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By | June 18, 2015

Name: AnimotoAnimoto Review


Price: Free To Try

Rank: 89/100

What Is It?

One of my favorite tools for video marketing is Animoto. Not only are the videos you produce fast and simple, but there are so many awesome options to choose from and the quality of the videos are great. Animotos videos are not only used for online marketing purposes, but for just about anything. Animoto is so reputable that the company has been featured in companies like NBC, The New York Times, CNN, and ABC.


How It Works?

The way Animoto works is what makes this a fabulous tool. When I first purchased the product, one aspect that made me hesitant were the potential technical difficulties I might have.

But unlike other products, Animoto makes video creation so easy. It’s awesome!

Step one when using Animoto is choosing a style and song. These can be easily changed and customized to your liking. In addition, it seems that the numbers of styles are just about endless.

Animoto Review

The next step is to upload your images and videos. These are then divided into different segments while the Animoto platform takes the video creation process into its own hands. The great thing about this is that there is no hassle involved. Anyone can literally product an amazing looking video in 5 minutes or less. This makes the video creation process easy and fun.

From there you can customize the length of the song, delete or add an image or video, and even change the style if you want. The result is a wonderfully beautiful video made out of the media you uploaded. In addition, Animoto can create videos just from images alone, which is a fantastic feature. Meaning you do not need any video clips to produce a great video.Animoto Review

The resulting video can then be uploaded right to YouTube from the Animoto platform after it is produced. In addition, you have the option to download this video to your desktop in a variety of resolution options, as well as in high-definition and shared among various social media platforms.


How Much Is It?

Animoto has several purchasing options used for different purposes. The first option is for Personal use. Priced at $7.99 per month, many find this to be a steal. You can also try the Animoto platform for free and for as long as you want. The downside to this is all your video’s will be watermarked with the Animoto logo.

When it comes to the premium options however, you can produce an unlimited number of HD Quality video’s, choose from over 50 different video styles, 500 tracks, download to your computer, and even resell your videos to local clients.

Animoto Review

While the next upgrade is what they call to be for “professional use,” I think this is the best option for most because of the many options and the fact that they can be intertwined for both personal and professional purposes.

The professional upgrade is a little bit more expensive at $19.99 per month. The main difference here is it includes over 25 professional styles, 2,000 tracks, commercially licensed music, and a call-to-action button that directs users to either your website or promotion.

The last option are for Businesses. Only difference here is you can customize video’s with your own branded logo, additional tracks and styles, as well as 24 live support.


Who It’s For?

Animoto is a widely growing popular platform that’s been tried out by over 10 million users. This just comes to show how popular Animoto is becoming especially in the world of online marketing as well as for events. Animoto really can stand out to just about anyone.

Whether you’re looking to produce a video for a wedding, stand out to your clients in the real estate business, impress others at a birthday party, or even graduation, you can’t go wrong with Animoto. The product is especially great for YouTube users looking to create and upload video’s with total ease. I have yet to see a platform with the power, simplicity, and ease used by Animoto.


Animoto Pro’s

  • Video’s are fast and easy to make.
  • Can be uploaded to YouTube directly.
  • Quality is excellent.
  • So many options to choose from.
  • Can be downloaded and used from your iPhone, tablet, and cell phone.
  • Pricing starts cheap and includes a free trial.


Animoto Con’s

  • Videos are not as customizable as other more complex products.
  • Must upgrade to remove Animoto watermark.
  • No phone support unless you purchase business upgrade.


Animoto Overview

I don’t think I would have bought into Animoto if not for the free trial. Despite the lack of phone support for professional use, Animoto video creation is simple. In addition, I really liked how enjoyable it was to create these highly-inspiring videos. The way these videos were produced made me feel more of a professional and were definitely worth sharing.

The ability to share these across just about any social media platform like your Facebook Page, YouTube, Instagram, among others was such a great feeling. The simple steps involved along with the high definition and easy to produce video’s makes Animoto one of the top video marketing platforms available on the internet. It’s no wonder they have their own patented technology!



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