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By | February 12, 2015

Product: Affiliate Millionaire Clubaffiliate millionaire club review: scam or legit?



$27 Gold Membership

$37 Silver Membership

$47 Platinum Membership

Rank: 25/100

This following review will be covering the Affiliate Millionaire Club and your potential to be able to learn and earn from it.

We’ll be going over what this product entails, but more importantly than that, whether or not this is a product that may help you get started as a legitimate online affiliate on the right foot.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been looking and trying out various online products to help you get started making money online as an affiliate, than you are truly doing yourself a favor. Fact is, the majority of internet marketers today are rarely familiar of the difference that lie in between multi-level marketing and building a self-employed business that is based upon the sales of products and services as an online affiliate.

And while many decide to get started with some of the bigger networks today such as Clickbank, Clicksure, JVZoo, etc., what many online marketers need in order to succeed, is a successful and proper approach.

What Is Affiliate Millionaire Club?


Affiliate Millionaire Club, while the website, the fancy name, and its propositions may seem to be a proper and legitimate route to begin your affiliate business, actually turns out to be something else quite on the contrary of my initial beliefs.

In concise terms, Affiliate Millionaire Club is actually a software that creates various niche websites for you, websites that are based upon and include the affiliate products you’re looking to promote.

The claim here is that by this automatic creation of your website, you will inevitably begin to attain traffic with good Google rankings.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Membership Levels


There are 3 membership levels included in Affiliate Millionaire Club, each individual one being based upon the number of “Money Sites,” you would like built for you.

They are as follows:

#1: $27 Gold Membership – Includes the build of 3 various money websites.

#2: $37 Silver Membership – Includes the build of 5 various money websites.

#3: $47 Platinum Membership – Includes the build of 10 various money websites.

Nevertheless, each Affiliate Millionaire Club Membership package does include all the same features. Only difference being the number of “money websites,” you prefer being made.

affiliate millionaire club membership and pricing

Affiliate Millionaire Club Con’s?


The rest of this review will go over the red flags within this product.

While I do not necessarily mean nor intend to put this product in a bad light, it is the entire intent of the product that gives me every bit and reason of doubt this product could do anybody, any good.

Moreover, the mission of this website (, has been literally made to help those wanting to get started with affiliate marketing, on the right foot and to prove its wonderful financial benefits.

Thus, the last thing I would like to see, is not only you having to get ripped off by a product that claims to do all the “hard-work” for you, only to get your dreams and hopes snatched away from you.

Use & Selling Of Fake Duplicated “Money Sites”!


affiliate millionaire club scam reviewThe website uses this term “money sites,” and creates these automatically dependent upon the product or niche that you choose.

While I have no doubt in mind, this is more than doable, I am also highly-aware of the negative SEO affects that would result from this.

For one, you are potentially buying a website that has been or is being reproduced one-too many times. Google these days, while becoming more intelligent than we can sometimes fathom, is aware of any duplicated content.. Duplication runs into a big no-no, and could result in your “money site” with nothing to offer on the search engines.

Therefore, because Google’s top priority when seeing a website getting ranked higher than others (take for example, Wikipedia), is the resulting delivery of proper and unique content.. Ideas, reviews, propositions, opinions, facts, media, etc. etc., is what will make your own individual affiliate money-making web
site into its own true “money making” business.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Overview!


Therefore, the looks and fanciness of your website will become highly-irrelevant to the actual rank of your website along with the money it may or will most-likely not ever have the potential to make.

This is why I’ve come to rank the Affiliate Millionaire Club a lot lower than I would have initially liked to!

Moreover, if you truly want a Google-ranking website, you must be aware that you will need to produce your own content regardless. There is simply no other way to getting around this.

While I know this review may have turned into nothing but a so-called “bearer of bad news,” does not and should not have any reflection on your own individual hopes of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. In-fact, if you are truly determined enough, and truly ready to begin creating your first successful affiliate marketing website on any niche, subject, topic that you can think of, you can & should begin properly learning to do so here!

Why This Is More Legitimate?

The reason my secondary alternative to Affiliate Millionaire Club is what I believe you’ll come to see and find as more legitimate and more helpful in nature, is because of the entire nature of this product and platform..

One that isn’t built to simply sell you out on a bunch of fake, no-good “money sites,” that so many others are copying, but by taking you step by step from one very simple affiliate website to building it into your very own business.. One I know and believe, you will come to cherish over the rest of your life.

Nevertheless, no need to settle “for less,” when you can learn how this product is in-fact teaching thousands and thousands of new affiliate marketers everyday how to make their very dreams and wishes come to life!

Read more on this legitimate affiliate marketing community.. so you can get started today for free!

Thanks for reading this review on Affiliate Millionaire Club. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

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