Advocare Review: Who’s Fault is it that 99% in MLM Fail?

By | November 25, 2014
Product: Advocare Review
Owner: Charles Ragus
Website:advocare com
Overall Rank: Scam.


Advocare MLM Review – What Is Advocare?

Advocare founded in 1993 by Charles E. Ragus is a weight-loss company that sells a variety of health products by providing an MLM-based opportunity to its users. After the company was first founded by Charles, only 250 people were employed during that time. Since then however, the number of individual distributors have risen from 250 to an astounding 60,000 AdvoCare representatives!

(all-thanks to the popular rise in constant MLM scams and opportunities).

Advocare Scam Review


What Does AdvoCare Sell In Terms of Products?

AdvoCare products are highly various in nature, yet surround the similar subject of course, which is “well-being, nutrition, weight-loss, & health.”

Just about anything related to nutrition, weight-loss, muscle strength, you name it, they most-likely have something to offer within their catalog. AdvoCare nonetheless, is a product not very different than HerbaLife and Isagenix. The same old companies offering you grand luxurious vacations, instructional packets, and a whole bunch of products, you have just about absolutely no idea what to do with!

Trust me, I understand completely. I, myself once had been there, but only for a moment. I soon realized that these companies are in it for their own profit, whether it be to better help the people at the top achieve the status of being multi-millionaires, or billionaires, the purpose remains the same – Utilizing the masses, the greater good, as disposables for their own immense profit!

Greedy..? You bet!

Advocare Legit?

And that’s one of the greatest lessons and things I have personally been able to take out of Multi-Level-Marketing as a whole, whether it be some health related product trying to prove themselves worthy by offering you this grand opportunity, or some everyday schemish online opportunity, I have found myself gratefully stuck at the furthest distance possible.

Specialty AdvoCare Products Catalog Include:

 Advocare Scam Review

1) Advocare Trim.

2) Advocare Well.

3) Advocare Performance Elite.

4) Advocare 24-day Challenge.


Simply-stated these are the types of products your everyday average corporation produces in order to better brand itself. This is nothing more than your average everyday means in working as a win-win for both the corporate structure and its buyers.

By offering something essentially unique, advocare is able to really leverage its brand, inevitably resulting in more attention, more sales, and more recruits!


AdvoCare MLM Opportunity РIs AdvoCare Legit?

Why would anybody want to work for a company, where consumer complaints tend to be inherently endless, concerning the products? If you take a look at amazon, you’ll notice there’s essentially two sides to the ratings – Many 5 stars and even more 1 stars, but not so many in the middle. Why is that?

Well take into consideration when reading these reviews that a lot of, if not most, of your 5-star ratings have been written by the company itself to help better the balance of the scale. As for the many 1-star reviews, those are the one’s you should really be looking into. Back to the question at hand however.. Why join yourself in an opportunity where the products not only have been speculated time and time again, but where the opportunity is to say quite boldly, useless?

It’s fairly easy to conclude that it’s all a mere result of the companies use of MLM “policies” in its opportunity earning structure; one that essentially offers the sounds of an “American Dream,” that’s truly too good to be true. Essentially, MLM is possibly one of the hardest, most rigorous businesses you can get into. It’s really only the people who have decades of experience and the right knowledge on how to sell products and recruit with ease that make it.

Advocare Scam Review

As for the rest, the complete lack of mentorship and the right knowledge leaves them nowhere in terms of making even their first penny. Hence, as you may have seen to the right, my sidebar includes a free website. That’s been implemented for a purpose! Because of the fact 99% of online entrepreneurs start out in the wrong business of MLM rather than good old simple affiliate marketing, so much failure has surrounded the online marketing industry when it comes to earning a substantial full-time income!

AdvoCare MLM Mentorship & Guidance VS. Affiliate Marketing

However, that can’t and should not be said for affiliate marketing. Especially when you have all the right and necessary resources, mentorship, guidance, and tools, your sole ability to reach the sky and beyond becomes inherently.. Limitless! Thus, despite my somewhat biased take on multi-level marketing, it’s becoming an ever increasing and greater purpose for me to help spread the correct knowledge. For those who do have a bit of experience in the MLM industry, you already know how tough it can be. Yet, I bet you’ve taken a good amount of experience and knowledge at the same time. However, when it comes to the ending result, it’s just a means to an end. All you’ve really taken is some knowledge about a pretty lousy opportunity.

If you suddenly find yourself having an interest in the 1% who truly make a full-time living online, I’m glad. As I have a proposal for you. One in which I believe you will like, for both those who would like to stick around in MLM and/or for those who just want OUT! I understand completely. Thing is, my proposal can help immensely and in a wide number of ways. This is a once in a lifetime offer giving you a free chance to take a stab at affiliate marketing.

The Best Alternative Course Of Action!

In order to set yourself up as a true affiliate marketer, you need a website. This in-turn will become your very own business, in which you can use to talk to your traffic in anyway you want, just as I am doing with you. You can ultimately divert their attention, but only do it ethically and for good purpose.

The lesson to take here is, always take these opportunities with a grain of salt and don’t listen to everything you hear to be real.. Atleast not without some proof. My proposal on the other hand offers not just proof, but in a better sense your own free training and website to begin your new venture right away. Put aside AdvoCare, just for a moment. I mean how much are you making from them anyway??

Once you have your website in place and visitors on a consistent and daily basis, then if you truly desire, place Advocate in your basket of eggs! But like they always say, it never hurts to have more than just one reliable source of income. You never truly do know when something may never work out…


My Overall Verdict & Rating on Advocare!

Verdict = Scam

verdict- scam

Rating = 42/100

My Proposition

The Better Alternative:

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