5 Figure Day Unleashed Scam Review

By | February 23, 2015

Name: A 5 Figure Day Unleashed 5FigureDay unleashed scam review
Website: www.5figureday.com
Owner: Bryan Winters
Price: Recurring- $27 per month;
One-Time $97 payment
Rank: 10/100

What Is 5 Figure Day?

Five Figure Day is a Clickbank promoted product individuals use to simultaneously build a list and make online commissions.

The system offers a 100% Free online marketing website to each new online opt-in subscriber.. The main point in using 5 Figure Day is to build up a list of members and continually promote this product to other potential affiliates.

How Much To Join?

As a 5 Figure Day member you have two options, in which both will automatically bill you on a monthly recurring basis:

Option #1: $27 per month
Option #2: $97 per month

How Much Can You Earn?

As a 5 Figure Day Clickbank affiliate, you can earn up to 50% in affiliate marketing commissions for each new member that joins.

Con’s of 5 Figure Day:

Regardless of how you intend on becoming an affiliate of 5 Figure Day, one thing you will immediately notice is your own questionability of whether you need to even pay to become a member at all.

Update – This makes it all the more understandable as to why Bryan Winter’s recently knocked the price down from $27 to $1!

5FigureDay unleashed scam review

For example, as soon as you go to the very bottom of the 5 Figure Day page and website, you can simply click on the “affiliates” link to obtain all the necessary information, tools, and resources you would need.

Hence, this product offers nothing of unique value in return.

5FigureDay Products Include:

#1 – Traffic Strategy Blueprint

#2 – How To Use Solo Ads

#3 – How To Get Traffic With Banner Ads

#4 – How To Use Free Ad Swaps

#5 – Cheap and Free Video Traffic

5FigureDay’s Instant Traffic Blueprint

This is one of the main products that are included when becoming a member or free Clickbank affiliate of this product.

Essentially, all it includes is a pdf that lets you in on a small yet well-known secret on “paid vs. free advertising..”

The catch to this, is that regardless of whether you actually pay any membership fee’s to begin with, you can get this for free!

How To Use 5FigureDay?

Nevertheless, because 5FigureDay Unleashed already offers all the essential tools, information, and traffic blueprint, by the simple click of a button, there is no need whatsoever, to pay for this product!

All the instructions are simply stated by clicking on the Affiliate section link. Therefore, if you decide to start promoting 5 Figure Day to others, take note of what you are actually promoting.. Since everything within the product is already offered for free, all you are really doing, is trying to get buying members to purchase something that they could have for free!

The Reason For Doing This?

I’ve actually seen quite a number of products on Clickbank that tend to use this online marketing tactic and to be honest, have found it to be very schemish.

The reason I believe this is the product developer and owner usually has a great lack of care for the product he or she is promoting and because of this is ultimately releasing something that offers no value.

Therefore, it makes sense as to why 5 Figure Day has no problem in making up crazy membership costs of either paying a lower monthly recurring cost, or choosing a much higher one-time payment fee; a payment that will usually be forgotten about and not given much thought by the consumer!

About 5FigureDay Free Websites

Although, the product greatly emphasizes the giving away of free websites to other members, that really isn’t the main focus of 5 Figure Day. This is used to simply get your members to sign-up with their information so you can then begin to send them e-mails. There is really nothing to the “Free website,” other than your mere ability to enter in your own Clickbank ID, allowing you to customize the affiliate ads and make into your own.

5 Figure Day Overview

Nonetheless, 5 Figure Day is definitely not a product I would recommend to any online marketing affiliates, especially to those just learning how to get started online. Not only is there complete information overload, but there is a huge lack of the required essentials that you would need to really begin making a full-time income online.

I know that if I were to find myself just getting started with 5 Figure Day, before having joined Wealthy Affiliate, I would be in deep, deep trouble!

The lack of mentorship, valuable training, and its sole purpose to try and get others to pay for something lacking true value are all reasons to avoid this product.

In addition to 5 Figure Day, you may also come to notice another latest release by Bryan Winters, titled VideoGoRound… This immediately reminds me of Ewen Chia and how he uses one online scam product after the next simply to make his own profits.

To conclude, you can pretty much bet on the fact that 5 Figure Day is your typical ordinary scam!

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