Affiliate Cash Snipers Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | April 28, 2015

Name: Affiliate Cash Snipers
Owner: Mike Rasmussen
Price: $47, with $97, $197, & $67 Monthly Fee’s in Upsells 
Rank: 17/100 – Scam!

I must say I am shocked to see how many individuals seem to be so interested in Affiliate Cash Snipers, especially seeing how this product by Michael Rasmussen has been available for quite awhile now.

Despite the potentially rewarding outcomes of affiliate marketing, whether or not Affiliate Cash Snipers can actually live to its far-fetched hype is something that must be questioned. Too many times, a product with nothing but a track-record of over-exaggerated hype, tends to lead to failure.

Affiliate Cash Snipers Review: Scam Or Legit?

In this review, you will find out for yourself, whether Affiliate Cash Snipers is a product you should get involved with, and if and how this product can help you make any money.

What Is Affiliate Cash Snipers?

Initially it may be believed, Affiliate Cash Snipers is an online marketing training program, but really, it works as a software. “Secretly developed,” this product claims to help you increase your online sales and profits, with your own money-making website.

How Affiliate Cash Snipers Works?

In a nutshell, Affiliate Cash Snipers Software contains a set of tools to help you transform a simple website into its own sales funnel, allowing users to find any specific kind of product with ease.

Furthermore, this software helps you embed various affiliate links from popular companies like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay into your own affiliate website. In reality, it basically works like an ordinary plugin.

Affiliate Cash Snipers Review: Scam Or Legit?

The second tool is called the AdSpot Sniper, which basically works by telling you where the best spots are on various website to place advertisements for optimal conversion rates. It does this by browsing through your competition, and then telling you, which of those spots serve for the best earning potential by the simple placement of your advertisements.

Nevertheless, I was very confused by this part of the software, as it really does not have much to do at all with your own website, besides bringing you traffic.

The third and last tools is called the Bestsellers Sniper Software, and works by providing you with information on the best affiliate niches and products. It does this by letting you know what niches are worth covering in your various niche websites, along with the most currently popular products.

Although Affiliate Cash Snipers claims to be an all-in-one solution to making an income online, is highly debatable, and may be a potential scam altogether. Personally, I’ve never found or witnessed any promising outcomes with the use of such softwares.

Affiliate Cash Snipers Software and Tools

In regards to the first plugin of Mike Rasmussens software, I found Affiliate Cash Sniper to be a completely senseless tool. Allowing you to simply copy and paste various affiliate widgets onto your website, will not make you into a success story.

In-fact, it may only drive visitors away from your website. Not only that, but simply going on Amazon and taking widgets, is a very simple task alone, and does not require an additional plugin to do so.

Just about every product contains a set of links that will allow you to embed a wide variation of links and widgets onto your website. Maybe its just an outdated plugin, but the fact remains, this is not an essential tool for affiliate marketers in anyway, whatsoever!

In regards to the second piece of the software, I found the AdSpot Sniper to be nothing more than a mere workaround for people struggling to get traffic. Thus, it works by going out and telling you the best places online to begin advertising your website to get traffic. This of course, will cost you money, and will be a constant and required endeavour in order to continually get traffic to your website.

Personally, I found using more legitimate methods, as taught in Wealthy Affiliate to be a much more efficient means to gaining traffic, on a daily basis, and without needing to rely on payments of advertising for visitors.

As for the last piece, I found Bestsellers Sniper Software to be an even more waste of time! Its almost as though every continuing aspect of Affiliate Cash Snipers makes this product seem more and more of a scam. Honestly, who needs an electronic piece of software to tell them what the most profitable niche is?

The reason I’m bringing this up is because you don’t need a software to help you with this. Relying upon one is even worse for business. Ultimately, the profitability of your niche will greatly rely on your own efforts and work you put in. Just because you think you have found a niche that is profitable, does not equate to success. It may shorten the length of time it takes in ranking your website, getting visitors, and making sales, but all in all, the process of it all remains the same. And this tool can in no way help you to better succeed in comparison to the level of work you personally put into your niche website.

Affiliate Cash Snipers Overview

Unfortunately, many bad things have been said about this software, which to me was expected, given the poor experience of the tools involved. I think what is most important to understand, ideally given the fact I’ve operated my own niche website for almost a year now, is the fact that putting affiliate links and banners all over your website, will not make you many sales!

Even with 100’s and/or 1000’s of people coming to your website, you’ll be very surprised to see how many more individuals would much rather prefer to be properly informed and helped than being directly sold to.

Thus, by taking the time to learn the proper ropes to affiliate marketing will go a very long way to your success. Do things right the first time, and you’ll never need to worry about failure over the long-run, nor having to buy into the pointless tools we have previously witnessed within Affiliate Cash Snipers Software.

Question is, where can you go for the best affiliate marketing training online? Well that’s what I’m about to show you next, and I hope you are satisfied with the perspectives taken in both this review and in the next. I also hope you make the right decision in choosing which route as an affiliate marketer you would like to take. Feel free to read more on my story here!

Thanks for reading this Affiliate Cash Snipers Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

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