Amway Global Review: Should You Become The Next IBO?

By | September 13, 2014
Product Name: Amway Global
Product Price: $62 Registration Fee
Product Website:
Overall Rank: Not Recommended

What Is Amway Global?

A claimed global leader in many health and beauty products that simultaneously allows for a person to become an “Independent Business Owner,” also known as I.B.O.amwayglobal

The cost to becoming an Amway Global IBO is a $62 registration fee.

Within the Amway Global Product Catalog kit, a person receives Amway’s step-by-step guide to owning a business, Amways product catalogs and brochures, training resources, and your own personal retail website –

With one problem: a huge lack of customized retail websites, consequentially having no difference from the many other thousands of similar retail websites given to new Amway IBO’s.


Amway Retail Store - Amway Product Catalog


Can You Make Money With Amway Global?

In the simplest terms, most-likely not.

If so, your compensation will be very small, and unfit for a full-time opportunity, if you don’t have a large network of family and friends whom you know would be willing to purchase Amway products, which I’ve recently discovered can only be purchased by being a Global Amway product representative!

What does this mean?

It means in order for you or anyone to purchase an Amway product you are initially required to first become an Amway Global IBO with purchase of the $62 registration fee! Apprently this Amway MLM tactic has been working in some of the larger countries around the globe, such as China, where many people are looking for the most available opportunities. Hence, Global Amway has been finding great success in countries with more limited opportunities by taking advantage of this sole registration fee with less emphasis on the products being sold.

Moreover, an Amway Independent Business Owner does not their make money by relying on the amount of products being sold. Instead, Amway Global IBO’s must rely on MLM and network resourcing in order to produce any income. The amount of hours trying to convince others into buying into this program is hence, a necessary attribute one must have when joining Amway Global.


Amway Ripoff Report: Complaint

Is Amway Truly a Ripoff..?


Here is a general overview/steps of how Amway’s Compensation Plan works:

1) To become an Amway Independent Business Owner, the individual is required to purchase a product from the company itself.

2) The Amway Independent Business Owner must then attempt to sell Amway products to consumers, not for income however, but what Amway likes to call “business points.”

3) Once the Amway Independent Business Owner finally speaks with the potential consumer, who is sold a required Amway product, is only then allowed to register for Amway Global to become an Independent Business Owner.

Only then is the initial Amway Independent Business Owner able to make a small income.

Therefore, Amway Global relies solely on Multi-Level Marketing.

That is, making an income solely dependent upon the ability to consistently speak with potential consumers, not only to sell them their first amway product (in their health and beauty section) utilizing their small independent retail website, but to then afterwards lure them into Amway’s Global independent business opportunity.

Moreover, the additional effort of having to sell to your own recruit a product and only then be able to offer them a chance to become a business owner, is such a huge and unnecessary hassle in itself. Nevertheless, Amway Global’s income also relies greatly upon the consistent $62 I.B.O registration fee made by its very own consumers day after day.

Other Earning Income Opportunities Provided By Amway Global:

  • Retail Profit.
  • Monthly Performance Bonuses
  • Monthly and Leadership Bonuses
  • Other Cash and Business Point Incentives

HOWEVER, it’s very important to realize that all these additional earning opportunities above are 100% reliant upon your personal referrals or group you’ve created.

Hence, without having referred anyone to Amway Global as an Independent Business Owner within your very own downline, you are thus counted as ineligible in receiving any of the above bonuses.

What I Like About Amway Global:


  • They offer a wide variety of products.
  • The fact they tell you beforehand what’s required, despite some small misconceptions.
  • The fairly low cost to get started in a business opportunity.
  • They give you a website, though replicated, gives the independent business owner, something to work with.
  • Their offering of online training may be somewhat valuable, however looks to be uncertain.
  • The fact they offer the opportunity in about 100 or so differente nations, and their ability to offer a global opportunity.


What I Dislike About Amway Global:

  • The immense difficulty and process involved with making a legitimate compensation.
  • The fact your retail website doesn’t have you stand out from other’s.
  • Most of all, the minimal retail income provided.
  • Along with the fact, all the bonus points, compensation, and incentives, are highly and almost completely 100% reliant upon the performance of those you’ve referred to the program.


A LinkedIn Amway Global Review Discussion On China & U.S. Involvement

Amway Global Review China Discussion

Amway Global Review: Should You Become The Next IBO? | LinkedIn 2014-09-21 20-28-20

Amway Global Product Catalog Conclusion

Verdict=Not Legit!

Overall Rank=27/100

Online Scams

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Thanks for reading. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below.

8 thoughts on “Amway Global Review: Should You Become The Next IBO?

  1. Cathy

    Hi Peter, I have a slightly different opinion about Amway. When I first wanted to get out from my conventional 9-5, it was the talks in Amway that made me realize what I am lacking financially. I learn about some of their products and I must say that they are one of the best brands out there.

    I attempted some of their marketing strategy and failed because over the years, Amway has received many bad reputation and it’s kinda hard to change a cold market into a hot one. Along the process, I was led to affiliate marketing and I find that it suits my life style and work hours better, and with Wealthy Affiliate, I am always getting quality training.

    However, I will never forget the foundation that Amway taught me – build your own dream, not the dream of others.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Very interesting Cathy!

      Yeah looks like I’m hearing some mixed reviews here and there. Guess my research led me to writing a little bit of a biased
      review on this one, which is unfortunate. I’ve been trying to get in contact with Amway Global IBO’s to get some better insight however,
      so I’m really happy you landed on this page and offered your comment.

      My only real problem with Amway Global is their compensation plan. As for their products however, I have heard they are very premium
      and high-end. It looks like my main focus though as usual, leans more towards the business side and aspect of things, more than
      the consumer. Anyway that is great Amway has taught you some of the great necessary skills. I’ll make sure to try and add this
      at some point in the future, as I try and go back to update my reviews as much as possible, and when time permits!!

      I agree, nothing beats Wealthy Affiliate when it all comes down to whats best :)

  2. Todd

    Hi Peter,
    Boy Amway has been around for years, I can remember getting pitched this MLM over 20 years ago. Even then it was considered a scam.

    After reading your Amway Global Review, I shall opt to not become the next IBO.

    Thanks for the information and your personal take on Amway. I still can’t even believe their still around and people are falling for this scam.


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Same here Todd,

      I’m surprised Amway Global is still in business after 50 years of operating!

      I wonder the percentage of people who’s witnessed success as an IBO for Amway.

      My guess is its insanely low given the increasing complaints over the past
      few years, especially.


  3. Evelyn

    Great Review, What gets me is that you have to buy their products and when you sell the product you bought, Amway gives you business points. I can get points playing a game. :) It sounds like Amway is doubling up on the money. That’s not right! ….and your paying a fee to join to get points? Not something i’m interested in. NO Thanks!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hahah, that was too funny Evelyn!

      No thanks is right!!

      Honestly, a company that’s been going on 50 something YEARS now,
      can do a little bit better than that.

      Have you seen the number of complaints??

      It’s outrageous!

      1. Evelyn

        Yes I have, that’s scary! They can keep their points and their business. No thank you!

        1. Peter G. Post author

          Yes I agree with you!

          No “business unit points” necessary here. It’s so “schemish” of them to implement such a metric in the first place, isn’t it?
          Replacing actual money with “business unit points”, just doesn’t feel right to me!
          Something fishy seems to be going on with Amway these days.



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