ACN Inc., Is It Really An IBO Scam? My Full In-depth Review.

By | January 13, 2015

Product: American Communications Network (ACN Inc.)
Greg Provenzano
Robert Stevanovski
Tony Cupisz
Mike Cupisz
Type: MLM/ IBO (Independent Business Owner)
Price: $499 Including Many Upsells.
Rank: Scam!

What Is ACN Inc.?

ACN Inc., an older abbreviation for The American Communications Network is a Multilevel Marketing Company, operating since 1993 as a simple reseller of long distance communication services, in the United States. However, since the dawn and inevitable growth of internet home-based opportunities, the company has:

– Changed its name American Communications Network to ACN Inc.
– And has now gone global.

Nevertheless, this is now a company that offers an international telecommunication system servicing opportunity as their primary offered product and service, while simultanously taking advantage of the un-shocking corporate MLM method approach with a more incentivized, but with a much more competitive online earning opportunity.

This following ACN Inc. review will therefore, go over in-depth what the company has to offer in regards to its products & services, the ACN compensation plan and how it works, followed by the overall legitimacy of ACN.

How Does ACN Inc. Work?

As stated the ACN company utilizes an MLM online marketing approach.

By doing so, they offer a potential earning opportunity to people whose interests become geared towards the specific products and services they have to offer on-top of the potential “lucrative” compensation structure.

ACN therefore, is a company that like many other, work through its own network of Independent Business Owner’s.

These are who you would call the company’s “Distributors” or “Representatives,” and is a company that will easily accept and allow anyone willing, to get involved.

In-fact, I’m sure ACN would greatly insist on you joining. The more members ACN has, the greater the likelihood more people will be recruited from each new enjoined member, resulting in an increase in sales, profit, and income.

How Much It Costs To Become An ACN IBO Member?

Joining ACN’s opportunity is in no way cheap or even comparable in regards to most other IBO opportunities based online.

In-fact this may happen to be one of the most online expensive distributing opportunities I’ve yet to come across, primarily as a result of its ongoing use of upsells..

ACN Membership Costs:

Team Trainer Fee: $499

With an Additional: $149 Annual Renewel Fee

ACN Business Assistant: $39.99/monthly fee (Optional. Not required)

Weekly Meeting Training Event: $10 Fee (Optional/Not Required)

Additional ACN Training Fee’s: $159 Not Including Additional Travel Expenses. (Optional/Not Required)

How ACN Multi-Level Marketing Works?

Every time a new ACN IBO joins into the company, they are given the opportunity, and incentived approach, to earn what they like to call in todays swing of things in MLM, as a “Passive Income.”

By recruiting, leading, and training your own successful ACN team, you are offered the leveraged ability to continually earn, off of the work of your members, referrals, and recruits – that is better known as your MLM Downline and ACN Team.

What Products and Services Are Offered By ACN?

Given the company title “American Communications Network,” it makes sense that the company would be offering products highly relative to todays technological market, which would include products such as:

– Internet Servicing.

– T.V. & Cable (Including Sattelite TV)

– Digital Phone Service (Local & Long Distance)

– Mobile Wireless Services (Now Including Smartphone Apps.)

– Other Telecommunication Systems.

– ACN Technical Support

In addition to these products, ACN Inc. also offers services relative to:

– Landline Telephones – Ex: VoIP – “Voice over Internet Protocol”

– Energy – Ex: Gas & Electricity Services For Residential/Commercial Properties.

– ACN Security & Automation

How Does An ACN Inc. IBO Benefit Financially?

Say you were to become an Independent Business Owner/Distributor for ACN Inc., one of the major things you likely landed on this review for is to better understand the types of major benefits and advantages you’d be receiving.

Given the fact ACN is fully dependant upon an MLM Downline structure, the opportunity therefore, becomes much less emphasized upon one’s own knowledge and interest in the telecommunication services area, and much more on your “Independent” ability to consistently recruit one member after the other.

Even when that’s done, you must be able to effectively keep in touch with your team daily, and teach them as any sponsor would, how they too can start to recruit members consistently into ACN.

By simply recruiting members into ACN who can’t fulfill the obligitory needs in order for you to reach an increase in annual salary and income, they become useless in a sense, as your “passive income” and earnings now become almost completely dependent upon their working ability.

