AdzBazar Review And My Experience With PTC’s

By | November 16, 2016

Name: AdzBazarAdzBazar Scam Review


Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Price: Free To Join

Rank: 65/100 – Not Recommended


Brief Overview Of AdzBazar And Similar PTC’s

To start off, AdzBazar is a paid to click site that allows you to earn a small portion of money for viewing advertisements on their site. These advertisement are created by people like you and I who are looking for a place to promote an offer or a site. Thus, the use of AdzBazar is two-fold. You can either use it to advertise, view advertisements, or do both. When all is said and done, there are a large number of PTC’s out there, all of which usually fail to meet user expectations.

In general, you can expect to get paid in the tune of $.0001 to $.01 per viewed advertisement. This very small amount can sometimes be increased by upgrading your membership and/or obtaining referrals to the site and build a downline in the process. This still tends to equate to fairly small earnings however. While it is possible to make a few bucks here and there, I wouldn’t place high expectations on the site.


Ways To Earn With AdzBazar

When it comes to earning with PTC’s, there are usually a number of ways in which you can do so. But each one of these methods tends to always results in very minimal earnings, regardless of the PTC you use. Out of every paid to click I’ve come across, I would say that Clixsense is by far the most reputable and trustworthy in that regard.

Unlike other PTC’s who tend to come and go year after year, Clixsense has been around since 2007 and tend to pay out a bit more for your referral efforts. While I still don’t recommend using either, let’s quickly go over what it is that AdzBazar offers.

#1. Fixed Advertisements – As I mentioned previously, this method requires that you view advertisements in return for pennies on the dollar; sometimes even fractions of that. The majority of the ads on AdzBazar offers earning in the range of $.0005 to $.001. You’ll also see advertisements worth $.01, but these tend to appear far less.


AdzBazar PTC's

#2. Bazar Grid – The AdzBazar Grid is a neat little game where you randomly choose to click on the picture. If you click on a correct spot, you can earn some money. These earnings tend to range from $.001 to $5. Just keep in mind that it’s very hard to actually win $5. Consider yourself lucky if you do.

#3. Advertising – Another fairly popular method of earning on a site like AdzBazar is by promoting your own advertisements instead. Let’s say for example, you’re an affiliate for another company. Well you can pay money to promote your offer on the site.

The biggest problem I see with this is that conversions tend to be low and just because you spend $5 or $10 on advertising doesn’t mean you’ll get any sign-ups. But it really all comes down to what you’re offering. You can advertise using the Bazar Grid starting at $3 or promote your offer via a banner spot. The last way is by purchasing a fixed advertisement.

Last but not least, Adz Bazar has a forum you can use to find the latest up to date information on the site. I always find this to be helpful, just in case you need some extra support or you need to find out if something is going wrong with the site. The forum contains the various rules you need to follow as a member, various achievements, guides and tutorials, as well as promotions and contests going on with the site.


AdzBazar Reviewed

My experience with PTC’s have never been that great. If I were to describe it in a couple words, it would be time waster. No matter which one you join, you’ll always come across the same potential issues:

  • Not getting paid on time.
  • Possibility of site closing down.
  • Very low earnings.
  • Money being wasted on upgrades & memberships.

My experience with PTC’s have never truly translated even close to a decent amount of income, and I can easily see that being the case for most individuals. While the overall idea isn’t that bad, the low earnings of having to click on ads for hours a day just isn’t worth it. Neither is it worth taking the time to get referrals to the site. Many of these sites tend to perform poorly after some time. Trust me on this and do your best to avoid paid to click sites.

Thanks for checking out this Adz Bazar scam review. Have any questions? Just leave them below!

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