AdPackz Profit-Sharing Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | April 1, 2015

Name: AdPackz

Website: www.adpackz.comAdPackz Scam Review 2015

Type: HYIP/Revenue Sharing

Price: Varies With AdPack Plans

Rank: 25/100

What Is AdPackz? is a website and online marketing program developed back on October 12th, 2014. The website is dedicated to helping people make money online by the heavily growing popular, revenue sharing model. The website further consist of 4 different AdPack plans, which I will be sharing with you momentarily.

The primary reason for this review however, is to give you an insight on how revenue sharing actually works, and the actual sustainability for consumers when using this model. Although, many people have been able to maintain a nice income with products like AdPackz, others will also come to witness the growing and involved risk when it comes to using products like AdPackz.

I will therefore, give you my personal take on this product, and whether or not this is a trustworthy and legitimate way to be making an online income.

Prices Of AdPacks

First I’d like to briefly cover the various costs and prices associated with potential membership fee’s and service prices involved. Like many profit-sharing programs, there isn’t a set price, or return on investment for that matter, when going ahead to purchase your first few ad packs.

For example, AdPackz offers a variety of packages:

Package #1: $10 Share – $12.50 Maturity = $2.50 Profit

Package #2: $15 Share – $18.50 Maturity = $3.50 Profit

Package #3: $20 Share – $25 Maturity = $5 Profit

Package #4: $30 Share – $37.50 Maturity = $7.50 Profit

Mini AdPackz:

Mini Package #1: $1 AdPack – Matures @ $1.25 = $ .25 Profit

Mini Package #2: $5 AdPack – Matures @ $6.25 = $1.25 Profit

This concludes the various AdPackz products and their resulting ROI’s. As you can see, each one matures at a 125% profit, meaning you gain an additional 25% in profit for each purchased ad pack.

AdPackz Disadvantages

Now the downside to this, is earnings are:

#1. Highly Volatile – Thus, no earnings are guaranteed, and though the Return on Investment is set at a fix rate, your daily earnings and profit are not. Therefore, if one day you’re earning say .10 cents on the dollar, another day you could be earning only .01 cents.

Because of this earnings fluctuate daily, depending on how many new ad packs have been sold.

#2. Legality – Because the main product in AdPackz is not the revenue sharing itself, but rather, the sales made in regards to advertising services, you just never know when AdPackz cannot afford to keep paying out earnings. Thus, AdPacks is a highly risky venture, and borderline Ponzi-Scheme!

Meaning, your earnings are really essentially being made and paid by, its newest paying members.

#3. More AdPackz = More Income Potential – Furthermore, obviously the more ad packs you purchase, the higher your income potential becomes. You can’t simply decide to purchase a $1 adpack to begin making a full-time income. Instead the end-result, as long as AdPackz is operational, will result in just 25 cents. Thus, the more money you can decide to spend, the bigger your income potential, and also the bigger the inherent risk that is involved.

As the AdPackz website already claims: “You will earn a different amount, every 30 minutes, depending on our sales.”

So just imagine now AdPackz suddenly stops making sales for any reason, and you just made a decision to invest $300. Well, you can simply say goodbye to that money!

And don’t believe, this can’t or won’t happen, because it has to me several times when trying out new products, and can be a very shocking occurrence after finding yourself earning money on a consistent basis.

AdPackz Products

In regards to products and services, AdPackz offers a wide variety of potential advertising solutions. The real reason for this, is for legal purposes. Otherwise, without a product, and/or a service, they would be considered to be a complete illegal scheme.

Therefore, AdPackz really uses its profit-sharing service as an extra potential benefit to members, despite their intent. This means AdPackz could legally take your money and at a moments notice, shut-down. Obviously, the longer they are able to operate, the better for them, because the more sales they’ll be able to make.

Nonetheless, here are the products and advertising services, which are being offered by AdPackz:

#1 – Business Directory Listing.

AdPackz Scam Review#2 – Login Ads.

#3 – Solo Ads.

#4 – Banner Ads.

#5 – Text Ads.

#6 – P.T.C Ads

#7 – PPC Banners

AdPackz Overview

To conclude this review, AdPackz can be considered to be a borderline scam. Many products like AdPackz have come and go, without any notice, resulting in thousands of lost dollars. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to trust the creators and owners of these products, as we don’t know their true intentions.

Even so, regular earnings are really out of their hands, as they highly depend on the number of new daily sales. If AdPackz is unable to continue these active sales, they could go out of business easily. Therefore, becoming an AdPackz member is not something I would recommend to anybody, especially as a way to begin earning a full-time online income.

Eventually luck runs out!

But, if you can work hard and put in some effort into your own online marketing creation, you can surely increase this luck to ever new heights, making sure nothing can put a stop to you making your own online income.

To learn more, read My #1 Recommendation!

Anyway, thanks for reading this AdPackz Scam Review, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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