AdFiver Review: Why I Wouldn’t Recommend It!

By | January 6, 2016

Name: AdFiverAdfiver PTC rEVIEW


Type: PTC & Advertising

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

Adfiver is one of your basic PTC (or paid to click) website that can pay you for doing a variety of tasks. The majority of these tasks however, consist of you clicking on other peoples advertisements. Despite the consistently low payouts, Adfiver can still come in handy for some individuals.

In addition to these advertisements, you can also earn daily commissions through referring other individuals to the Adfiver network. Adfiver is one of the latest PTC sites to hit the web and is rapidly gaining momentum with new members. Despite being a legitimate service overall, there are still a few issues I have with Adfiver, which I will share with you in a moment.

How Much Is It?

Nevertheless, there is no associated cost with signing up for Adfiver. Anyone can join and get started for free as a starter member. You also have the option to upgrade your Adfiver account to a Platinum or Ultimate member. A Platinum membership
costs $70 a year and is something I only recommend to individuals who’ve reached the 100 minimum direct referral threshold.

AdFiver Membership Upgrades

Besides that, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the starter and upgraded memberships. The only main differences are the number of fixed ads you can view per day (8 as a platinum vs. 4 as a starter), AdGrid chances, and having to wait a bit longer to receive a withdrawal as a starter member. The Ultimate membership is $640 per year and definitely only recommend this option if you are getting lots of referrals to Adfiver everyday. Otherwise, it’s really not worth it.

Rented Referrals

Now here is the problem I have with Adfiver. The simple fact they provide this option to rent referrals really gives me the impulse to want to call them out as a scam.AdFiver Account Overview

Rented referrals have been used by the same old PTC’s for years, such as Neobux or CashNHits, which has no officially closed down. I find it to be nothing more than a way for these PTC websites to unethically raise funds.

One thing I found when renting referrals using Neobux, was the fact that these referrals would always, always go inactive after a certain period of time. It really makes you wonder whether these rented referrals are legit or just bots.

It’s possible that the retention rate is just so low for these PTC’s as a result of the low payouts. Regardless, they shouldn’t implement something that they know every member is going to lose out from simply using.

Direct Referrals

I also really dislike how Adfiver limits your own direct referrals; direct referrals that you work so hard to get! To me it makes it seem like this is a good way to get more people to upgrade their memberships.

Why use Adfiver, when you can so many other legitimate marketing programs out there? You should never be limited on the number of direct referrals.

On the other-hand, the Platinum Membership is only $70 per year, so I guess it isn’t all that bad. But another thing I don’t like here, is the simple fact you have to pay to delete some of your own direct referrals. I’ve never heard of anything like that and is really along the lines of the whole rented referral strategy. What this means is if you’re getting a bunch of direct referrals who aren’t very active, you can pay to delete them to make more room within your direct referral limit.

AdFiver’s PTC Advertisements

In regards to Adfivers PTC ads, I don’t recommend wasting your day clicking on these ads. It’s really not the best use of your time and you are not going to make a whole lot of money clicking on these ads. The most I made from Clixsense (by clicking ads everyday) was $7 in a month.

AdFiver PTC Advertisements

These advertisements are only $.001 (a fraction of a penny) and you would most-definitely benefit more off of focusing on sponsoring direct referrals to AdFiver. Focusing on things like social media followers, building a website, or using other traffic exchanges to get more traffic can all make a big impact on your final earnings.

AdFiver Overview

AdFiver is a legitimate service that can be used to make money online. But the majority of individuals might find it difficult and even tedious to make any substantial earnings. The best way to attack this opportunity is by getting as many direct referrals as possible. Even then however, I believe the retention rate is so high that it can be hard to earn anything decent with AdFiver.

On the other hand, it’s beneficial that these users can sign-up and get started for free allowing you to earn commissions without too much effort. One thing I recommend staying far away from as possible is renting referrals.

Despite telling us we can “multiply our earnings” by renting referrals, I believe it to be nothing more than a lose-lose situation. Also remember that clicking on these PTC ads isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good in the long-run. Only by building up your downline, can you essentially set yourself up for success as an online marketer.

Thanks for checking out my AdFiver. Feel free to leave me any comments or questions below!

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10 thoughts on “AdFiver Review: Why I Wouldn’t Recommend It!

  1. ganesaiyerk

    AdFiver is not a believable site. It is a great scam and fraud site. Please do not trust them. Here is what I experienced when I requested my payout.. Their message was “There are too many requests right now! Please try again within 12 to 24 hours or choose another payment processor.” I tried and am still not able to cash out my payment.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Well that would seal the deal then.. AdFiver is a complete scam that isn’t paying out its members. If you’re reading this, don’t join AdFiver!

      1. Devendra Vikram Singh

        I also faced same problem when i request for payout “There are to many request pending, please try after 12 hours” massage seen.. and my earning cheated by Adfiver. It is completely fraud site.

  2. Sam Salleh

    Hi guys, I joined Adfiver not too long ago. I have not achieved my minimum earnings yet. However reading your comments do make me have doubts with it as well. Based on my experience, to earn the minimum earnings from Adfiver can take quite some time. I have yet to reach the minimum amount.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I agree that earning the minimum withdrawal amount can be a bit hard since it’s a PTC. I think the best way of going about it in this scenario is by achieving as many direct referrals as possible. Then again, from reading the comments below, it seems like AdFiver currently is not paying out some of its members.

  3. Manoj Kumar

    For the last 3 weeks I have tried to cash out my money with adfiver but all it tells me is too many requests. . They offered me a 10% adfiver bonus if I wait two weeks and now that I’ve waited it keeps saying the same thing, too many requests try later. I also tried changing payment processor but the same result. So I transferred my account balance to advertiser balance and made nil by advertising. And now I deiced to leave it completely, and never going to try, bogus site really……… I recommend only three genuine sites –, and

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Wow this is probably my third time hearing this already Manoj. I can’t believe they’re using this 10% adfiver bonus as some kind of incentive to make you wait. That’s no excuse for adfivers inability of paying out its members. Anyway, good idea.. I think your best bet here is to leave the company completely as you’ve said.

  4. Armando Villar

    You are right. For the last 3 weeks I have tried to cash out my money with adfiver but all it tells me is too many requests. . They offered me a 10% adfiver bonus if I wait two weeks and now that I’ve waited it keeps saying the same thing, too many requests try later.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Interesting Armando. Sorry to hear about your trouble with AdFiver. It could honestly be due to the fact that they don’t have enough funds to pay out some of its members just yet. This happens a lot in the PTC world, so I wouldn’t be too surprised. The next best thing you can do is try contacting support and see what they say.


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