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By | October 27, 2015

Name: AdMediaProfitsAdMediaProfits Review
Price: $5 per adpack
Type: Revenue Sharing
Rank: 55/100 – Borderline Legit

What Is It?

AdMediaProfits is one of the latest revenue sharing products to hit the web and is actually very similar to the more popular RevAdBurst. Both of these products have attractive looking homepages with its own incorporated rotated ad structure in the front.

However, despite its attempt to sell us advertising, its main service is actually profit sharing. This is one of the more popular methods individuals now try to use to make money online. While it can work for some, it inevitably holds many risks that most of these types of products fail to inform us of.

Nonetheless, there are a few features I like that helps make AdMediaProfits stand out a bit from the rest of the revenue sharing crowd.

How Much Is It?

The price is really all determined by your choice of investment into its adpacks. These adpacks in-turn gain revenue according to its listed interest rate for the day and expire at a 158% ROI. Each one goes for $5 and in-turn gets you 2,500 banner credits, 50 website credits, and 25 login ad credits.

Ironically enough, its advertising service really isn’t all that effective. Basically each banner credit means that your advertisement is viewed once every time your ad is seen with the 20 other advertisements right on the homepage. In addition, it’s the same members who are going to see your ad and the chances of them clicking on yours versus the other 20 listed on the homepage is very slim. Everyone is really there to earn money on their adpacks.

On the other hand, they do require you to view 5 ads per day in order to qualify for that days earnings. Thus, helping make their advertising service a bit more legitimate.

How It Works?

The main service here is nothing more than the selling of $5 adpacks to members, which in-turn earns you a 158% return on investment. The only reason for its small advertising service is because it makes this method of earning income on your adpacks legitimate. The amount of payouts during the day is all dependent upon how many new members have joined and the numbers of new deposits being made on that day. That is why you’ll see its current interest rate constantly fluctuating from time to time.

Now the problem with this kind of earning is that everybody is trying to earn from each other. Hence, the name “revenue sharing,” and because of this profits really only come from one source, which is the new members coming in. Their deposits are then cycled over to the older members who have remaining adpacks. This continuously occurs until the adpacks expire and so on. But as we know, money doesn’t grow on trees. Therefore, there is so much risk involved with these types of programs!

Despite telling us that yes, we can earn money every passing second, we can also lose our entire investment. If the company begins to lose leverage and all of a sudden they can’t find new members to join the program, then there won’t be any profit to be made. In addition, even if deposits slow down a tad, so will your earnings. This is why you’ll see on their FAQ page that there is no guaranteed timeframe from when you’ll earn back that 158% return.

For the most part however, that’s not to say many revenue sharing programs don’t do well in the beginning because many do. But others collapse immediately. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but many of these programs end up closing their doors only after a month or two, only to re-open under a new name and brand and is the reason why so many are always in “pre-launch” mode. The reason for this pre-launch is in order for the company to gain as many members as possible before opening up their doors. Thus, having more money to payout its members in hopes to sustain longer.

The reality is it doesn’t matter if they tell you that you can earn every passing second. What you really need to know is how small or large these earnings are. I still have active adpacks made almost two years ago that are still accumulating only 5 cents a day on the dollar. Prior to that however, the company did amazingly well in its first few months, but now is what I find to be a waste of my time and investment.


– Opportunity to earn some income online.
– Can take a large investment to earn anything worthwhile.
– Ability to advertise to other members.
– 25% repurchase rule.
– Shows you current interest rate for the day.


– Very risky.
– PayPal not accepted.
– Earnings can fluctuate.
– Earnings are not guaranteed.

AdMediaProfits Overview

I would say that my favorite aspect of this program is honestly the fact it shows you the current interest rate for the day. There is nothing more important when it comes to revenue sharing than for the program to show you that it has your best interest at heart and that they are trustworthy. Not only that, but its highly beneficial for you to see the volatility in the interest rate as time moves forward. Everyone is there for the same reason and that is to earn profits on their adpacks.

But on the other hand, as we’ve stated the earnings aren’t guaranteed. Although that’s not to say you won’t get paid, there will always be some involved risk with AdMediaProfits. It’s a good thing though that they clearly state this within its FAQ section; something that most revenue sharing programs don’t even make you aware of. All in all, I could even go on to say that the owners of this product seem to be a bit more trustworthy and transparent.

I also like how cheap the adpacks are and that there is only one standard one for you to buy. It might not only make your decision simpler,, but will allow you to give the program a test-run to see what the earnings are like and how fast the payouts are. Just remember, to never go all in with these kinds of programs or to spend more than you can risk losing.

Hope you enjoyed this AdMediaProfits Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, I’ll be more than happy to answer you below!

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