AdPaying Is Just An Ordinary Rev Share

By | October 19, 2015

Name: AdPayingAdPaying Review - Just An Ordinary Rev Share


Price: $10 adpacks

Rank: 37/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

AdPaying is really nothing new or special and in-fact almost seems like a clone to the other more popular HYIP’s like My Advertising Pay’s and My Paying Ads. But nonetheless, they’re really all the same and the way they work is no different from each other.

My only main concern here is the blandness of the website and huge lack of information. I was surprised to find out that there’s wasn’t even a “How It Works?” page. The only bit of information can only really be found on it’s FAQ page, but even that alone leaves us questioning the true sustainability & trustworthiness of this program.

How Much Is It?

From the very small amount of information on the website, we can see that the program keeps this one simple by offering only one $10 adpack. I actually kind of like that as its refreshing to see an HYIP that abstains from the use of outrageously priced $1,000 adpacks. One very big problem I have with this however, is its return on investment.

Did you see that they’re offering 160% in a “few days”? Wow. Well let me tell you that the last time I saw a program offer 160% ROI turned out to be a huge scam that is actually still operating. So please, be careful with this one.

I think 160% is not only too good to be true, but could be the cause of its downfall. But, I guess we’ll see. The last problem I have is the fact they just tell you yeah you’ll get your money in a few days and that doesn’t make me very confident. Either leave it out, or tell us exactly when we’ll be getting back our investment.

How It Works?

So imagine that for every $10 deposit you make, you get $16 back in return. How outstanding is that? Too good to be true in my opinion, and while it may work for a month or two, I can already predict that this program is in no way going to last. It’s just not possible and the reason for that is simple.

In order for the company to continually pay out members it needs one thing. That thing is growth and is the one dilemma every HYIP today faces. The company also lacks any additional products and/or services and is only offering one thing, which is the opportunity to earn by purchasing adpacks.

Meaning, that because these $10 adpacks are the only thing they are selling, it’s going to be very, very hard for the company to pay out $16 for every one. You really have to question, where is the profit coming from?

The answer to that is simple, as it’s all coming from the newest members who are coming in and the newest deposits being made that are cycled from the newer members down to the oldest. Thus, without constant growth and thousands of members coming in each and every month, it will be impossible for them to sustain.

The next issue is how volatile the earnings become. So even if the program does somewhat successfully grow, because its return on investment is SO high, earnings could slow down immensely. Hence, the reason why they tell you you’ll earn back your investment in a “few days.” That few days could too easily turn into weeks, month, and even years.


  • Keeps it simple.
  • Opportunity to earn.


  • Lacks information.
  • Lacks trust.
  • ROI is too high.
  • Risky endeavor.
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal.

AdPaying Overview – Scam Or Legit?

I’m finding it very hard to trust AdPaying as a proper online earning opportunity. There is probably a total of 5 sentences actually written on the homepage and just one simple “contact us” button down below. I genuinely don’t believe this program was developed to last and  has only opened its doors for some quick short-term profit. Not to mention the fact they don’t accept PayPal is likely a deal breaker for most, not allowing you to make any disputes if you happen to lose your investment.

While it’s nice to keep thing simple once in a while, it’s important that company helps better reassure that they have our true interest at heart. Trusting HYIP’s is a very tricky thing these days. Either the company could up and leave with your money, or they’re unable to pay out due to slowness in growth. I think that the chances of one of these happening is a whole lot great than it sustaining over the long-term.

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6 thoughts on “AdPaying Is Just An Ordinary Rev Share

  1. Muhammad Arif

    Adpaying is 100% scam site. I ordered withdraw request 26.11.2015. It shows they have paid my cash in recent payment and payment history but they have not send any cash to my perfectmoney account. it is fully fake / scam site. So no body should waste his money/time in

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the update on AdPaying. The last time I checked the site, it looks like they’re still operating yet are not paying out any withdrawals. Looks like they’re just trying to scam whoever. Stay far away from this company everyone!

  2. Hamdi

    Adpaying is 100% scam. dont wait for your payment because they`ll not pay anything.

  3. Mungurul Alam

    Adpaying is 100% scam cite. I ordered withdraw request 04.11.2015. It shows they have paid my cash in recent payment and payment history but it is fully fake that they have not send any cash to my payza. It is hundred percent scam cite. So no body should waste time in adpayings.

  4. mjfhrs

    do not invest this website. totly fake. payment not received from last 5 days, SCAM


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry to hear it man. That’s really unfortunate. A lot of times payments can get delayed with revenue sharing programs. See if you can contact support or if there’s any information they’ve listed on their site about pending payments. Then again, they literally have no information on there.. Thought something fishy was going on. Anyway, thanks for the update and for helping the many people who’ll be coming across this review!


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