Are Paid To Clicks (PTC’s) a Smart Way Of Making Money?

By | April 25, 2016

Introduction Into Paid To Click Products

When I first started online marketing, I started out with one of the most liberal ways of making money online and that Is Paid To Click a Smart Way Of Earning?was with PTC’s. The reason I label it as liberal is because I wasn’t making a whole lot of money with PTC’s. At times, I doubted whether or not these paid to clicks were benefiting me in any way.

Eventually I came to realize that Paid To Click was only touching the surface of what online marketing had to offer. Nevertheless, I consistently gave these PTC’s a try as I felt like my rented referrals had me going somewhere. I then came to the realization that I was losing more money than I was making, which is one reason why I decided to create this post.

For the most part, payouts and withdrawals by paid to click sites tend to be very minimal and some PTC’s even turn out to be scams. I’ve tried many of them – from Clixsense, Neobux, to Ojooo, you name it. But my luck was running thin and I’d like to tell you the reasons as to why that happened to be the case.


Why I Was Losing Money With PTC’s

There are a number of reasons I was losing and not making money with paid to clicks..

Reason #1. Out Of Business:

One of the most annoying factors for me as to why I found myself not actually getting withdrawals dispersed into my bank account was the fact that some of these PTC’s were either going out of business or scamming people out of their withdrawals.

Despite even having upgraded to some kind of premium membership or plan, I’d find myself not properly receiving my payout. Even with PTC’s that were still operating, I still found myself not receiving any withdrawals at times and had happened on several occasions with Ojooo, for example.

Reason #2. Renting Referrals: Are PTC's a Smart Way Of Making Money?

One of the most popular methods PTC’s make their money is by allowing their members to rent referrals. Simply allowing members to do this greatly increases the likeliness that PTC is a scam.

It is impossible for both parties to make money with this technique, which is something I wish I realized back then and the reason as to why you’ll see more legitimate paid to clicks like Clixsense avoid using this tactic altogether.

Reason #3. Minimal Earnings:

If there’s any reason at all to avoid using paid to clicks, it should be how minimal the earnings always tend to be. No matter what you’re trying to do.. Whether it is referring new users or direct referrals to that PTC, clicking on PTC advertisements, or even taking surveys or filling out offers, PTC earnings continually tend to be on the small scale. This is even made more readily apparent by simply taking a look at any sort of recent payment proofs made to users on PTC sites. You’ll notice that the withdrawals are always very small and can rarely ever provide a full-time income.


How Much Can You Earn With Direct Referrals?

Getting direct referrals is undoubtedly the best strategy to help maximize your PTC earnings. But even in that case, PTC commissions aren’t very large. Some of the best PTC referral plans are included in the more popular PTC’s like Clixsense where it incorporates a downline where you can get paid on 8 different levels.

Therefore, if your referrals also refer users, you can paid on their actions as well. But, for the most part, PTC referral commissions are still lower than a lot other affiliate marketing opportunities out there.


Example Of Clixsense Referral Commission Plan

#1. PTC Ad Click Commissions

Clixsense allows you to have unlimited referrals that (similar to other Clixsense Referral Commission ExamplePTCs), pays you each time they click and view an advertisements. One of the major drawbacks here however, is the fact you get paid only fractions of a penny for some of the ads they view. Micro advertisements for example, only earn you $0.0002!

#2. Referral Sign-Up Commissions

Another way of getting paid with direct referrals is a sign-up commission once they’ve reached a certain threshold in their earnings. Clixsense for example, pays out $1.00 in commissions per sign-up once they’ve hit $5.00 and $2.00 commissions if they’ve hit $10.00 in earnings.. Still a very low commission rate though as you can see.

#3. Offers, Surveys, & Tasks

Aside from being able to make commissions of viewed paid to click advertisements, many users will also resort to completing offers, surveys, and tasks. But as you can guess, commissions here aren’t all that high neither. The commission rates per completed task or offer is almost always in the 5% to 10% range, thus earning you no more than a few cents at best.

#4. Premium Membership Upgrades

Last but not least are premium membership upgrades that allow you to earn when a referral of yours upgrades their membership. This is supposedly the best way to earn with any paid to click, but I find that overall earnings still don’t make any of these PTC’s worth the time, energy, or effort invested. Clixsense only offers a measly $1.00 to $2.00 for each member who upgrades their membership.


Are PTC’s a Smart Way Of Making Money?

Absolutely not and I don’t recommend using paid to clicks solely as a way of earning money online. One thing it can be good for however, is for promoting your own websites or offers due to the cost-effectiveness of their advertising services.

Otherwise, your time and energy shouldn’t be spent here with paid to click sites, especially because many of them don’t even tend to sustain in the long-run and can even scam you in the end. There are much more efficient ways of making money online and PTC’s simply are not one of them.


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