7 Tips To Increase Website Traffic Exposure

By | September 18, 2014

 Free Traffic Methods

Here are 7 Smart Ways To Increase Website Traffic & Exposure!


#1. Free Classified Ads:

One source of a free classified ads is USfreeads.com. Despite the fact it is free to utilize, it can certainly be time-consuming. The most important aspect when utilizing free classified ads as a traffic generator for your website, or affiliate link, is optimizing your posts, whether it be utilizing images, or writing catchy headlines, can serve as a good free traffic method to utilize.

Free Classifieds - USFreeads

#2. Groups or Forums:

Joining a group or forum is an excellent way of gaining free website traffic. Look for groups and forums where people are consistently engaging with one another. Make sure when searching for a group or forum to find niche-relevant forums, where your audience is very targeted. You’ll want to additionally ensure you create a signature link that links back to your website or blog, so that everytime you create a new post or response in a forum or group, that signature gets seen and thus, becomes its own “traffic generator” in a way, as they become increasingly visual to various targeted audiences.


#3. Creating and Submitting Articles to Directories

Make sure to be keen with your articles headline and excerpts. The main point, and usage for article directories are for people who are consistently searching for articles and interesting content to read. Therefore, the more important the information you provide to your audience, the more people you will find clicking back to your website in need of searching for more relevant information. In order to get your articles seen, its important to keep up with the consistency.

In addition, make sure to create evergreen content as opposed to time-sensitive type articles, as these can go a long way in both short and long-term traffic. Two highly-recommended article directories I’d like to recommend are Ezine.com and Streetarticles.com. In addition,

Street Articles Where Writers Become Authors

Street Articles Where Writers Become Authors

blogging is by far the most critical aspect to creating or leveraging ANY business at all. Whether you’re a local business looking to drive more local traffic, or looking to get discovered as an MLM network marketer, and most especially, affiliate marketer’s, blogging is by far the biggest and most important solution to building a high-traffic producing business. Its the primary platform that gives you the authoritative type figure people can learn to trust and find you. Its how you become more visible online than ever in this day and age that makes today’s businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs truly stand out. If you think about it, how many people has and uses a yellow book to find and look up certain businesses, as opposed to Google itself! With mobile, tablets, and electronics on the uprise, its important to get discovered by the act of consistent blogging. Any local business who can manage a 2x’s a week blog, will be building a huge audience, and have the ability to truly outperform any type of business or entrepreneur out there. Real estate professionals especially, are now utilizing this on a very consistent basis, to generate free leads, and be found!

The most vitally important aspect to blogging however, that seems to scare people off away from the actual habit, is having an understanding of proper SEO, converting actual visitors to subscribers and loyal customers. Nonetheless, the hardest part is just understanding how to utilize the steps in its proper order with the ability to build an e-mail list, utilize social media, and optimize your blog, all of which can be learned at Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member; also the owners of StreetArticles.com directory.

Learn more on effective blogging as an Individual, Entrepreneur, or Business:


#4. Social Media

Social Media traffic involves a good amount of strategy along with consistency. Whether it be Facebook, twitter, google plus,, you want to encourage traffic to your posts, by providing value. You should be engaging, and conversing on a daily level. These are wonderful platforms you can utilize for informal business purposes. You can even create separate lists within these social media avenues whom you can send messages to daily. In addition, with each social media platform, make sure you have your profiles filled out with some type of brief information including your business information, whether it be a local services business phone number, a niche-related website.

Facebook and Twitter Traffic For Your Website

Facebook and Twitter Traffic For Your Website

Social media has a way of encouraging people to find others to consistently network and connect with. This is a great way of interacting with new people, learning about your audience, learning about your niche industry, and understanding more about your audience needs and wants. It will give you new intriguing and audience related content to write about. The most interesting aspect of Social Media and the ability to drive really great traffic, is knowing how to research your audience, and using that as an opportunity to give them precisely what you want. Additionally, by utilizing social media, not only can you gain more website traffic and exposure, but even opt-ins, and your ability to build a much larger niche related list. It’s important to manage your social media’s as merely a tool that can help you build your business. You never know when a social media platform can shut-down at anytime.


