Advertise To Millions Review – Does It Work?

By | September 1, 2015

Name: Advertise To Review - How Legit Is It?


Price: $149 to $299

Rank: 35/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is It?

Advertise To Millions is an interesting approach to helping online marketers get their message reached out to thousands of individuals. While they have been on online and operating since 1997, I’m not so sure just how effective their system is.

On the other hand, their customer service and support seems to be reliable and they do tend to give you some value for your money. The only real issue here is some misleading information found on the site and the sky high pricing!

How Much Is It?

Pricing on Advertise To Millions vary but they start with the Silver Package at $149. They claim this package to consist of 1/3 of their entire reader database of 157,000 readers. Review - How Legit Is It?

Next is the Gold Package at $199 reaching 300,000 readers, or in other words half their database. Lastly is the Diamond Package priced at $299, which they claim to be their best deal. It apparently reaches over 500,000 readers along with some other few added bonuses including your own “affiliate ad center.”

How It Works?

The way Advertise To Millions works is very simple. But there are some questions to its effectiveness. For example, depending on your niche who knows the number of people who will respond to your ad. Nonetheless, you’re probably wondering how this all works. Good questions to ask are whether or not these numbers are actually real and whether the company really has half a million readers under their belt?

To answer your question, no one really knows. While the fact that they’ve been in operation since 1997 does help to assure the fact (somewhat), there’s still the question of how many of these readers are really still opening up these e-mails and how responsive are they?

Then there’s the question that even though they do provide services to all these other niches, why are they using the same website it provides its service to also build up their e-mail list?

It can actually be a bit difficult to notice this at first, but if you scroll down the page it makes sense to see why there’s so much information mixed up in there. What stood out to me more than anything was the “Free Report Money Machine.” It kind of just blends in there as though it’s apart of some offer, when really it’s to grow the same list they’ll be sending out your e-mails to! Review - How Legit Is It?

Now lets get to the price. We know that all your advertising is sent by solo ads through their own mailing list and while the numbers of readers are high, so is the price just for being sent on a one-time basis. Especially seeing how these same readers are being sent offers on a repetitive base. Many, in my opinion, are people who have just joined the service or are willing to try it out and resultantly enter in their e-mail information for this “Free Money Report.” I highly doubt individuals are staying for years on end just to see what others are promoting!

Now in regards to the value offered by Advertise To Millions, I would say that the best thing they do offer are the actual free sales copy. I found that to be very cool and is something I don’t usually get to see around online. These sample ads for your offer can be used now and in the future and can be an effective way of building up a list.

But.. whether this small addition is worth the hefty price tag is up to you to decide.

Something that really made me weary is their approach to allowing you to re-sell their advertising. There are times when I have actually seen products offer a cost in order to let you promote their product. Something I find to be bad practice.. They claim that for a charge of a $98 fee that they’ll give you this “affiliate site.” This is probably some of the most misleading information on the site as they are not really giving you anything. All it is, is the same site with your affiliate ID attached so that when a referral of yours makes an order you can make a commission. It’s also odd to me how ordering this package gives you a $100 discount on all future sales.

advertise to millions scam review

Advertise To Millions Overview

My opinion with Advertise To Millions is that they seem to overhype and mislead you with the information. They claim they have thousands of readers in all these different niches just waiting for your advertise to be seen. When really, one could easily argue that though the readers are real, they are really in-fact coming from that same page itself. That same page where you enter in your opt-in for the free report. So it’s very hard to say how responsive a list like this will really be. Especially if you’re in a niche like weight loss or the like.

Also while I found the advertising copy to be a nice bonus, I found the price to be too high. If you’re really into solo advertising, you can find better deals through services where online marketers will allow you to send a message to their list. Even better than that, I find buying traffic to be a waste of money, especially if making money is the goal. Why not just work to get your own free traffic and keep building it up? I find it to be much more rewarding and cost effective. Read more on my review here!

Many thanks for reading this Advertise To Millions scam review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns feel free to leave them below.

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  1. Jorge C

    Hello Peter, I enjoyed your review on advertise to millions and congrats on your UCONN graduation.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey thanks Jorge and am glad you enjoyed my Advertise To Millions review. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help :)


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