Amazing Selling Machine Review: Making Amazon Sales

By | October 10, 2014
Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine
The Owner: Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback
Price: $3,600 - $4,000
Rank: 30/100

Amazing Selling Machine Review

amazing selling machine review The Amazing Selling Machine simply stated, is a series of online courses teaching you how to make money with Amazon. The course is immensely thorough and involves a training series for users interested in making amazon sales. 

For the $4,000 price-tag however, there clearly must include additional aspects involved with the aspects and skills when selling on Amazon.

Given the products overwhelming price-tag, it is a bit more comforting knowing that what the product is offering is more than a simple make money scheme.

Hence, the Amazing Selling Machine does not simply teach how to make commissions as an Amazon Affiliate, but on the contrary, truly magnifies this entire idea by literally:

1. Finding Manufacturers

2. Buying Products in Bulk.

3. Becoming The Actual Product Supplier.

The Amazing Selling Machine, is therefore way more geared towards highly dedicated online entrepreneurs looking to build a “Fortune 500” like company from top to bottom!!!

On the other hand, could the Amazing Selling Machine be nothing more than an institutional type college class… Something possibly along the lines of gathering any professional type of “textbook packaged information” all neatly organized, simply for the sake of having a profiting product sold as simple information for aspiring consumers like ourselves?!

Amazing Selling Machine Owners Matt Clark and Jason Katzenbak – Use Of FBA With PLR

In other words, what is the reputation like of the owners Matt Clark and Jason Katzenbak. We’ll look into thatamazing selling machine - amazon scam review a little later, for now lets focus on some of the product material.

Essentially, the product delves into the use of Private Label Products. The Amazing Selling Machine shows you how to properly research, find, and purchase affordable Private Label Products. This actually has been becoming one of the biggest and latest online hypes.

Given Amazon’s new FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), the various assortments of Amazon Widgets, use of Amazon web stores, it is no surprise many marketing guru’s have been using Amazon as a #1 source to leverage brand new online marketing concepts and products, which are being utilized to sell at such high premium costs.

Is this product worth $4,000?

No not to me it isn’t. But depending on you and your overall online goals and motives, I’m not going to tell you to stay away. First and foremost however, is the main meal of the course we should be focusing on:

Private Label Product Rights.


What Are Private Label Products?

These are uniquely developed products that are made with the sole intention to sell to others, giving you all the rights to utilize them in anyway you like. This has become an ever-increasing way for content writers, publishers, authors, and bloggers alike, to utilize within their niche-related subjects.

PLR Products You Can Own And Sell

PLR – Products You Can Own And Sell

Private Label Products can literally be found just on any type of subject, from sports, to art, to ways of making money online. In-fact, more and more Private Label Product companies have been opening their own online companies merely to sell their own Private Label Products for others to utilize.

One of the biggest unnoticed problems with Private Label Products however, is the fact they can be purchased, bought, and utilized by practically any person out there.

Given the fairly low price-tag on PLR products, its not surprising that these products aren’t sold on a merely simple one-time offer, but are being constantly re-sold to users.

In this case however, we are not looking at the distribution of mere digital content, but the actual physical product itself.

Therefore, the intention here is to find manufacturers willing to sell you such rights and products at a premium. With these products, you are then taught how to properly put your own private label on these products, for nobody else to utilize, but yourself.

The worst case scenario is you losing a ton of money, and a bunch load on physical inventory and products that are not being sold by online consumers. Nonetheless, the presence of 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching is almost inevitable to the success when using such a product.

There comes one of the biggest problems I personally see with this product; the mere case that the actual product owners won’t be able to guide you along the way and instead are just giving you bundled up information to use on your own.

Nonetheless, its also good to know, private label products gives us a cause for concern in terms of not just online content duplication, which not only gets you penalized by Google’s search engines, but physically gets banned by Amazon if there looks to be another similar product out there. 

his is something Amazon has been well-known for. Being today’s top online eCommerce and selling place for internet users of all ages Amazon is obviously known for controlling their Quality Assurance sector with absolute precision.


What You Will Learn To Do With The Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus ReviewAs you can see, the price-tag on this product is heftier than the usual. Suffice to say, there is great reason for this, that is because the Amazing Selling Machine truly tries its best in helping others develop their own long-lasting Amazon business.

