Anthony Morrisons Email Domination Review – Is It Legit?

By | July 7, 2015

Name: Email DominationEmail Domination Review


Owner: Anthony Morrison

Price: $67

Rank: 88/100 – Legit!

What Is It?

Email marketing is a great way of earning an online income, but it needs to be done correctly. This product by Anthony Morrison will teach you how to focus on a targeted niche, begin building a list, and sending out e-mails with high open rates and conversions.

The way you make money is by educating your list. By building up a sense of trust and telling them what they need to know, they’ll in-turn buy recommended products that you promote by using an affiliate network.

The only problem with Email Domination is that it probably won’t suit everyone. For one, you’ll need a foundation and a source of reliable traffic. Without being able to build up your list on a consistent basis, it will be harder to get started.

How Much Is It?

Email Domination is offered at a reasonable price of $67. Because it is offered on affiliate networks like JVZoo there is a 30 day money back guarantee which you can request from the affiliate network itself.

In addition, you’ll be getting access to a lot of quality training and modules to help you get your e-mail marketing campaigns off the ground quickly and effectively.

Email Domination Training

#1. Inbox “Multiplier” Software

#2. Email Domination Training For Beginners

#3. My Email Domination – Advanced Training

#4. My $1,000,000 Case Study

#5. My $100,000 CPA Mailing Case Study

#6. My $89,000 Click Selling Case Study

#7. My $168,000 “They Didn’t Buy Case Study”

#8. My $2,000 T-Shirt Selling Campaign Case Study

#9. Access to 6 Elite Profits Live Webinars

#10. Real Support From Real People

What I Like About The Training

The training offered by Email Domination is very in-depth and will show Email Domination Reviewyou from start to finish how you can begin making money using e-mail marketing. More importantly, are the case studies. This is a great way to learn from millionaire Anthony Morrison what he did to turn his dreams into success.

Although, I don’t exactly believe he made $1,000,000 over night from one campaign, he offers some excellent training that uses CPA strategies. CPA stands for cost per action and basically allows you to get paid for every action taken by a consumer.

So for example, if you’re promoting a certain product on a CPA network, you can get paid just for someone filling out their e-mail!

In addition, he shows you how to make money with your list by just selling clicks. Otherwise known as Solo Ads this can be a great way to start your e-mail marketing business if for any reason your consumers or list are not being responsive. Last but not least, the “They Didn’t Buy Case Study” is another great lesson that shows you situations as to why your list may not be responding to your campaigns.

Who It’s For?

Email Domination is best suited for people who already have a foundation that’s getting traffic on a daily basis. If you still don’t have a website, I recommend first checking out Wealthy Affiliate.

But for those looking to expand their website and increase their income potential, Email Domination may be a great starting point.

The other option is to begin building a list using Facebook. So if you don’t have a website, but have some extra money to spend on PPC, this can be a very effective strategy that is also taught in the Email Domination platform.

Email Domination Overview

One reason I like Email Domination is because its being taught by a highly reputable online marketer. These are methods that he used to get his own online business off the floor. In addition, this is a thorough product that focuses on not just one method, but many.

More importantly, this course will be beneficial to individuals who have struggled with online marketing in the past. If you’re looking for high open rates and skyrocketed conversions, than Email Domination is likely for you.. On the other hand, if you have yet to get a bit of traffic, which you will definitely need, I recommend first and foremost, you check out Wealthy Affiliate!

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