70k Method Review – Another Binary Scam..?

By | July 12, 2015

Name: 70k Method70k method review

Website: www.70kmethod.com

Owner: Thomas Edwards

Price: “Free” with a catch

Rank: Scam

What Is It?

I know there is nothing like making a 70k income right from the comfort of your own home. But as anything goes, don’t believe everything you hear. This 70k income is exactly what this method promises. But I’ve seen this method used over and over again.

This is a product that makes plenty of income promises with very little to show. Even the video is so generic I feel like I’ve watched this a million times. The 70k method can actually be grouped into one of the largest and most prevalent growing scams today. In this review, you’ll learn more on how the 70k method works, its flaws, along with my #1 recommended alternative.

How Much Is It?

One of the biggest flaws with this system is its price. 70k Method Review

The claim¬†that you can get this system for free is completely false along with the fact you don’t need a credit card to get started.

As soon as you enter into the system, you’ll soon find out you need a $250 deposit just to get started… A deposit used to begin binary trading. A method of earning an income which I don’t recommend as you will soon see why.

How It Works?

The 70k Income Method tries to guarantee your ability to earn $70,000 into your checking account each and every month. But here you’re going to learn why this is nothing more than a far-fetched claim.

The 70k Method uses binary trading as its main source of guaranteeing your income. However, the thing you need to realize is that people rarely win more than they lose. With binary trading you can deposit $250 on your trades, which have the same chance of losing as they do winning. That means its like a double or nothing approach.

70k method review

The 70k Method tries to minimize these chances by use of its own software; a software that is nothing more than a bot that helps you to deposit your first $250 and nothing else. Thus, while you can win money, you can lose it at the same time and risk remain inevitably high. Nonetheless, the only reason this software is being promoted is for the owners greed and profit. If it worked for him, he would have no reason to share this so-called “secret” with us.

On another note, its important to realize that it is impossible to predict in which way a trade is going to go. Binary trading is so volatile and short-term in nature that you can never predict in which way the trade is going to go. The 70k Method is nothing like predicting a stock which trades on a more long-term basis and uses actual predictions based upon company information.

70k Method Overview

The 70k Method is in summary, nothing more than another binary trading scam attempting to fool us otherwise.

They claim its 100% free, when in reality you’ll be depositing more money than you could have possibly anticipated. These scams are only growing more and more because people rarely never know if the “secret” to getting rich actually works. Well I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t and that binary trading is much too risky!

There is only one genuine and legitimate product I can recommend for those looking to make an online income..

And, no sadly it won’t make you $70,000 each and every month. But that’s not to say it won’t make you wildly successful. The only other difference here is that you won’t be relying on a software but on yourself and the more work you put in the higher your income potential will become. This is how I got started online¬†and its been working for me!

This is a huge step away from products like 70k Method which uses nothing more than a schemish attempt to try an prove something that has never worked!

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