45 Minute Paydays Scam: Beware Of Its $1,000 Upsells!

By | December 9, 2015

Name: 45 Minute Paydays45 Minute Paydays Scam Review

Website: www.45minutepaydays.com

Owner: “Raena Lynn”

Real Owner: Matt Lloyd

Price: $49 + upsells

Rank: 10/100 – Scam!


What Is It?

45 Minute Paydays is another one of those online marketing systems that nearly guarantees you earnings of up to $10,000 every month by working only 45 minutes from home. But how legit is this claim?

I’ve seen money products similar to 45 Minute Paydays. Take “12 Minute Paydays” for example, which offers you the ability to earn up to $2035.38 in just 12 minutes. Here is another product that is also priced around $47 and yet includes plenty of upsells. It’s the overall vibe you get when you first see a new affiliate training product that makes you question a programs actual effectiveness.

If you look at the 3 steps for example, all you really need to do is find leads by placing ads and getting paid in return. Simply stated there is nothing new, unique, or interesting about 45 Minute Paydays. It’s just another overly generic affiliate marketing program that lacks on so many different levels needed for any individual to reach proper online marketing success.


How Much Is 45 Minute Paydays?

In my opinion, the system is already overpriced as it is and the 1-on-1 coaching is really absent from the entire 45 Minute Paydays Scam Reviewprogram. The site charges you $45 so that you can simply help promote that same product.

But that’s not even the biggest problem with 45 Minute Paydays. The biggest issue I have is how it disguises itself to be almost this secretive sales funnel to Matt Lloyds MTTB and Mobe scam. Or how about.. My Millionaire Mentor? Or.. The Easiest Sales System? The list goes on and on!

If you’re not aware of Matt Lloyds programs he relies on making all his money through the use of thousand dollar upsells. Not to mention that 45 Minute Paydays was purely created as a result from a lot of the lost hype the MOBE scam has seen over recent years. You know why? Because it scams people by pushing people into buying worthless $1,000 products without any real results in return.


45 Minute Paydays Upsells & Its Affiliation With Other Scams

45 Minute Paydays however, is not the only program created by Matt Lloyd to lure people into Mobe. Take a look at the easiest sales system or the more recent one called “My Millionaire Mentor.” These all have the same exact thing in common, the same methods, the same upsells, and the same creators.

As a result of each one of these products being a scam, Matt Lloyd is pushed into creating one more new product after another to deceive people into joining what he calls his “MOBE Empire.” But it’s not an empire at all and if it is, it’s one of pure evil!

If you take a look at My Millionaire Mentor, it’s priced exactly the same with the same featured 10,000 Leads in 100 Days Upsell; an upsell that costs $1,997 is instead being offered as the so-called bonus within “45 Minute Paydays.”


How 45 Minute Paydays Works?

45 Minute Paydays job is really simple, and that is to recruit you to do everything for them. This means getting bombarded with upsells and buying these, just so you can go out, post random ads around the internet, and get people who’s never seen the program to join. Let me just say this.. Link posting does not work! It’s an inefficient and hopeless attempt at trying to obtain and convert cold leads.

45 Minute Paydays possibly uses one of the most ineffective affiliate marketing methods available. That’s because MOBE is such a cheap system that has never offered anything of real value so to speak. It surprised me to see that they even went a45 Minute Paydays Scam Reviews far as to post these 3 overly simple steps on the homepage:

Step #1: Find Leads

Step #2: Place Ads

Step #3: Get Paid!

Tell me.. Could a system sound any more simpler than this? If making money online were as easy as posting ads around the internet, everybody would be doing it. The system lacks on showing you how to effectively get targeted traffic to your offers and is why each one of their systems always ends up failing.


“NO Hidden Fees. NO Monthly Fees.”

But the most shocking aspect of the system is how they claim that there are no hidden or monthly fees. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Just take a look at this enormous number of over-priced upsells that MOBE is so infamous for and how it has tarnished their reputation as online marketers:

$97 monthly inner circle membershipMy Millionaire Mentor Scam Review

$97 monthly elite earners membership

$97 monthly done for you emails

$194 OPT formula

$291 affiliate bonus domination

$194 funded proposal

Or.. they give you the option to purchase all of this at the price of $1,995. But wait.. there’s more?

$1,997 10,000 leads in 100 days (offered as a bonus..)

$997 income revolution

$997 90 day challenge

$997 six figure coaching secrets

$997 add the nitrous

$4,997 Diamond coaching program

$8,997 Titanium Mastermind

Or you can buy them all for $18,000 I think it is? The main job of 45 Minute Paydays is to simply get you into the system. From there Matt Lloyd will rely on his sales team to get you buying into his ridiculously priced upsells. The idea of these upsells are so you can then use them to sell to other members.  So if you’re interested in joining 45 Minute Paydays, just realize you’ll be needing to spend loads of money in order to make anything back. In some cases you might need it just to move forward within the program.


45 Minute Paydays Overview: It’s a Scam Alright!


As much as I don’t like bashing on any online marketing program, 45 Minute Paydays has almost every sign of a scam. They tell us there are no hidden fees or costs, when in reality the entire marketing system is based on that. They tell us we can earn up to $1,000 or $3,500 daily commissions, when really we’re the ones that are paying that amount. They tell us we get some amazing 1-on-1 coaching support, when really that is used to entice us into buying its upsells.

45 Minute Paydays is by no means a trustworthy product with a sole objective of using us to make their own commissions. They don’t show us the proper channels needed for online marketing success or a long-term business plan in that case.

The top leaders in MOBE or 45 Minute Paydays didn’t make their $1,000 commissions through simply posting links. They created websites, grew followers on social media, implemented e-mail marketing efforts, and relied on the use of PPC ads as a way to attract their audience.

But this is something 45 Minute Paydays, MOBE, MTTB, “Easiest Sales System,” My Millionaire Mentor, whatever they like to call themselves is too lazy to teach and is something I cannot understand given all the other effort put into releasing new products.

Why couldn’t they just teach and train you on some legitimate marketing methods? My guess is that the only real and genuine reason here would be because they enjoy making those high-ticketed commissions on their upsells. Therefore, if they were to take a legitimate route, these upsells would be of no use to them anymore and they’d be making less money, even though they’d be doing a whole lot more good than the current damage they are doing to themselves, their reputation, and the number of poor souls who have been lured in by this relentless marketing scheme.

Thanks for checking out my 45 Minute Pay Days Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.


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