4 Steps On Making Money With Amazons Associate Program

By | December 5, 2015

One of the best benefits I’ve found when making money with Amazons Affiliate program is the simple fact you don’t need any inventory or product to sell. Here is a program that allows you to earn a constant stream of sales and revenue, by merely referring interested buyers to the Amazon website.

When all is said and done however, creating your owning website with Amazons affiliate program isn’t exactly the easiest task. But with the right strategy and step by step tutorial, this is can be something almost anyone can handle. After you’ve got your website setup and have applied it for the Amazon Associate Program, you’re going to find this to be a much more straight-forward process.

5 Awesome Benefits Of Using Amazon’s Affiliate Program

#1. No inventory or products needed to make money.

#2. 4% to 10% commission earnings on every product that you sell.

#3. Cookies last up to 24 hours meaning any product the individual buys within this time frame earns you a commission.

#4. Commissions are earned on any product bought by the individual. Meaning that regardless of what is purchased through your link, you make a commission.

#5. Thousands of products you can promote on your website.

How To Apply as an Amazon Affiliate:

To get started with Amazon’s Associate program first thing you want to do is head over to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com. Click on the “Join Now For Free” button and begin filling out the application. Getting started is really easy, but if you don’t yet have the name of your new niche website, you can hold off on the application for now.

To begin making money with Amazons Affiliate program, you’re going to need a few things to get started. But let’s get started with the basics and work our way from there. Here is an outline of what needs to be done in order for you to start making money with Amazon on a very consistent basis.

Step #1. Finding Your “Amazon Niche”

Before starting your first Amazon affiliated website, the very first step to take is finding your niche. Being able to find your Amazon niche might actually be one of the more difficult tasks involved because of the large number of products, but is also one of the most important. We want to pick something that is both very targeted and profitable.

There are a few ways I like to do this, but just to make things easier, I even went ahead and compiled a list of 100 profitable niche business ideas you are more than free to use. But, if you think you have something in mind, or have an idea or direction of where you want to go, another way is to simply use the categories/sub-categories section within Amazon.

How To Start Your Amazon Affiliated Website

Let’s take the Electronics Category for example. From there I clicked on “Television & Video” –> “Televisions” –> “4K Ultra HD.” Notice how I chose the most specific targeted subcategory I could. This will not only help to reduce your competition when you get started with your site, but allow you to create a website that is very niche focused, allowing you to attract the right customers. It’s a whole lot easier to be making sales off Amazon when the traffic coming to your site is actually interested in purchasing that specific product!

How To Start Your Amazon Affiliated Website

The next thing I did was I sorted the products in terms of profitability. Since commissions are 4% to 10% I want to make sure that there are some high end products I’ll be able to promote on my website. In this case, I was able to find 4K Ultra HD TV’s going for $40,000 with over 2,000 four star rating reviews. This is great news for our new niche site and will certainly attract many individuals to our new website.

Now that we’ve found our niche, it’s time to move onto our next step, which I think you’ll find exciting. This could be the fresh start to a very new long and profitable business. With the proper motivation and work, you can easily bring your new niche website to the very top of Google.

Step #2. Creating Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Do you know how to create a website? Do you know which plugins you should and shouldn’t be using or how to setup All In One SEO in order to show up on Google?  If you have no idea of how to even begin setting up your website, Wealthy Affiliate is perfect.

Starting Your Own Amazon Affiliate Website

With it you’ll learn all of the basic to the most advanced strategies necessary to begin earning money with your Amazon niche website. But much more importantly, they’ll teach you how to create effective content so you can begin luring in that much needed traffic to be making sales.

Step #3. Creating Content

The next step is all about creating content. Question is, how can you get those targeted visitors to your new website? Well by writing quality content, you can get an increasing number of daily traffic to your website.

In order for any website to effectively make sales and become successful, you must learn how to create content. For some, this is the most intimidating part of the process and is why I so regrettably held off on making money with Amazon. It wasn’t until WA, where I began feeling more motivated and eventually found that creating content does not have to be a tedious process.

Affiliate-Sale Traffic 2015

66,713 Pageviews, 57,335 Users, & 101,722 Pageviews All By Using Wealthy Affiliates Strategy!

In-fact the more you begin doing it, the more returns in profit you know you are going to see. Creating content can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you’re reviewing a $40,000 4K Ultra HD TV that you already know is going to rank at the top of Google with the right strategy, that is.


Step #4. Monetizing Your Content

But the best part about it all, is content monetization! Actually it was funny hearing Donald Trump speak about monetization on TV last night when he featured two guests in his speech whom he called the “newest internet sensations” and then laughed and said “I hope you monetized your YouTube Videos.” This just goes to show making money online, especially with an affiliate program like Amazon works and does so very well! ;)

But back to this very important step, remember to always add links within your content, which you can easily obtain from Amazon by clicking on the “Get Link” icon. Also make sure to also add the “Pretty Links” plugin to make your links look as nice as possible for when your users click your links.

How To Start Your Amazon Affiliated Website

How To Insert Amazon Links Into Pretty Link Plugin?

Step #1. Go to plugins within your WordPress Dashboard.

Step #2. Search and Download Pretty Links

Step #3. Click on “Add New Pretty Link”

How To Add Pretty Link In WordPress

Step #4. Add The Amazon Short Link Into Your “Target Url”

Step #5. Customize the Pretty Link name you want to create and click “Create”

How To Add Pretty Link In WordPress

Now you’ll have nice looking links that would look like affiliate-sale.com/samsung4k rather than something like.. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UN85S9-Framed-85-Inch-Ultra/dp/B00CMEN95U/ref=sr_1_3?s=tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1449348192&sr=1-3&refinements=p_n_feature_keywords_three_browse-bin%3A7688788011

How many links should you add into your content?

For every new post you create, add 5 to 10 links. This is what I found to be the best strategy. You want to add as many links as possible, while making sure you don’t overdo it. But each new link you add means you have another opportunity to be making more sales.

In addition, make sure you make all your Amazon images into clickable affiliate links within WordPress. This is the next best thing to your text links as people view your images highly and want to see more on what the product is about.

Get Started With Amazons Affiliate Program!

Getting started with Amazons Affiliate program can be an amazing way to get going on your own entrepreneurial career. The internet provides so many opportunities that should be taken advantage of. Affiliate marketing is a very legitimate way to begin earning an income and thanks to programs like Amazon, it is now possible to be able to earn money without having any products of your own. People are making tons of money with Amazon and you can definitely be next. It’ll take a bit of hard work and persistency, but with the right strategy this is something anybody (yes, even you) can accomplish!




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