LinkedIn Strategy For Social Media Marketing

By | August 14, 2014

Linkedin strategy for better SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 


Many people overlook a very vital and powerful online LinkedIn marketing strategy when it comes down to social media.

The strategy I’m referring to deals with LinkedIn’s platform!LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Despite the growing importance of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and other wonderful platforms, in this post includes a following LinkedIn strategy for effective online marketing, which may perhaps just blow you away!

The thing about LinkedIn is that it is by far the most professional social media platform out of any other. However, I feel people are underestimating its tremendous growth in terms of its many growing, unique, and helpful tools; tools that allow you to connect with others, unlike twitter, and Facebook, where a lot of the times, the website, pages, or affiliate marketing sites you’re promoting don’t always seem to be effectively noticed and shared by others.

A big advantage with LinkedIn, is that by utilizing your own marketing profession, your essentially leveraging yourself as a truly unique marketing professional:LinkedIn Profile Advantages

The more you do connect, and immerse yourself, the more LinkedIn is going to find ways in autonomously helping you increase your profile views, and connections, as shown below:

LinkedIn Profile Views

By utilizing this simple technique, of logging into LinkedIn just once a day, you’ll begin finding LinkedIn giving you more and more recommendations. As you can see above, LinkedIn has proven to be very professional in terms of becoming a Social Media Medium, as it can precisely estimate, the increased percentage of views by simply following ahead with LinkedIn’s recommendations, which are ultimately followed by in this order:

1) Connect, 2) Share, 3) Add, 4) Follow

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to show-off everything that is awesome about you:

  • Your Resume.
  • Your Skills.
  • Your Website.
  • Your Affiliations.
  • Your Degrees.

By utilizing these skills, you are most-definitely allowing yourself to find a better common ground between others that are on LinkedIn. Essentially allowing yourself to immerse yourself in communicating within new groups, helping others with uniquely related questions, by your skills, websites, and even tools, which all ultimately help both you, and the person asking the question!

This powerful trait by LinkedIn is so unimaginably under-looked, it almost kills me to see people unable to follow their dreams to the best of their abilities because of today’s cliche in having to inevitably utilize other social media platforms, in order to see any success; platforms that we may barely even understand how to use, let alone properly connect with others in the most appropriate way. This is what makes LinkedIn different from the others.

The mere ability to join in on practically any group discussion, answer questions completely out of the blue, is one of LinkedIn’s most powerful feats!

How To Share Articles On LinkedIn Groups

As you can see here LinkedIn provides this wonderful additional benefit by giving you articles to share with others, skills to help leverage your viewers, followers who would be interested in following you back, along with continuous recommendations!

Essentially there are two demographically viewed groups on LinkedIn:

1) People who visit the website occasionally who don’t necessarily see the point of logging in everyday and engaging within.

2) People who visit LinkedIn every single day as it allows them to network with people from all over the world with ease, and thus gain much higher visibility to their own profile.

LinkedIn Profile Views


The fact that other social platforms have become so highly regarded by professional online marketer’s, tends to shift us away from focusing on other potential mediums such as LinkedIn that may very well be just as much of an advantage to us within the online marketing world.

How To Use LinkedIn

Thus, to break down these two groups even further, you’ll notice a specific LinkedIn trend among these users:

1) People who only see and utilize LinkedIn as an advantage for professional careers, and thus, unlike Facebook, not utilizing it as a unique platform resulting from a lack of simplistic social fun and interaction.

2) Professionals who are on LinkedIn everyday, as a unique way to network with more and more people globally, and for a multitude of reasons, not limited only to online marketing; CEO’s of big companies, sole entrepreneurs, freelancers, and many more looking to network and discuss new questions and ideas.

Hence, LinkedIn should not go unnoticed when utilizing social marketing techniques because if used correctly you may notice a trend similar to this:

How To Use LinkedIn For Online Marketing

So as you can see, the more I connect with people, the more messages I send out simply by greeting people, and saying hello, the more views my very own LinkedIn Profile gets on a very daily basis.

Thus, when that happens, here is where the biggest advantage may come in for you: As you can see below, there shows a link to my website! So the more people I can connect with, the more people I will get visiting my website, and even better, more likely to attain professional visitations.

LinkedIn Marketing Tool

Next, I’d like to show you some really amazing LinkedIn techniques and steps to really help leverage your LinkedIn Profile to an all-time high:

  1. LinkedIn Adding Website To ProfileUpdating Your LinkedIn Statuses Daily: Essentially by doing so it’s as if you are hitting three birds with one stone. First it shows that your an active daily member. Second it will allow you to include your own links to content that is related to your website. Third it will allow people to better engage with you and take action!
  2. Sharing Your LinkedIn Blog Posts: LinkedIn essentially is able to effectively syndicate any of your blog posts right to your LinkedIn Profile for your followers to view, and hence, increasing overall views and visits.
  3. Integration of Twitter with LinkedIn: This is very powerful, as every time you update a LinkedIn status, you are simultaneously given the option to also post your LinkedIn status, to Twitter, thus allowing you to include a link back to your website.
  4. Training Sessions, Webinars, and Events: Are you hosting any three of these? Well, if so, you are in luck, because by utilizing LinkedIn, you can generate some very powerful interest, and thus, allow you to increase viewership of any one of these. This goes to say, follow my recommendation, of login
    g into LinkedIn, at-least once a day! You will make more connections, more friends, more followers, and ultimately more viewership to your profile than you may ever have.
  5. LinkedIn Plus Amazon: Bet this one is a new one for you. You can simply and essentially link your with Amazon’s Reading Lists, which essentially gives you the opportunity to showcase, any current books you are reading. This can be particularly beneficial to people promoting an online marketing niche, involving any sort of books!
  6. LinkedIn Polls Research Tool: Why not try and gain some data utilizing LinkedIn Polls by your followers while you can? Use it to even leverage your own website and marketing. Ask for some recommendations, and this will likely intrigue visitors to at-least open up your website and browse around.
  7. Create Your Own LinkedIn Huddle Workspace! A simple and yet powerful tool that can allow you to create a very digitalized environment to help worth with other LinkedIn members.

Hence utilizing these top 7 LinkedIn techniques can come to prove very powerful overtime. If you would like to connect with me and know more, I would very much recommend it!

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