Anik Singals Profit Academy Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 11, 2015

Name: Profit AcademyProfit Academy Review - Scam Or Legit?


Owner: Anik Singal

Rank: 47/100

In this review I’d like to cover one of Anik Singal’s latest online marketing product releases, titled Profit Academy.

Recently, I did a review on one of his products called Inbox Blueprint 2.0, which I found to be an OK product. More importantly, was finding out the kind of online marketing ‘guru’ Anik Singal is.

As a result, Profit Academy turned out to be quite almost the exact product as Inbox Blueprint which gives me the feeling, Anik is simply branding one product after another, while using the same type of content with not much benefit to the user.

What Is Profit Academy?

In case you have not heard of what Inbox Blueprint is, it is a product that is completely focused on how to make an income by solely relying upon list building and e-mail marketing.

Anik Singal has furthermore, claimed to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by simple e-mailing and by using newly promoted products sent to his list.

The Difference Between Profit Academy And Inbox Blueprint?

I have yet to find any major differences between the newly 2015 released Profit Academy and the past versions of Inbox Blueprint, and in case you would like to get a much more in-depth review on Inbox Blueprint 2.0, feel free to read my review here.

Nevertheless, the two biggest differences found between each of these products, are only some added on training, and your ability to attend a LIVE Virtual Weekend online; basically, nothing more than a fancy name, for describing an online webinar.

Moreover, this 24-hour virtual weekend is to be held one-time over the weekend, along with a members only exclusive invite to Profit Academy Live, held in May, 2015.

Profit Academy Las Vegas Live

Profit Academy Course Modules:

To give you a better idea of what Profit Academy consists of, I would like to briefly list the modules that you can expect to receive. Essentially, you will be gaining access to two different phases, with approximately six different modules in each.

Phase 1 Modules

MODULE 1: Setting Up Your business.

MODULE 2: Writing Killer E-mails.

MODULE 3: Case Studies.Profit Academy Scam Review

MODULE 4: Traffic.

MODULE 5: Promoting Launches.

MODULE 6: Wrap Up.

End Of Phase 1.

Phase 2 Modules

MODULE 7: Researching Niches.

MODULE 8: Building Your 5X Funnel.

MODULE 9: Creating Bonuses For Conversions.

MODULE 10: Product Creation.

MODULE 11: Creating Sales Material.

MODULE 12: Setting Up & Going Live.

MODULE 13: Bonus – Creating a Blog.

Inside Profit Academy’s Member Area

To get a better understanding of how you’ll be going about this training series when utilizing Profit Academy, here is how your schedule would look like.. As a result of a lot of information that is used, this 13 module series is to be learned over a whole 8-week period.

Profit Academy Support & Live Coaching Sessions

Profit Academy Review - Coaching & Support

Once you have signed up and purchased the Profit Academy course, you will be eligible to head on over to any of the twenty eight in total, live coaching sessions held by Anik Singal, officially starting on March 4th, 2015.

In regards to the modules listed above, these are basically all simple webinars which can be viewed any number of times.


Live Profit Academy In Vegas

The last thing which is offered, is Anik’s claimed $997 free reserved seat in Vegas. What I dislike about this, is you’ll be attending nothing more than simply seeing Anik Singal doing a presentation, and really does not help with your ultimate online marketing success.

Profit Academy Review: legit or scam?



Therefore, it is nothing more than a live workshop, which you will have to pay for the flight, hotel reservation, and everything else in advance.

So, in reality, nothing about this Live Las Vegas trip is free at all, and is merely used as an incentive and ploy to get you paying for Profit Academy.

So What Will You Be Doing As A Profit Academy Member..

Now, for the most important part of this review, and the one thing everyone is always so curious about in advance, is what you’ll actually be doing in Profit Academy.

Essentially, it is an actual online marketing technique to help you start your own online business. It is a course that is fully based on E-mail Marketing.

So, as a Profit Academy Member, you will be learning how to actually Create your own product to sell, which is used to help you build up your own online income.

For more detail, here is what the two phases will look like..

Profit Academy Phase #1:

-> How to find you passion, niche, topic, and area of expertise.. The foundation and focus of your online business.

-> How to build your e-mail list to reach up to 10,000 various subscribers.

-> The necessary tools, software, and resources you need, to get traffic, and appropriately conversate with them.

Type Of Resources:

Clearly, as a Profit Academy member, you will need a few resources and tools we don’t normally use on a day-to-day basis and would include, an autoresponder messaging system, various capture pages, and opt-in forms.

Profit Academy Phase #2:

Focused on how to begin building a digital online business.

-> Looks into how to begin Product Development.

-> How to create your own sales funnels.

-> How to create, copywrite, and learn to capture VSL’s (Video Sales Letters).

-> How to build a full sales strategy.

-> How to build a business utilizing affiliate recruitment, to media buying traffic, to utilizing free resources.

Profit Academy Summary:

Here’s a concise summary of what to expect in Profit Academy..

#1. Two Live virtual weekends with Anik and other coaches.

#2. 12 weeks of weekly webinars.

#3. Anik’s Las Vegas convention held in May 2015 (NOT Free!).

#4. Learning E-mail Marketing from start to finish (more specifically, it includes, niches to promote, squeeze page creation, & creating your content).

#5. Learning Product Creation & Development.. Along with the necessary marketing strategies like building your full sales funnels, getting others to promote your product, where to find affiliates, etc.

#6. Access to private member only forum.

Profit Academy Overview

To conclude, because Profit Academy has recently shut its doors to new potential members, I have found it ever more important to provide you with a much better alternative to help you get started.

In addition, I have found nothing too great with Profit Academy that cannot be taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. And because of the many upsells included in Profit Academy, I have not been able to fully recommend this product.

Last of all, Profit Academy fails to deliver a simple method and route to creating an online income and as a result, makes it all the more complex, by attempting to utilize ways to create your own ONLINE PRODUCT!

I have found the only reason for this completely unnecessary feat, to be used in a way and manner just to get you purchasing more and more upsells; a way to put extra money in Anik Singal’s undeserving pockets.

Verdict: 47/100
Rank: Not Legit!

When attempting to purchase or login to Profit Academy you will notice that Anik has used an online marketing technique, which is greatly beneficial to him in the future. By closing the doors on Profit Academy so soon, and making you enter your e-mail address, and offering you a free product in return (also known as The Circle Of Profit), he will have added you on to his e-mail list simply in order to continually promote more and more products to you. Essentially, you are the basis and foundation of all his online marketing profits.

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