4Life Research MLM Review – Breakdown Of What To Expect

By | December 10, 2016

4Life Research MLM Introduction

4Life Research ReviewThere always seems to be two sides of the coin when it comes to multi-level marketing. People either hate it or they love it. I’ll admit that certain features do stand out when it comes MLM’s.

For example, a lot of the top leaders take their business very seriously. They organize contests, meetings, trips, events, training, and so on.. But as far as earnings actually go for the rest of the MLM members, does it always pan out?

While joining an MLM can be an experience in and of itself, it’s quite important to note that becoming heavily involved (over the long-run) is the only way to make the most out of an opportunity like this. Becoming an independent distributor thus equates to having to become truly dependent on yourself and your skills as an entrepreneur.

I think it’s this reason of having to rely on yourself, more so than anything, that people drop out of this business fast. To make one thing clear, it doesn’t necessarily matter which MLM you join.. The process and attributes that will make you into a successful multi-level marketer will always be the same.


So there’s that.. But how does the 4Life Business Opportunity separate itself from the crowd?

Let’s quickly go over the compensation plan, since I know that this is one of the main reasons individuals get so intrigued (even obsessed), by the thought of making this passive income.

Here are the points to note out on compensation:

#1. Your Enroller – the person who most-likely sponsored you and brought you into the program.

#2. Your Customers – These are individuals who aren’t intersested in the business opportunity itself, but are interested in 4Life products. To become successful with 4Life’s MLM, you’ll need to manage obtaining a healthy amount of both customers & distributors – very important.

#3. Your Distributors – Individuals interested in both 4Life’s products and business opportunity, who are then also added to your downline.

4Life MLM Compensation Plan


4Life MLM Compensation Plan Terms

Other terms you should be aware of include:

  • LifePoints used to calculate your overall commissions.
  • Principal Volume calculated by the consumers you’ve enrolled and their purchases.
  • Organizational Volume, which are the LifePoints from your personal purchases, customer accounts, and downline distributors.
  • Rapid Rewards & Loyalty Program.
  • Compression, which takes into account users in your downline who haven’t placed an order for the month.


4Life MLM Products

In addition to building up your downline, you’re going to need to find consumers to sell those products too. I know, it’s like you’re gradually building up your own store line in a way, without the actual physical store. Nevertheless, I don’t have a clue as to whether these products are of any quality or not. If you’re an interested 4Life distributor, you’d probably know better than me.

  1. Transfer Factor Core Products4Life Research Products
  2. Targeted Transfer Factor
  3. 4LifeTransform
  4. ShapeRite By 4Life
  5. Enummi Personal Care
  6. General Health & Wellness Products
  7. 4Life Product Packs
  8. Other 4Life Products

I’m not usually the biggest fan of MLM products, mainly because they tend to hype them up soo much, and rarely over-deliver. Many MLM’s also sometimes claim that they’ve gone as far to have patented their products. I’m not saying this is the case with 4Life Research. I like the variety of products, even though they do seem very pricy. Some of the prices here like on their protein and other vitamins seem unbelievably high.

This is very reminiscent of the Instagenix MLM where the packaging and products overall look a lot nicer than the pricetag. What really bothers me is the fact they’ve created very generic products like “Immune,” “Fibro AMJ Day,” “Stress Formula,” etc. claiming these products are to help with those or even cure them? To me, it looks like they just put together a bunch of ingredients for a bunch of very general health conditions and called it a day.


Breaking It Down

I know it sounds like there are so many terms to be aware of with these MLM’s and there truly are. One of the reasons for that is to confuse you into thinking that there as so much opportunity at stake here. The reality of it is it takes more than work and effort to succeed in this MLM business. But it also takes a large social network that you can communicate with day in and out. It’s a business opportunity you need to be able to spread among the masses in order for you to be successful.

There are a few very important and significant aspects to what makes an MLM the business that it is. There’s also a reason as to why individuals are able to climb the ladder better than others. When you’re starting off as an associate, you need to continually reach certain status quo’s and goals.

That’s the only way you can ever make enough money with a company like 4Life. Equally as important is the kind of people you have enrolled. It’s always best to enroll the individuals who have actually had experience with MLMs in the past and some kind of success. This would allow you to move up the ladder quickly… Question is, how do you even find people like that?

Well there’s a reason as to why some people hit the top of the ladder quickly in an MLM like this. One of the primary reasons I believe is due to that small percentage of massive success, deals with their experience in the industry. They have social networks where they know other individuals in other MLM’s, who are entirely capable of selling these products daily and building a downline of hundreds and thousands of other individuals.

These guys have actual systems in place and if that’s something you can manage on your own, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, if you feel like you should join because there’s an opportunity there, but your level of interest and engagement isn’t at its absolute highest, you should definitely re-consider. I know for me personally, this is not the right opportunity for me.

Those who succeed with the 4Life MLM have websites with traffic, host webinars, large followings on social media, and people they constantly network with.


They place their entire efforts on two things:

#1. Building a very strong team and foundation.

#2. Selling 4Life products until that team is built like no other.


What I Recommend Doing If You Join:

#1. Find a sponsor who is greatly interested in helping you.

#2. Create a high-traffic website you can use to create interest among users.

#3. Start to create your own training for your team.

#4. Host webinars or a place you can use to professionally discuss the opportunity.

#5. Get involved in social media networks.


Why I Don’t Recommend 4Life Research

There’s no doubt that becoming an MLM like 4Life is a lot of work.. In-fact that might just be the under-statement of the year. It’s not as simple or as cut-out as it’s made out to be. Almost 98% of those individuals are left to fend for themselves without any means of obtaining recruits and a downline in sight. To survive in any MLM, you need a system to continually obtain leads. If you don’t have that, I recommend calling a pass on this one.

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