5 Days Profit Review – Stay Away From This One!

By | October 12, 2015

Name: 5 Days Profit5 Days Profit Review - Should We Trust Them?
Website: www.5daysprofit.com
Price: Varies – From $5 to $1,000 adpacks!
Rank: 0/100 – SCAM!

What Is It?

Just when I thought I saw the last of these HYIP’s, of course I come across 5 days profit; a website that tries to guarantee $1,600 in earnings by simply investing $1,000 of your hard earned money.

But, can we really trust them?

To date, there are 13,000 total members with over $300,000 made in total deposits. Now that’s a lot of money if you ask me. 5 Days Profit is another revenue sharing product that can be added to the mix. The only real difference is they make the bold statement of returning your investment with an added profit on top in only 5 days time.

How Much Is It?

The advertising packages in this scenario vary from $5 to a hefty $1,000. Now I’ve seen a whole lot of HYIP’s in my day, but this is not one I recommend getting involved with. If I were to join 5 days profit, I would start out with a $5 adpack just to see what happens, and maybe work from there. 5 Days Profit is a Scam

This $5 adpack guarantees you’ll earn a $3 profit within 5 days and $300 by investing $500. While the ROI or return on investment is almost too good in this case, it doesn’t necessarily mean becoming apart of 5 Days Profit is the best idea. Unfortunately, because they do not have PayPal I have been unable to test out 5 Days Profit for myself.

How Does It Work?

When you purchase an adpack what happens is you’re placed into a cycler simply waiting to get paid out. The way this happens is by cycling newer member deposits to the older members. This continually occurs until the program can’t last any longer.

In order for them to sustain, they must continually attract new members and deposits into the program. Thus, without new members and new money coming in, the platform simply can’t sustain and will ultimately end up closing down.

This unbeknownst to most is what typically happens with almost every revenue sharing product and as a result, many individuals tend to lose their investments. While some walk away with a profit, that’s not true for everyone. It all depends on how long the program lasts and the time in which you join. I’ve seen products last from one month to a year. But the fact here is this, by joining 5 Days Profit you are putting your money and investment completely on the line.

What I Like About 5 Days Profit

I’ll do my best to not be as biased as possible, while giving you as much of the truth as I can. First, let me go over what I do like about 5 Days Profit and how it can ultimately benefit you. Then, I will go over the disadvantages of this program so hopefully you can get a better idea if this seems like a good investment opportunity for you.

#1. Referral Commissions & Earning 2 Levels Deep

The first feature I happen to like about 5 Days Profit is its own affiliate program allowing you to earn 2 levels deep. This is the first HYIP of its kind that I have seen actually incorporate a multi-level affiliate commission program into its product. What this does is it allows you to earn commissions not only from the people you’ve referred, but the individuals they have referred as well.

The downside is while this can allow for some lucrative residual income it can also feel like a waste simply knowing that the program is at risk for shutting down at anytime. So it may be worth asking, whether or not this is worth investing your time in given the risk you can lose them at a future date.

#2. $5 Advertisement Packages & a 160% ROI!

The 160% ROI is what really fascinates me here. Usually when we come across a new revenue sharing program, we’ll typically see an ROI in between the 120% (lower end) to 140% (higher end) range. But this really just changes the game. Getting $8 out of $5 sounds almost too good to be true, but for that reason alone I’d be a lot more skeptical when joining this program.

It almost seems to me that this could be a way to target more investors for the benefit of the individuals behind the program itself.. Maybe not. Nonetheless, it is good to see that they offer a plan that only requires a $5 investment. Although, in order to make anything substantial you may need to buy a couple dozen or so of these.

#3. 20% Repurchase Rule & Use of “Rebates”

Couple more things I actually like about 5 Days Profit are their 20% Repurchase Rule and the fact they don’t mislead you, by telling you what you’re really getting is a rebate, though this should be stated on the main page. The 20% Repurchase Rule, while it may not benefit the individuals themselves, benefits the program as a whole allowing it to sustain longer.

#4. 137 Running Days

This is probably the best aspect of all. The fact they’ve been running for 137 days tells me that the owners intentions are most-likely trustworthy. On the other hand, it’s the volatility in earnings I’d be concerned about and whether or not its been growing on a daily basis.

What I Don’t Like About 5 Days Profit

#1. 120,000 Credits Per Ad Pack?

Really.. 120,000 credits? What good is handing out that many credits to all of its members. This will easily saturate the website with ineffective advertising with hundreds of thousands of credits that will never be used. There is no benefit to giving out more credits per adpack if there are 13,000 or so members who are all going to see each others advertisements on a daily basis anyway.

#2. 5 Days Pro Plan C

But if that’s not bad enough, lets talk about their Plan C, offering you to deposit $1,000 into its program. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time trusting a company with very little reputation with my own money, especially a revenue sharing product that could lose it instantly if things don’t go accordingly.. Or if they can’t pay out. What then? Although a $1,000 isn’t the most I’ve seen, this is definitely up there and for this reason alone, I’d keep a keen eye on those daily earnings.

5 Days Pro Overview – Scam Or Legit?

So I’ve attempted to keep this review as unbiased as possible, and I hope you get a better understanding of the risks involved. I guess my main concern here is the fact they fail to inform you of the risks on the homepage. Instead they tell you that by investing this amount of money, you’ll receive so and so. But the truth is, there is no guarantees here and that can easily be seen on the FAQ page as well.

They don’t tell you you’re receiving a profit, but rather a “rebate” which I actually found to be much more appropriate and better suited for this kind of program. If you’re wondering if there is still a risk here, there most definitely is. But I will say that seeing them run for 137 days now is a positive sign. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to take a quick test run with a small deposit. On the other hand, I can’t exactly recommend going for Plan C and whatever you do, don’t do any of this for the ad credits, as they are totally ineffective here.

UPDATE ON 5 DAYS PROFIT – 10/12/15 – 5 Days Profit is not honoring member withdrawals and is a scam. Do not join this latest revenue sharing program.

5 Days Profit is a Scam

If you’re looking for a way to make money online with minimal risk and huge payouts, check out My #1 Recommendation. This is what I call, a real alternative to these risky revenue sharing endeavors. Thank you for checking out my 5 Days Pro Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below.




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