Ad2Prosper Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

By | January 9, 2016

Name: Ad2Prosper

Website: www.ad2prosper.comAd2Prosper Review: Will It Really Help You "Prosper"?

Price: Varies

  • Free: $0
  • Bronze: $15/month
  • Silver: $29/month
  • Gold: $86/month
  • Platinum: $255/month

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Rank: 65/100 – Borderline Legit


What Is It?

I believe that Ad2Prosper provides an O.K. way for its members to begin earning online. It is by no means perfect however, but sure beats a lot of the b.s. marketing programs we see today.

As an Ad2Prosper member, the main thing you’ll be focusing on is building your downline and getting as many referrals into the program as possible. One way Ad2Prosper allows you to do this is by buying your own direct referrals – which, I wouldn’t personally recommend. 

I also found that the program lacks in its training ability to show you how to get your own direct referrals. Instead they use selling its direct referrals as kind of a scapegoat. Nonetheless, they do have a good platform where you can advertise your own offers and a fairly solid compensation plan that allows you to earn 4-levels deep.


Startup Bonus

The first thing that gauged my interest with Ad2Prosper was after logging in to my back-office was the fact I could earn this so-called startup bonus that consisted of:

  1. 1 direct referral
  2. $5.10 prosper balance (only used to buy referrals, upgrade memberships, and play games)
  3. $5 advertiser balance

Ad2Prosper Startup Bonus

I believe however, these bonuses are merely used as an incentive to upgrade your Ad2Prosper membership and to get you into purchasing all the other services within the site. I found that the first direct referral to be a pretty fair incentive.

The $5.10 prosper balance however, wasn’t a big deal to me as it could simply be considered as a discount on your membership while the $5 advertiser balance could become useful and allow you to test out the advertising within the program.

One thing I did not enjoy about the Startup Bonus process was the fact I had to look at 10 advertisements for a total of 6 minutes and the fact that these advertisements could not load properly within my browser.

Ad2Prosper Review

Pricing & Membership

The nice thing about Ad2Prosper is being able to get started for free. Right after I had registered, I had access to all the tools within my back-office and was able to take a deeper look into the program. I would say that the main difference between the free membership option and the other 4 upgraded memberships are the simple fact you get paid down 4-levels.

Plan2Prosper Membership Options

I also like how they actually labeled the Bronze option as the “Best” of the 4, which to me seemed fair and honest and is something you don’t usually see in any online marketing program. On the other hand, it was very misleading to see that these “Plan2Prosper” income goals were a bit over the top.

Additionally, the biggest problem I found with the Bronze membership was the fact you could only earn on members who only upgraded to Bronze. Thus, as a Bronze member you wouldn’t earn on members who upgraded to a higher membership option, which I found a bit unfair.


How To Earn?

Now what I found to be most interesting with Ad2Prosper was the fact it allows you to purchase your own direct referrals. Each direct referral goes for $5 a pop, and as a free member you have a limit of 50 members. I believe it’s these funds that are pooled by Ad2Prosper and used for PPC advertising to get more members into the program.

It’s hard to tell how effective buying your own direct referral for $5 a piece would be and your profit will ultimately come down to your ROI. I personally feel that it is too expensive and that you would be much better off getting your own direct referrals, given that the average conversion rate is most likely around 10% (meaning 1 out of 10 individuals will probably upgrade).



You can also purchase advertising within the AD2P platform, but again I feel it mAd2Prosper Advertisingight not be so effective. It really depends on what you’re promoting. But I always find that the price for the number of views is always so high. You’d be paying anywhere from $8 to $27 for 1,000 views for example.

In addition, I really found that the “social ads,” which gives you Facebook likes to a page or group to be completely irrelevant to the program overall and simply a way for these guys to rake in more money from its members.

When it comes to Ad2Prosper the only real product in play here, is the advertising. There’s really nothing more to that. Nonetheless, Ad2Prosper is definitely growing quickly with almost 100,000 members which may or may not be a positive sign.



  • Pays out commissions in real-time
  • Startup Bonus
  • Ability to advertise & earn
  • Solid back-office


  • No real training
  • Only product is the advertising
  • Not enough support


Ad2Prosper Overview – What I Think..

For a lot of members who are familiar with online marketing, Ad2Prosper can be a decent way to make money. That’s not to say it’ll be easy. Your profit will be determined on how well you can build up your downline. In addition, I found that the ability to purchase your own direct referrals was really not beneficial and is how the program will make most of its money.

Furthermore, the fact there was no real training on how to get get started or where to begin will make it really confusing for the majority of its members. Seeing that advertising was really the only real product at play here made me feel that Ad2Prosper was not the best way to get started in online marketing. I would have rather liked to see a much bigger emphasis on support and other members from the community.

That however, was not the case. Instead, the owners here seemed to only rely on selling direct referrals at a hefty fee of $5 each. Overall, Ad2Prosper is probably not a product I would recommend or want to get involved with myself and just because it’s growing quickly does not mean that this is your best option!

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