#5. Pinterest & InstagramHow To Share Instagram On Pinterest

While these two platforms are also within the social media link, the one thing that really differentiates them, is the significance with use of visuals. One of the great things when using instagram, is the ability to use hashtags – which essentially can be seen as keywords in its own way. These two media platforms require strategy as well, but the most important aspect of all, is posting on a consistent basis, thus gaining you more Pinterest and Instagram followers, which you will find building greatly over-time.

Nevertheless, the more you utilize a certain keyword, or hashtag, where not many other people are utilizing, will and can allow you to readily build your own online business and brand through the consistent useage of these keywords and hashtags! These two platforms are some of the largest growing platforms and I personally highly encourage you utilizing and adding them to your daily regimen when blogging. Keep in mind when people search on these platforms, using hashtags (social media keywords), your audience will find your image linking back to your website.

Hence, this is very powerful. A great advantage instagram has over twitter, is unlike twitters limited use of certain characters, instagram can be utilized as an alternative to utilizing both images, a well-written excerpt of specific audience related content, and a great number of hashtags. One thing to be aware when utilizing instagram, is to not go overboard with the number of hashtags you utilize, similar when writing content for Google, you don’t want to overdo it the number of keywords you utilize for your posts.


#6. Creating a Subscriber Opt-In List

Also known as an e-mail list, this becomes one of the biggest advantages of all to everyday internet marketer’s. In-fact the importance of utilizing an e-mail list, is becoming more and more prevalent than the art of actual everyday blogging itself. The fact that many online marketer’s are ignoring this traffic method utilization is actually quite hurtful in a way. I believe the reason online marketer’s tend to increasingly ignore this method of traffic utilization, along with the ease in ability of making consistent sales, when providing free valuable weekly newsletters to your opt-ins, is the simple underestimation of its power.

The reality of building a subscriber opt-in list and its usefulness is very real, and the more people you can build within your list, the bigger your audience, and the bigger chance you have in gaining wide and the necessary prevalence of trust. Once this trust gets built between you and your list, the recommendations you give will become invaluable, and worth so much more in terms of potential monetary compensation as an affiliate.

The truth is people are looking for someone reliable to attain their information from. You can essentially become the middleman or woman of this two-way street, providing them the proper and necessary relevant research within your niche. One thing you should be aware of is to not get discouraged by any number of people who are going to inevitably unsubscribe. This is going to happen regardless of the immense value in the messages your sending to your readers, as many people prefer privacy over the information of others. However, the people who remain on the list, and become increasingly accustomed to the messages being sent on a very consistent basis, the more they’re going to want to hear from you, and the more rewarding your experience with your opt-in list will soon become.

Additional Subscriber Tip: Over-time when you build up your opt-in e-mail list, you’ll find a build up of residual e-mail unsubscribers. Hence, it can actually be highly beneficial to keep track of the date they unsubscribed, and a list of your unsubscribers. Moreover, you can always go back to catching up with them through messaging them. The ability to re-connect with an unsubscriber can be very valuable, and the ability to show that you’re following up on them, can actually show how great you care for them.


#7. Solo Ads

Using solo ads for your business can be a very powerful method of getting your message and/or advertisement sent out there. Despite, the fact they can come at pretty expensive rates, calls for the more increasing importance in your research. Hence, you don’t want to head out to Fiverr.com, and make an order with a random seller who will likely scam you for your money. Instead, the best route to getting the best solo ad providers would be by finding someone you know or are familiar with, and asking them for a proper solo ad referral. Make sure to also set a budget, and scale-up from there.

Nonetheless, keep a good track-record of your daily results on a month to month basis. If your ads begin making sales on a $100 monthly budget basis, then you’ve found yourself a possibility to greatly scale up the number of sales, referrals, and leads for your business. The way Solo Ads works, is kind of similar to PPC, which is by purchasing of clicks, but through another marketer’s e-mail list. Furthermore, its very important to have the proper knowledge and training when working with Solo Ads. Nonetheless, the better your Solo Ad provider, the better your opt-in subscribing numbers will be per purchased click.

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