How Does The Amazing Selling Machine Do This?

Therefore, take notice, that this product is not by any means meant for a person with a tight budget. There is absolutely no guarantee you will make money from this product, at least not on your very first run.

In-fact, studies and various cases have shown that those who’ve been able to accomplish the set goals utilized within the Amazing Selling Machine has been done so through consistent processes of trial-and-error.

As you start up your own unique Amazon business, you’ll begin to find that the cost of the course is more of just a college tuition type cost than anything. Just like any regular business, this will not only take you all the time in the world to begin building your foundation upon, but will become a causation for many first-time errors when going about the lessons.

Here are the type of tasks you’ll be doing in order when using the Amazing Selling Machine:

1) Purchasing Bulks of Product Samples from manufacturers.

Hence, in addition to purchasing the product samples outright in bulk, take note you’ll be having to pay some hefty courier and shipping fees as well.

2) Once you’ve attained your bulk of product samples, you will now be required to properly evaluate the product.

That means doing the proper research in order to see whether or not there is a market for this product. Therefore, there is essentially a huge risk here, if you’re purchasing a product that there are already tons of competing well-known companies out there ready to take you out.

Moreover, simply not knowing first-handedly whether it is the perfect product to sell is impossible without actually having tried. Nonetheless, you’ll have to take into account possible inventory fees, listing fees with Amazon, and shipping.

As you can see, the Amazing Selling Machine is teaching you not how to make money online fast, like so many other products do, but is teaching you a foundation that like all start-up businesses can and will cause you to likely fail more than once on the very first try. Its just something I believe anyone willing to pay this price tag, should most-definitely take into account. Your building an actual business with a likelihood of repetivily failing, before seeing any actual success, if any.

Amazing Selling Machine Scam Review


What I Like About The Amazing Selling Machine Product:

1. It takes a very unique idea and puts its own twist on potentially creating your own new profitable online business.

2. The class is being taught by two experienced marketing guru’s who’ve claimed to have already worked the system itself.

3. They include multiple conventions, including some in Las Vegas and other places around the world to help show and market the Amazing Selling Machine Product idea.

What I don’t Like About The Amazing Selling Machine Product:

1. It’s by no means, a fail-proof system. Meaning success rates are very low!

2. This product is for the very few willing to put in all the time, money, dedication, and effort it would take to building up an entire business from scratch.

3. Unlike the affiliate marketing sector, the Amazing Selling Machine requires many additional steps to building an income, requiring getting in contact with manufacturers, putting your own Private Label Rights and Trademark on products that may in the end not sell at all.

4. The unfortunate circumstance in the proper lack of guidance and mentorship when building your own business.

5. Most of all, the extremely high price-tag involved with this product. For much cheaper, anyone can learn to build a highly-profitable business online by simply sticking to what’s taught here at Wealthy Affiliate!


Amazing Selling Machine worth it?

In the most simplest terms – No!

The Amazing Selling Machine does not prove to be amazing after-all. Given what’s being taught, not only is it a result of the high limitation of Amazon methods being offered, but even the overall concept that is being sold.


The Amazing Selling Machine Product Overview & Verdict

For me personally, I would much rather pay a person $4 Grand to actually mentor me and guide me along the entire way, rather than depending everything I had on mere information.

There seems to be no real 1-on-1 mentorship involved, and even more, is the fact that The Amazing Selling Machine hasn’t seemed to produce enough real genuine results among its users.

Yes, there has been success, but almost always seemingly attained merely by people who’ve already had great experience in both the online and offline entrepreneurial life. In addition, they have all the money to spend in order to produce the results.

This is no overnight business, but something that could take years!

Despite the $4,000 price tag, I find it still worth saying, that in no way does this products price match up with what is being offered.

I believe there are many other greater alternatives that can not only teach you better, more affordable, and more simplified Amazon concepts out there, but in addition, can offer you 1-on-1 help, at a HUGE fraction of the cost.


See The Best Amazing Selling Machine Alternative Here!

Verdict: Not Legit.

