7 Recommended Blogging Tools For Pinterest Users

By | August 1, 2016

Blogging on Pinterest is becoming bigger than ever. There are practically websites and blogs covering just about every niche you can imagine and it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. 

If you’re a Pinterest user and you’ve just started your own blog, then here are 7 tools that will surely help to power up your pinning strategy, while helping you get the most reach possible.

But before doing that you’ll need to get setup with a proper domain name, hosting company, and theme. Nevertheless here are the 7 basic tools any Pinterest must have when starting their first blog. 



To get started blogging, the first step is choosing your domain and making sure you’re not using some kind of free subdomain on Blogger. You want something that is yours and a name you can continually brand for years to come. Usually a domain will cost somewhere around $13 to $14, but I believe if you go to GoDaddy you can grab one for only $.99 cents using the promotional code KIWI at checkout!



Business Blogging ToolsYou can choose hosting from Bluehost or GoDaddy. To me, I find them both the same. They both have great customer support and are both very reliable. Whenever I need to renew a domain or call either company for something, they get everything done right away.

Another hosting option, and this is great if you need training with your blog, is hosting through WA.

A couple of my websites are hosted through there and their customer support responds in seconds and are available around the clock. It’s normally $47 per month with hosting and all the training needed for your blog. If you’ve struggled with traffic or content you should definitely check them out.



Picking the right theme for your blog can always feel like a hard decision. But ideally, you want something that really stands out and is easy to navigate. Now I know I don’t use the Genesis Framework on this site, but that’s probably because MHThemes is a theme I’ve stuck with it for years, and find it very easy to use.

But, if you’re looking for efficiency and reliability, I would recommend going with Genesis. Keep in mind that there is a variety of child themes you can choose from. Take a look at the demos and see which one you see yourself using. Only downside is they are a bit costly, but it will definitely be a great investment for your website and help to payoff dividends in the long-run.



Next up, you want to begin creating pages and posts for your blog. To do this, make sure you’re creating your own awesome looking images using a tool like Canva or Picmonkey. Both work great and get the job done. Only minor issue with Picmonkey is that it does not save your images once you’ve finished.

On the other hand, I did find it a bit more easier to use than Canva. Because of the save feature however, I chose Canva for the win. But either or will work just great. Try both and see which one you can create a better image with ;)



Now that you have your domain, theme, and some pinnable images, you’ll want to use a service like Tailwind to take care of all your pinning automation for you. It’s really simple to use and has a great variety of features. Boardbooster is another option as well.

I personally haven’t tried either since I do this full-time and don’t mind logging into Pinterest every couple hours to pin my next image. That’s just me. If you’re away from your computer for long periods at a time, or have a job during the day, then Tailwind or Boardbooster is a must-have.



Going forward, you are more than likely going to need some kind of stock photos for your pins. I don’t recommend getting your stock photos from anywhere but Canva. They are so cheap and the photos really help to make your pins stand out, that much more. You can get stock photos off Canva for only $1 each, instead of having to pay $10 or $15 on a site like iStock.com.



Besides a great theme, some awesome images, and a great social media platform to promote your blog with, you should definitely also look into a keyword research tool like Jaaxy. If you want to take your blog to the next step, then utilizing great keywords within your blog posts and titles is a great way to get more traffic from organic searches and Google.


There you have it. Those are the 7 tools I use for my online blogging business (besides Tailwind and Boardbooster). If I didn’t use these, my blog would be dead in the water. If you have something else you would like to recommend, leave a comment below!

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