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A #1 Recommended Tool.

Whether you’re looking​ to improve your financial returns or diversify and develop new online income streams utilizing affiliate marketing keywords. The most important aspect is finding the most powerful ones!

And there is an excellent strategy not enough people know about, and should know. As you’ll soon see niche competition will become the least of your worries! For those who want to start a website on how to make money online,” please don’t let the voice of other people stop you!

Jaaxy LogoWhat Jaaxy Does:

  • Searches for proper relevant keywords in the fastest, simplest way possible.
  • Gives a list of never-ending recommendations of under-utilized keywords.
  • Has no bias against newbie marketers, and professional marketers.

Jaaxy Crushes Competition:

  • Easy to use platform.
  • Simple understandibility.
  • Including the 6 only mighty powerful essentials.

Thus, making your keyword search process a total and complete breeze, while simultaneously allowing you to greatly leverage all of your possible content, above the many niche-relevant competitors.

JAAXY COMPARISON (Jaaxy vs. Google Research Keyword Tool vs. Wordtracker)

The first thing you’ll want to do, is work on finding the best possible keyword tool possible. On most websites, you’ll simply be recommended to the Jaaxy Free Sign UpGoogle Research Keyword tool, or the Wordtracker tool. While these work just as expected, and great overall, there are actually a variety of other very strong, less-known, underutilized keyword tools that are being utilized in leveraging the promotion of niche products and services.

Example: Maybe you have heard of other keyword tools such as, Market Samurai, and Traffic Travis, however not only are these not very cost-efficient, but in my opinion, some very confusing keyword tools that I believe for a simple blogger like myself could use something a bit more simpler, more forward, and straight to the point. This is where Jaaxy comes into play.

And while the Google Keyword Tool, gives you the simple number of monthly global searches, and competition ranking of- low, medium, or high, it’s sometimes not enough to help you outweigh all your competition right from the start.

If we can find a tool with the same accuracy, but an even more detailed tool when searching for the type of keywords we’re going after, we will surely be in a much better position to help increase our website ranking, as Jaaxy’s keyword tool can greatly provide and assist us with all our needs when assessing niche-related competition!



Now that you have your mind focused on a specific niche, it’s time to choose and pick any type of keyword-related phrase, that you can then use to write your content with. And with the right keyword, you will know precisely who your going up against, and which words we should avoid, and which we should most-definitely utilize! Ready? Ok.

Our Keyword Example:

affiliate marketing

As soon as we type this phrase into Jaaxy we get the following:

# (1)  A List Of Keywords We Can Utilize

# (2) Our Usual # Of Monthly Searches

# (3)  Potential Amount of Traffic 

What this means, is if we were to rank #1 on google for our keyword phrase, that would be the estimated # of monthly traffic for that page.

# (4) QSR = Quoted Search Results

This is how one would go about evaluating their competition for a particular keyword. Precisely, it is the EXACT number of webpages who are competing for that exact keyword. (Take Note: for our example “affiliate marketing,” could be drastically different than a keyword such as “marketing affiliates.”) – A simple plural for example could change your outcome!

# (5) KQI= Keyword Quality Indicator

We have Green (great!), Orange (Okay), & Red (poor…). This is similar to Google’s keyword tool. As I mentioned above, their ratings of low, medium, and high, so nothing particularily special here.. But.. Here is where Jaaxy shows its true specialty!

# (6) SEO Power!

A highly precise score, based on.. All Of The Above! Simply amazing how this last score works.. It’s literally your key to unlocking a treasure chest to any niche. But let us not get ahead of ourselves here. To be more precise, SEO Power takes the monthly searches, with the potential traffic, with your keyword competition, summing them all up into a single number (from 1 to 100).

Now when using Jaaxy, make sure, you DO NOT take a keyword that has an SEO power of… 5, 20, or even 50. With Jaaxy you will find a ton of keywords, that you can write your passionate, profit-making topic upon, with SEO Powers of over 90! Meaning with just a couple pages, or posts, you are already well on your way to attaining website traffic..

And unlike google’s keyword tool, or wordtracker, you don’t have to work and evaluate so hard!

Jaaxy Free Search Plugin Google Keyword Planner Alternative

Jaaxy Free Search Plugin Google Keyword Planner Alternative

You don’t have to take the chance of completely losing all you’ve worked for, in other words, there is no reason you could fail. As long as you stick to Jaaxy’s very own recommendations, then you can trust yourself in going ahead with that keyword.

Another thing is, to make sure your using the EXACT keyword, I don’t care if there is an extra “s” you’re just dying to use for your keyword within your content. Trust me I have done this one too many times, and have found myself competing upon thousands of authoritative websites, when instead, I could have been competing with just 10 or 20 sites!

Anyway, that’s really all you need to know about Jaaxy, and it is easily my #1 recommended keyword search tool!

If your dying to know more about keyword utilization, or even choosing a niche, building a business, making constant affiliate sales, with absolute ease I can’t recommend this tool enough! You’ll be in a brand new world, where the dreams of success.. actually come true!

Besides, it is free to register, and you have complete access to my own help and knowledge :)


To Our Success!!!

Thanks so much for reading.

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Keywords – Best Place To Find Them

  1. Jude Banks

    Peter, great job in explaining the benefits of Jaaxy and how it works.

    Before using Jaaxy, like most people I used several of the free keyword tools available online. They were okay, but I always found it a bit of a struggle to find exactly what I needed. Since Jaaxy, I find it fast, easy, and I actually enjoy the process.

    I like that you have provided an example and a good explanation of how Jaaxy works.

    The rest of your website is packed with valuable information and useful tips for online marketers – I picked up a few! I look forward to visiting again and reading more.


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Greatly appreciate your compliment Jude! Glad to see you’ve been utilizing the benefits of Jaaxy.

      It’s the only keyword tool I recommend, as I find it the most essential tool for any individual’s online success.

      Thanks for helping endorse this product review ;)

      I hope more people will find it as useful of a tool as we both have!


  2. Riaz

    I love Jaaxy, I’ve been using it for a few month and it’s really helpful. Sure you can search keywords in Google but it’s really slow and results are limited. Having Jaaxy is really good as results are more detailed and specific.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I couldn’t agree with you more Riaz!

      The amount of feedback and comments receiving from utilizing Jaaxy as of lately have been second to none!

      I plan on creating a video tutorial soon as well to show the additional features. Jaaxy will surely lead your

      website to receiving much more traffic overtime!

      Enjoy your success :)


  3. Gordon

    Jaxxy is definitely a very useful tool for affiliate marketers, so easy to use and powerful at the same time. I would highly recommend it to anyone!


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