Rank: 30/100

Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine
The Owner: Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback
Price: $3,600 - $4,000
Rank: 30/100

23 thoughts on “Amazing Selling Machine Review: Making Amazon Sales

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I agree Ziga, Amazon is only becoming more saturated by the day. It’s becoming harder to sell more items for a good profit because competition is driving down profit margins. You can even find brand new textbooks that sell for $.01 by a lot of the drop shippers out there who rely on shipping costs to actually make anything. In regards to the new product Incredible Dream Machines, it just seems to me a lot of it is hype. I’ve grown caution with products that try and oversell you with like 100 different bonuses. It seems like the main objective here is to try and sell you on some new idea. Personally, given the recent product Amazing Selling Machine, I wouldn’t go ahead and trust this “$2,497 valued product” either!

  1. Vanessa

    I had the opportunity to get in on one of the Amazing Selling Machine webinars and I have to admit, it sounded pretty good to me and seems like a very legitimate idea. However, I was not willing to get into something like that for several reasons, a major one being the price tag. It’s been said, the higher the risk, the higher the reward, but in this case only if you know what you are doing. I actually know of someone who invested in this, however, she has not had the time to dedicate to make it work. So at the moment there are no returns on her investment.

    Apart from the price tag being an issue, my other concern is even if I order a sample of a particular product that might seem good enough, how do I guarantee that the product that gets to Amazon is the same quality product? I know ASM works for some people and they make money doing this, but for me it’s a risk I’d rather not take, since I don’t need the hassle involved in buying, shipping and returning products.

    I absolutely agree with you that there are other legitimate avenues to make money online, that does not involve such a hefty price tag, which you can access for free and learn so much that you can start your own online business doing exactly what you are passionate about.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I know right! It sounds pretty good at first, but then when you get down to the details and the price, it just automatically became a deal breaker for me. I couldn’t believe the price of the product when I first came across Amazing Selling Machine. There are a lot of risks involved when joining this product and it will take a lot of work to build a legitimate business out of this.

  2. Camaj Fiber Arts

    We sell to many folks that completed this program and they are doing very, very well selling our wool dryer balls.
    They can get them from us much cheaper than China. Don’t discount US manufactures.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Interesting perspective…

      Thanks for your take.

      Although, I don’t exactly condone nor allow other people to utilize my own website, in order to promote their business.. Thanks anyway!


  3. bernie

    WA is far keener to go with as it has the many opportunities of learning a great deal of knowledge and the valuable data we are getting from there at a more inexpensive price!

  4. Muriel

    Hi Pete! Thank you for this great and thorough review! I received some emails about this product, but I never acted on it because of the price. Come to think about it, if I would have the money to invest into this, it might not have been what I want to do. I don’t want to spend hours and hours on end working on my own business. I’d much rather work on my own business only part time and spend the majority of the 24 hours with people I love.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Muriel! Thanks for the comment and happy to provide you with information concerning the amazing selling machine. I’m happy for you, as you made a wise decision in choosing otherwise, where you could attain the most-necessary and possible resources and information to truly make this business of yours happen.

      Congratulations on your success and wish you the best of luck always.


  5. Angie


    It’s just my opinion, but I think the only amazing thing on this page is the review itself. Well, and Wealthy Affiliate of course. But I do want to applaud the extensive research you’ve obviously done and thank you for presenting it in such a readable and engaging way.

    Now, for $4000 I would expect to go to college for a semester (I’m in Canada lol). Taking 4 courses, engaging in a classroom environment, gaining from 1-1 mentorship and group work etc. That is what you can charge $4000 for. But for information and perhaps some tools to create an online business that has to revolve around Amazon… you are right, this is NOT a smart investment. I definitely agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I learned to start an online business where I don’t have to spend any extra money beyond purchasing a $10 domain.

    Great review! Take care.


  6. Kyle

    Amazon is becoming a flea market of low quality products…and fake reviews or should I say, “incentivized” reviews.

    There is nothing ethical about what is going on here. For those of you that do not know, you can buy many products and services for very cheap when bought in bulk, this includes things like “supplements”, clothing, electronics, etc.

