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By | December 29, 2016

Product: AdzSevenAdzSeven Review


Type: PTC – Paid to Click

Price: Free with Upgrade Options

Ranking: 65/100 – Not Recommended


AdzSeven PTC Introduction

With AdzSeven’s beautiful layout and design, you might wonder whether this PTC and method of earning truly works. In this review, we’ll covering everything you need to know with AdzSeven and the business/work-at-home opportunity that it offers.

This is a site where advertisers and members across the world, join each other in trying to make ends meet. But there are issues with AdzSeven and I think this becomes much more apparent, the more time you spend on the site. Low earnings for example, is only one of many indications that this is a somewhat flawed earning opportunity. As far as PTC’s go, I would say that AdzSeven is better than most.

This is due to an easily accessible contact and support team, an accessible forum to discuss issues with other members, and a variety of payment processors you can use to cash out earnings. Unlike the majority of today’s PTCs, AdzSeven allows you to cash out via PayPal.

Other processors include Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money. It’s therefore, understandable why AdzSeven boasts over 100,000 active members. This doesn’t change the fact that AdzSeven is still a paid to click site whose earning opportunity is completely held back by low earnings.


Ways to Earn

With 6 different ways to earn, AdzSeven offers most of what you’ll find in your typical PTC.

#1. Viewing Advertisements – The most popular method of these is viewing advertisements on the PTC wall. Advertise promote their offers and members click on these ads in exchange for earnings. Earnings here are very small and can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Fixed Ads: Earnings of $.001 per click.
  • Standard Ads: Earnings of $.01 per click.
  • Premium Ads: Earnings of $.01 per click.
  • Mini Ads: Earnings of $.001 per click.
  • Adz 7Ads: Earnings of $.001 per click.
  • Micro Ads: Earnings of $.0005 per click.

Believe it or not, but earnings here at AdzSeven are considerably better than most PTC’s out there. I still don’t think clicking on these ads however, are a viable method of earning a good source of income. As you’ll find, this also takes up a lot of time and patience to go through each ad everyday, and accumulating earnings is very hard.

#2. KiwiWall – Another earning opportunity we see being used in all kinds of PTCs today that involves taking surveys and downloading apps. In exchange, you are rewarded with what is called Kiwi A7Coins. 2,000 of these coins are equivalent to $1.00 on AdzSeven.

#3. MinuteStaff – These included completing tasks in exchange for very small earnings of $.00075. I definitely don’t see a point in doing this. Exactly how many of these would you need to do just to earn $.01?

#4. Persona Wall – More tasks, offers, and surveys to complete. These reward you in A7Coins as in the KiwiWall and can be exchanged for money as well.

#5. PTCWall – Filled with more sponsored ads you can click on and view for earnings. Earnings typically range from $.00025 to $.00075.

#6. ClixWall – 7 second PTC ads you can view in exchange for $.0001.


Direct & Rented Referral System

As you can tell, PTC’s are by no means a big earner. It’s very concerning to see the sheer number of members sites like these can attract even with such a small earning opportunity. While there are other ways to increase these earnings like obtaining direct referrals to the site, this method still requires plenty of time and effort. More importantly, is the inclusion of a rented referral system, which I find to be a scam in itself.

Nobody, in my opinion, should be renting any referrals on any PTC system, as the majority of these referrals tend to go inactive after some time. No matter the type of strategy you use, you’re almost guaranteed a loss in earnings. Even if you do profit a little, it won’t be very sustainable and you’ll find that the time and effort it takes just knowing when to recycle those RR’s or dump them can be very inconvenient. I’ve never understood why people bother with rented referrals and believe it’s nothing more than a ploy by many of these PTC’s.



The biggest PTC benefit is perhaps the advertising itself, which is offered at extremely low rates and is what fuels a site like AdzSeven to grow. It’s because of the low advertising cost that members earn so little off each advertisement. If there was any decent enough reason to use any PTC, hopefully it’s because you’ve found success advertising various offers and promotions.

Even in that case, I’ve always found that even though one could manage getting 1,000’s of clicks per day, it would still result in very low conversions. This is most definitely due to the fact that the site is filled with so many different ads already and the fact that people are simply there to “click and earn.”


Nevertheless, here are the advertising rates on AdzSeven:

Paid To Click Ads – Starting at $1.25 for 1000 credits.

Fixed PTC Ads – Starting at $.90 for 10 seconds.

Login Ads – Starting at $.50 for 1 day.

Banner Ads – Starting at $.30 for 25,000 credits.

Advertising rates on AdzSeven are excellent in comparison to most other paid to click sites and are very competitive. These very low prices can be a good way to test out the waters and see if an offer of yours is working on the site and bringing in direct referrals, as well as a good ROI.


AdzSeven PTC Overview

Even though AdzSeven is honestly better than most PTC’s out there, it still isn’t a great way of earning an income, if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a place to spend your spare time, relax, converse, and view some ads, than sure there is nothing wrong with AdzSeven. If I was going to choose any one of the latest PTC’s out there, it would probably be this one in combination with maybe ClixSense.

But I know that for the most part, earning an income with this site regardless is just a tad too difficult and I think this is something that’s been made a bit more clear for you. If you’ve been spending hours, days, even months, trying to earn something with PTC’s, well you now know why. And I think you’re best bet is to move onto something more worthwhile, credible, and something with more growth and sustainability.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below. Thanks for checking out the review!

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