7 Steps On How To Get More Traffic Onto Your Blog!

By | February 12, 2015

Higher Traffic To Your Blog Introduction

When first starting a website, one of the biggest hurdles we most-usually come to face are in finding the corrective measures, methods, and simple small procedures that can help you attain and lure more traffic to your blogs.

In-fact the art of blogging is what helps in giving us the correct and proper leverage to our actual website; that is whatever our website intends on accomplishing.

While it might seem hard as you begin to try and increase traffic onto your blog and website, it’s all an inevitable part of the process as we do our very best when getting ranked on Google. Once we have accomplished this mission, it is all simply a matter of scalability, and a great persistency of efforts.. And though we may find ourselves defeated by some of the smaller battles, the use of the following 7 steps will surely help you overcome the war when getting floods of traffic and visitors to your blog!

How To Get More Traffic Onto Your Blog!

Nevertheless, because of this, we may sometimes feel as though we’ve been defeated; won over by our various competitors, or simply not getting the proper attention you should be by the search engines.

The following information revealed in this post will therefore, show you some nice tips, bits, and tricks to overcome this major hurdle. And by doing so, you’ll likely find yourself cherishing your blog more than you would have come to think in the first place.

#1. Treating Your Blog Like It’s Your Business!

First – While this may sound a bit vague at first, is an important realization in which I believe is what made me personally, begin to see the traffic to my blog rise – Treating your blog like it’s a business!

The mere act and perception of you doing so will likely lead you to taking greater care in how you not only create your content, but also in how you intend on sharing it, and better yet, how you deliver your actual content.

As you may already know, when you’re writing for your blog, treat the way you write, as though you are talking with your own natural voice. No need to overthink it however, just do it as you would with any speech. Sometimes I feel this can be simplified by taking a person you know and then acting like you are talking to that person.. Yes, hello you! :)

#2. Proper Blog Writing –

Content Structure, Keywords, & Header Tags

Second – Let us not overuse and misconduct the way we write our content by the mistreatment of keywords. While keywords are indeed the one necessity we need in order to deliver in getting more traffic onto your blog, overuse also means overkill!

This is better known as keyword stuffing, and though was better known to work in the historic age of “proper blog writing,” has now been taken into greater consideration since the update of Google’s SEO algorithmic changes.

#3. Leveraging Your Biggest Social Media Network!

Third – Always, always share your content with your biggest social media networks and platforms. If you’re website is geared towards say fashion, or maybe utilizes lots of great and awesome images and photos, or is merely more “retail” in nature, you’ll likely want to have a nice little “Pin It” plugin or button to be added to each picture.

This can indeed go a very long way when it comes to getting social media traffic onto your blog.

Same goes for say a debate, or a specified opinion, think outside the box and get onto LinkedIn. They have a great number of groups where you can share your specified niche content onto, and will allow for a great and very important social media presence!


#4. Use Of Evergreen Content For Consistent Blog Traffic!

Fourth – Understanding the use of time-relevant content and evergreen content can make a huge difference in the ranking and ultimately, increase of traffic to your blog.

What is evergreen content?

It’s a simple, yet highly important, and under-utilized concept that can leverage your rankings with much less day to day fluctuations. Evergreen content is something, a subject and the preface of your content, that isn’t necessarily trending at the moment, but will always be an important, relevant, or useful kind of content (at-least in our generation)!


#5. YouTube Media To Triple Traffic To Your Blog!

Fifth – While I greatly understand the time and effort it may take in producing video content, could be an extremely vital factor in increasing traffic onto your blog. Reason being, that by having setup a YouTube account, you may very easily link out to a relevant blog post on your website. Imagine the endless possibilities by doing so and the automatic increase in traffic!

#6. Comments + Engagement =

You’re Important!

SixthComments and engagement! What could be more important than this?! This couldn’t be anymore emphasized.

And to be honest, I would like to even share a small secret I have with you:

Regardless of the competition that is consistently warding between one niche website and another, the more comments a certain blog post has, the greater and more immediate value not only that blog post will attain, but the entire website itself!

But, how to get a consistent number of comments when not enough people are visiting your blog posts?

Here’s a great idea!

Not only will you engage with 1,000’s of other individuals within the community, but you will learn more specifically, how you can continually be increasing traffic onto your blog, along with learning how to properly monetize it, and even earn yourself a full-time income from it.