    Then you just put your made up brand name on the product and you turn around and sell it on Amazon at a profit. To get reviews, you give away your product to a few “lucky” people and you tell them to give you a postive review in return…then you are in a prime position to sell your product…err, someone else’s bulk product and earn money doing so.

    Most people fail at this and MANY people have had the rug slid out from them by Amazon once they had lots of $$$ of inventory or commitments on their hands. It can be high risk.

    There are much more effective ways to create a business online without having to come up with some “second grade” PLR product to build a business around….primarily within the affiliate marketing arena, but if you build out a website and you build yourself a brand through helping people (within any niche you want), the opportunities really open up are endless.

    Is selling on Amazon legitimate? Yeah, but it doesn’t mean it is always ethical…and it comes with a low success rate and a lot of risk that other avenues do not have.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Special thanks to you Kyle for really taking the time to comment on my post!! I can’t tell you how great it is just to see you here on my website. As the founder of Wealthy Affiliate, aka the worlds greatest affiliate platform, this just comes to show Wealthy Affiliate’s true dedication and loyalty when it comes to seeing each of their own members succeed :)

      Anyhow, I honestly never became aware of Amazon becoming this so-called flea market, and literally shocked to hear all these “incentivizing” reviews going on. That’s insane given their reputability for over two decades now! Almost everyone I know uses Amazon in one way or the other. Nonetheless, I can truly see how Amazon is leveraging its corporate power in ways that are immorally correct just to become the biggest online ecommerce shopping platform for users.

      Moreover, I completely agree with the points you are making, and am moreso surprised to see your effective ability to explain so much in the most concise manner possible! It’s amazing and just comes to show how trustworthy all Wealthy Affiliate’s training has become and how far its brought me with my own legitimate business, WITHOUT having to spend $4,000 dollars! What you’re doing is truly outstanding and because of your outstanding performance and ability as the owner of one of the most favorited affiliate courses in the entire world, is exactly why I follow all the necessary steps you are still teaching me to this day :)

      I am so happy and grateful to have you by my side and in helping me minimize my once past struggles as internet marketer for practically no cost, given the immense value, and even more, the potential future value. At this point, I could care less about this “Amazing Selling Machine” product, and those willing to pay $4,000 over giving Wealthy Affiliate an actual free trial. It disappoints me how some members feel and think that they have to spend such ludicrous amount of money simply to gain a greater financial future.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s economical means of attaining true high-valued training and so much more proves to be the best outlet in my own regards when it comes to building a HIGHLY sustainable and ever-lasting business!

      Thanks so much for stopping by Kyle, and hope to speak with you soon again.

      Have a great and awesome weekend :)

  7. Matt Thomas

    Wow, Peter. I’m shocked by the $4,000 price tag on this. I have an interest in selling on Amazon, so this was certainly intriguing to me, but no way for that price. You can subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate for 10 years for that price…and the training seems to be much better! Thanks for this review.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hahah that’s so true! Sure thing man, anytime. We’re truly lucky to have Wealthy Affiliate provide us all we need to be making our income online. I wouldn’t think twice about joining something that would ever cost much.. It’s simply ridiculous!

  8. Evelyn

    That is very expensive stuff. I’d rather figure it out myself than to pay $4 grand on something that might work. Some of these programs out there on the net really got some balls asking for these types of prices. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Roscoe Leonard

    Hi Peter,
    Great job, lot of useful information offered here. However with such a hefty price tag it just reinforces my decision to go with WA. The comparison between the two also make it easier to choose.
    Looking forward to more,

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Roscoe. You’ve really helped validate my conclusion in my Amazing Selling Machine review.

      It would be a no-brainer for any experienced online marketer to stay far away!

      You can literally find all the information you needed by searching on YouTube. I see no value or point in using this product.

  10. Randy Wood

    Hi Peter. great review. I had actually looked at this because I do use Amazon. The price tag blew me out of the water. I have a hard time with people that charge prices like this simply for information. They are going about it the wrong way. Thanks for this review as I have learned a little more. All the best, Randy

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Anytime! I really couldn’t believe it either. For the $4,000 price, I can’t see how anyone would want to use this product as means to sell on Amazon. There are many cheaper and more effective alternatives from what I’ve found. Thanks for your comment Randy!


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