similar products. The reason being is because it is more than just a revenue sharing service, but one that also offers PTC… Read More »

JetAdProfits Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

Name: JetAdProfits Website: Type: Revenue Sharing Price: $1 & $10 adpacks Rank: 45/100 – Borderline Legit What Is It? As you may have guessed, JetAdProfits is another one of those revenue sharing systems, where individuals join simply to receive a profit. The way individuals make money with revenue sharing is by investing into its… Read More »

AdMediaProfits – Earnings Not Guaranteed!

Name: AdMediaProfits Website: Price: $5 per adpack Type: Revenue Sharing Rank: 55/100 – Borderline Legit What Is It? AdMediaProfits is one of the latest revenue sharing products to hit the web and is actually very similar to the more popular RevAdBurst. Both of these products have attractive looking homepages with its own incorporated rotated… Read More »

My Binary Profits Review: Not The Trading Kind!

Name: My Binary Profits Website: Type: Revenue Sharing Price: Varies according to adpacks Rank: 50/100 – Borderline Legit.. What Is It? My Binary Profits at first might just sound like another one of those binary trading scams. But in reality, it actually has absolutely nothing to do with binary profits and everything to do… Read More »

Miracle Traffic Ads: Is It Worth Your While?

Name: Miracle Traffic Ads Website: Type: Revenue Share Price: Varies with adpacks Rank: 50/100 – Borderline Legit. What Is It? Miracle Traffic Ads is yet another revenue sharing program to add to the bunch. It is a website that not only provides you with the ability to advertise to other members, but also earn income… Read More »