7 Ways To Improve Your Websites Engagement

By | December 6, 2016

Creating a website is one thing, but creating a website that truly engages your audience can make you a lot more successful in the long-run.

More importantly, it’s proof that the work and effort you’ve been putting into your site is actually making a difference.

So if you’ve been creating one blog post after another, or even video for that matter, wondering why not many people are engaging with your content, here are some tips for you.


#1. More Blog Post Comments

Obviously, one of our end goals for creating a more engaging and thorough post is by having people discuss the topic by leaving their thoughts at the end. Seeing people comment and respond to each other, as you stand by, watching your own creation go to work is a very powerful and endearing feeling. One of the best tips I can give you on that note is by always leaving a small note at the end of your blog posts, reminding visitors to leave their questions and thoughts down below. You can ask them to be as specific or as general as you like.

If you’re struggling getting comments or sparking a debate, one great way to start a discussion is by using either WA where you can exchange other comments with other bloggers, or by joining social media groups on LinkedIn or Facebook where they exchange comments. Another way of getting more comments on your site is by commenting on other sites within your niche and leaving a blog post to your site for them to comment on.


#2. Add Your Social Media Links

Another fantastic idea for making your site more engaging is by adding social media links and posting on those platforms so your followers become aware of your latest blog post. Leave thoughts for question everytime you post on social media like.. “What did you think of the latest news on Trump?” and you should see higher levels of engagement on your site.

Using channels like Google + and their communities as well to find other relevant individuals with an interest in your niche is a great idea. Tweeting out your latest blog post to your Twitter followers can also boost website engagement. If you don’t already have an associated Facebook page with your website, that’s another idea you can utilize to increase your following.


#3. Create Videos

Creating your own videos and embedding them onto your site isn’t only a great way to boost engagement, but is a great content creation strategy. When people actually see you on video and can hear your voice on a certain topic, they’ll be that much more willing to engage.

You see the strategy to higher website engagement is all about giving your readers that small extra push to join the discussion. If you can give them a reason to want to engage on the topic, they will. More importantly is once they see others engaging on something, they’ll be even more inclined to do so.


#4. Add a Forum

Have you ever thought about adding a forum onto your site? Sure, it might take some work, but it can definitely be an appealing solution especially for certain niches. If you have a really targeted niche audience, who tend to be very engaged in that niche or may even view it as a hobby, then adding a forum to your website can be a great idea.

In order to grow your forum, it’s important to moderate it on a daily basis and spread the word out to interested users. Try and make that forum different from many of the other forums out there by consistently adding new threads on various topics. Add value yourself and be the first to spark various discussions.


#5. Use a Gravatar & Reply to Comments

This may sound like a very simple solution, but you’d be surprised how many niche websites I see out there who either:

a. Don’t use a gravator

b. Don’t reply to their visitors comments

I honestly can’t understand why or how the owner of a blog could ignore their users or readers. You’ve created your blog for a reason and I find it so incredibly important to respond to all my users comments, unless they’re really negative or have no purpose being there. Responding to other users comments also goes a long way in giving more incentive to other readers to ask their questions and also helps in building up trust.


#6. Create an About Me/Us Page

This is another very important aspect to your blog or website that can sometimes be overlooked. Every website and blog out there should most-definitely have some kind of page explaining what their website is about.. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a website that people can’t know more about?

Try and make your about me page as epic as possible, explaining who the writers are, the purpose of your website, and a little background about yourself. Then, when people come to view the page, they’ll feel a much greater sense of trust and inclination to leave a comment somewhere on your website.


#7. Make Your Website Visually Appealing

A visually appealing website goes a long way in keeping an engaged audience. They’ll want to stay on your website longer and view more posts, which will inevitably lead to higher engagement. At the same time though, you want to keep your website clean. Get rid of ads you don’t need or aren’t performing well. Have a good hierarchy in your websites categories as well so visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

Other tips for making a visually appealing website could be:

  • Using great stock photos and imagery that aren’t overly cliche.
  • Creating your own visually appealing images.
  • Great & proper formatting of individual WordPress posts.
  • Using an appropriate font that isn’t too large or too small.
  • Using just the right amount of images within your posts.
  • Using a good and consistent color them within your blog.


Conclusion & Thoughts

In conclusion, the better care and maintenance you take in your site, the more engaging it will become. By creating posts and topics that invokes curiosity and actually asks your visitors to comment is a very effective technique. It’s also important that you speak in a very personal tone through out your blog posts. Instead of writing it like an essay, speak your thoughts and mind to really enforce the topics of discussion.

By implementing small tips such as, having a gravatar, an about page, and a website that flows seamlessly together, will set you up for a much more engaging website. But don’t fret, if it isn’t perfect. We rarely get it right the first time and yet engagement still tends to find itself with the more thorough and detailed content you have on your site.

Hope this helps and I hope you find yourself creating a website with never-ending engagement. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment down below :)

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