ACN Commission, Bonus, & Earning Structure:

As a result, ACN’s top-earners and team distributors just so happen to be a result of their ability to drive new readily and willing individuals looking to start their own personal home-based business.

Moreover, in order to really succeed in the business of ACN Inc., your entire income, any potential benefits, bonuses, and additional incentives, ALL are 100% reliant upon your ability to recruit and train… Even if and when you find yourself able to sell such products in the world of retail, the real earning compensation plan comes from the very made sales of your downline.

Is ACN an MLM Scam?

Many seem to lean towards that verdict very quickly, especially its own recruits, and it becomes easy to see why.

However, before jumping to such a claim it’s in my opinion, vital to see what other than a simple failure to earn or have lost money by joining ACN, before jumping to any conclusion.

1) Use of intentionally misleading statements to get new recruits into the company.

This has been proven to be one of the main primary ACN complaints. It is also one I’ve come to fully agree with.

Reason: ACN has no intention on disclosing the type of yearly salary you could be making when joining into this business. Therefore, going in blindfold, while investing so much money into a product is simply ludicrous.

2) Failure in receiving compensation earnings!

That’s huge! If ACN can’t payout some meager earnings to its own IBO’s how can they expect to keep running at full occupation. Consumer complains show and reason that as an ACN IBO, one must be able to maintain a minimum number of personal customer points, otherwise you don’t qualify for any earnings you could have made.

Meaning no commissions on any sales no matter what!

To be more specific, your ACN personal commissions and compensation is dependent upong your “Customer Points,” as shown directly to your right.

Therefore, in order to receive even just a measly 10% off of one direct sale, though they are made monthly, you must have over and above 60+ Customer Points (which, goes back to your ability to consistently “Recruit & Train ACN Members”)

3) On October 10th, 2014, A class action complaint against ACN had been filed in North Carolina.

To summize the reason for this, this was a law suit class action that bears upon ACN’s highly deceived and misleading conception regarding the rates of their products as being non-competitive in price and had no relevancy to any prevailing market conditions. The consequence of this ACN scheme has proven to scam millions of dollars in unnecessary charges made for electricity and gas.

This alone, greatly enforces every reason in the world to not listen nor trust ACN, most-especially as a high-paying IBO member!

Some Proven Actual ACN Income Claims:

– Less than .01% of ACN Independent Business Owners actually end up recovering their initial registration investment.
– USA/Canada: There is no guarantee of success as an ACN IBO and is all dependent upon your individual ability. In Canada, the average ACN active IBO earned no more than $500 in 2010.

My ACN Opportunity Overview:

Given all the illegal accusations involved with ACN, especially by political government and policies, I sincerely advise you avoiding this opportunity at all costs. Their downline and compensation plans alone seem to be very schemish in nature, through the use of a 7+ level compensation plan, but is only able to be maximized by level five, thus scamming any new ACN recruit or IBO out of additional sale compensations.

This is an additional feature I purposely left out of this review as it gets into the very complexities of ACN’s own compensation structure, which I found to be not legitimate whatsoever.

The point is, you and you’re team of referrals and IBO’s are ineffectively limited to both the compensation you are eligible to earn, while also limiting the consumer markets of products and services you can be selling!

This is merely done in order as a tactic to make you pay more and additional amount of application IBO fee’s to ACN – an extremely unfair advantage point from your side of the bargain.


verdict- MLM scam
ACN RANK: 0/100

A Better ACN Inc. Scam Alternative?

Forget ACN, forget Multilevel Marketing, and forget becoming an Independent Business Owner, in which this ACN review has proven to be taking advantage of its very own Rep.’s I personally have been in the situation of feeling as though both myself and chance at an opportunity were both put in jeopardy and taken great advantage of.

It can be frightful knowing that your very own earnings which you work so incredibly hard for, can get snatched from you, such as in the case of ACN’s own income-earning opportunity.

Therefore, I can’t recommend enough checking out My #1 Recommended Opportunity, one that allows you to own, run, and continually earn from your own online business… Not as a seller for some company or some uncared for type of representative, but on the contrary. One that takes care of you from start to finish without all these highly unnecessary upsells and expensive starting costs.

You can get started for free with My #1 Recommendation, one reason why I’ve yet to receive a single complaint, and is why I know the end to your search for a legitimate online opportunity can now come to an end – Think about it! :)

Thanks For Reading.

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