#7. How Old Is Your Blog, Website, & Domain?

Seventh – This one might be leaning more towards “bad news,” but can also be seen from a wonderful perspective.

That is, knowing and understanding that the age of your blog, website, and domain, all play one of the biggest factors of all, especially when it comes to finding your very own sudden and gradually sharp spikes of traffic to your blog.

In my opinion, I believe the 3-month mark, 6 to 8-month marks, your 1-year mark, and 2nd-year mark, are all most greatly considered by Google and other search engines! The reason I know is actually very simple – I watched it myself and I’ve waited patiently.

What I’ve done this entire time?

I’ve learned while also creating as much unique and helpful content as I can to my visitors. The most beautiful result being the ability to watch the most sudden, sporadic spikes in traffic!

Since then, I have come to see blogging as a business of patience with amazingly long-term rewards; one that for most niches, topics, and subjects out there, may reap small short-term benefits, but with some of the greatest and most inevitable long-term advantages.

“Thus, what you’ve sewn yesterday, is what you will reap tomorrow, by 100-fold!”

It’s a simple fact, that you will truly know when the time comes, when your blog and website suddenly becomes entirely appreciated by Google.. Because they know and love the hard-work, dedication and commitment, but most-importantly the patience you’ve put in by playing your part when allowing your personal blog to become apart of your established business presence.

The simple fact and noticed perseverance is honestly, something I almost believe Google has this underlying play in! Those with the smarts to understand it can take up to a full-year to gain 1,000 visitors or traffic a day to your website, always know the advantage of creating that website at least 3-months ahead of time.

During that period is when you begin to really create your content, which by the way does not mean you will see 0 traffic, but simply relates to the fact that rather than seeing only 50 to 100 visitors in traffic per day, you’ll likely be seeing closer to 1,000, even above and beyond, by your patience and perseverance.

Of course this can be sped up, by utilizing the above tactics, but just want to let you know, regardless of what your traffic/visitors is right now, will exponentially grow in just a few months time!


Increase Traffic To Your Blog.. 

Your 7 Simple Steps!

Therefore, rather than creating a website and blog for just a few months, and giving up as a result of seeing no traffic, do these things:

#1 – Learn how to properly create an SEO optimized post.

#2 – Learn how to find low competitive keywords for your blog posts.

#3 – Learn how to establish an awesome and relevant social media presence.

#4 – Learn how to gain continual and exciting active engagement to your blog posts.

#5 – Consider creating an established yet distinguished YouTube media presence to help with the prevalent, timely, inevitable increase of traffic onto your blog.

#6 – Think of and plan evergreen type content versus time-related posts to begin adding to your blog.

#7 – Last but not least, not only learn to remain patient, but truly understand the significant factor the age of your blog, website, and domain will play in the part of getting the ultimate traffic to your blog.

And with all that said, most-importantly, remain continually persistent, and write daily, possibly with a timely schedule. You will be surprised once you take notice of how far using even one to two of these 7 great steps to increasing traffic to your blog post or website will take you.

Cheers! I hope this was a helpful result to the information you’ve been searching for and has helped you sort out as many of the details in learning how you can get more traffic on your blog and website.

For more and better detailed information and tutorials, get a free starter membership to teach you all the ins and outs of creating your own highly successful website, blog, and business!!


Peter G.

2 thoughts on “7 Steps On How To Get More Traffic Onto Your Blog!

  1. Loes

    Hi Pete, I am certainly interested in “How To Get More Traffic Onto Your Blog”, thanks for the 7 points, I know I have to use social media more often, and also have to think more carefully about and appealing title. I am getting the hang of how to find the correct keywords, thanks for these tips, greetings Loes

    Btw: You are the winner of my comment lottery from today on Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Haha sure thing Loes, you got it!

      Just wrote whatever came to find. Feel like I’ve been doing this long enough to know what works best and what doesn’t. Indeed, keyword research is an absolute necessity, and there are some true gems you can find out there.
      However, I may have an even better tip for you, but you already know where to reach me ;)

      Haha by the way, since when did you start a “comment lottery”! Sounds interesting.. Anyway I’m glad I won, Wealthy Affiliate has really seemed to produce more of that good luck charm in my life lately! You simply can’t beat that, can ya’!


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