FamilyClix Review – Great PTC, But Earnings Still Not High

By | December 22, 2016

Product: FamilyClixFamilyClix Review

Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Price: Free To Join

Rank: 70/100 – Good!


With a beautifully designed interface and website, you might think earning with FamilyClix could be fun or easy. While PTC’s can be an enjoyable endeavor, there are a few things that will always keep its members from reaching their true earning potential.

Things like low payouts and earnings and having to repetitively click on ads are only a few issues prevalent in today’s PTC’s. While paid to click sites are not the most viable way of making money online, they can however, be a good introduction into the world of internet marketing.

In this review we’ll be going over everything you need to know about this site, from its earning methods, to membership upgrades to last but not least, the option to advertise to all of FamilyClix members.

Earning Money Methods

With FamilyClix, you have a plethora of options to choose from when trying to earn money with the site. While it doesn’t exactly offer anything new, it’s good to have this variety of options.

Methods include:

  • Paid to Signup Offers – This is where you can get paid to sign-up for other peoples offers. Payouts here are actually a lot better than other earning methods on the site and can range from $.10 up to $1.00. But you’ll also be required to follow instructions for a set time period. The first signup offer for example, requires you to sign-up for Neobux and click on ads everyday for a week in order to get approved for the $1 offer.
  • View Advertisements – This is by far the most popular method of earning on FamilyClix, requiring you to click and view on ads to receive immediate payment. Payments can range from $.000125 to $.001, so we’re talking about a fraction of a penny. As hard as it is to believe, this is the biggest issue faced by almost every PTC site today!
  • FamilyGrid – Another popular earning method in every PTC today is the “grid.” This is where you’re given an alotted number of clicks per day, which you then use to randomly select a box on the grid to win money. Most of the times, you don’t win anything, but if you do earnings will range from $.10 to $.50.


  • Offers4All – Here is where we get into the “tasks” portion of the site, that pays you to complete offers, surveys, and more. The first one is called Offers4All and is a mix of PTC Ads, Quick Tasks, Super Rewards, and ‘’.
  • KiwiWall – This wall offers surveys, mobile surveys, and videos available to watch for a small earning.
  • AscendMedia – This wall consists of offers, trials, and products you can sign-up for in exchange for Family Coins. Once you’ve reached 2,000 Family Coins you can exchange this for $1.00 on the site.
  • PersonaWall – Includes a mix of apps to download, surveys, and sign-up offers.
  • ClixWall – Consists of additional PTC ads, you can click on for $0.0001.


These are the main ways you can begin earning money with FamilyClix. While it is nice you can start earning right away with the site, the problem is that even with such a large variety of ways to earn, earnings are still very low. Whether you spend your time click on ads, chancing your luck on the FamilyGrid, or filling out surveys, the one thing you’ll find is that these earnings rarely add up to much.

FamilyClix Upgrades

Similar to every other PTC, you also have the option to upgrade. FamilyClix actually incorporates a ton of available options to becoming an upgrade member.

These Include:

  • Lifetime Baby Membership – Free
  • 30 Day Baby+ Membership – $3
  • 365 Day Sister Membership – $25
  • 30 Day Brother Membership – $25
  • 180 Day Mommy Membership – $110
  • 180 Day Daddy Membership – $250
  • 180 Day Grandmother Membership – $400
  • 365 Day Grandfather Membership – $800

I actually like how they’ve included such a wide number of membership options available for upgrade. The reason why is because I see so many PTC’s who are constantly trying to push their most expensive upgrade with very limited options. In this case it would be the 365 day grandfather membership. Instead what FamilyClix has done is given you the option to upgrade at a low cost to test out the waters first.

Nevertheless, I really only recommend upgrading your account if you’re looking to maximize the number of possible referrals you bring onto the site. Otherwise, there is no point and you’ll be much more likely to lose money rather than gain. The extra money spent on a membership is therefore, not justified by the extra penny or two you earn from clicking on ads.

FamilyClix Advertising

One very important piece that makes FamilyClix work properly are its advertisers. These are the people paying to put their ads and offers on the site and are the ones who are allowing the site and members to profit. Like many PTCs today, anyone can get started advertising on FamilyClix at a very low cost. Question is, whether or not its effective. This will all depend on how you plan or choose on advertising your offer or site. The good thing about this option is that you can test out your ad or offer with a small amount of money first.

Advertising Options Include:

Paid To Click Ads – Packages start at $2 for 1,000 credits. Most expensive package is 500,000 credits for $250.

Fixed PTC Advertisement – Package starts at $5 to have your ad on the site with a 10 second duration for each click.

Login Ads – Package starts at $1 to have your ad on the site for a 1 day duration.

Paid To Signup Offers – Package starts at 10 sign-up credits for $2.

Featured Text Ads – Starts at 150,000 credits for $1.

Banner Ads – Starts at 25,000 credits for $1.

Featured Link Ads – Starts at $3 to have your ad on the site for 1 month.

Mini Pack – A variety of ads starting at $10 and include 10 rented referrals, 10,000 paid to click credits, and 500,000 banner ad credits.

Pros Of FamilyClix

  • Can start earning right away.
  • Appealing interface and dashboard.
  • Plenty of ads and ways to earn.
  • Low-cost advertising with some possible potential.
  • Plenty of upgrade options to choose from.


Cons Of FamilyClix

  • Earnings and revenue are way too low.
  • Payment processors are limited (no paypal).

FamilyClix PTC Overview

I have to say that FamilyClix is better than most other PTC sites out there. While that doesn’t change the fact that this is still a paid to click site, it is nice to see that there are individuals who are earning and getting paid out with this site. The sites top 3 earnings include these total amounts and withdrawals:

  • top earner – $12,336
  • 2nd top earner – $8,550
  • 3rd top earner – $7,419

If you’re going to choose a PTC to start using, FamilyClix is probably a good bet. Does that mean I think you should use it? Not necessarily, and I think it really all comes down to your knowledge of PTCs and how to use it to the best of your ability. For example, I definitely don’t recommend it if you’re only plan is to click on ads all day long for a fraction penny since that is not going to add up to much. I’m personally not a big of fan PTC’s and never had a whole lot of luck with it. But if that’s your thing, then you might like the current stability behind FamilyClix and the fact they’ve made every payment on-time since 2014.


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