Auto Affiliate Program Review – Is Automation The Answer?

By | September 9, 2015

Name: Auto Affiliate ProgramAuto Affiliate Program Review - Is Automation The Answer?


Price: $47 per month

Rank: 20/100 – Scam.

What Is It?

Auto Affiliate Program by Steven Hall promises to give you a fully automated affiliate program in just 7 minutes. How is this possible you ask? Personally I’m not sure. But the entire premise of this product is to give you your own free e-books. In-turn by promoting this e-book and handing it off to other people, you’ll be promoting Auto Affiliate Program.

Inside the e-book contains information on how they can also setup their own automated affiliate business. If they’re interested, they click on your link and can get started with Auto Affiliate Program. While the idea itself might not sound too bad, its the actual effectiveness that’s put into question.

How Much Is It?

The so-called ‘set and forget’ system will cost you $47 per month to get started. I know, for a product that lacks any decent training and support, I would say that this is a bit pricey. For $47 per month, why not go for something like Wealthy Affiliate where you can actually build a legitimate business!

How It Works?

Auto Affiliate Program is in my opinion, just a spammy way of trying to make money online Auto Affiliate Program - Is Automation The Key?and that rarely ever works out. While it could be great to have a bundle of e-books for your online business, it won’t be enough to make you successful. Just having
some e-books on hand does not constitute an online business.

Without the targeted traffic and visitors, who will you give this e-book to? So while Steve Hall claims this entire business is fully automated, it’s not even close! You could have all the e-books in the world, but in the end, it all comes down to whether you even have traffic.


If by chance you become successful with this program, you can expect to get paid a 50% commission on sales, made through Clickbank. The nice thing about the payments are that they are on a recurring monthly basis.. That’s if the members actually do stay!

Is It Worth The $47 Price Tag?

Auto Affiliate Program is nowhere near worth that price (unless you need a lot of e-books)! While they do have some decent affiliate commissions and payout, the simple claim this thing is fully automated is far from the truth. Moreover, many consumers have complained that this product simply does not live up to the value given. To make money with this system you’re going to need to constantly be giving away this e-book and who says anyone’s going to read it. In order to become successful online, it’s important you have traffic and your giving away value.

Without value, nobody is going to trust you and in-turn they won’t buy from you. What you’re really selling here is for them to do the same exact thing as you.. Giving away e-books with affiliate links in them. To me, I’m not sure how many people are going to buy something they might not even be searching for. I think Auto Affiliate Program is too overhyped in my opinion and while it does sound like a semi-decent idea, I also don’t like how they tell you it’s all automated.

There are too many con’s in this system. If it was priced at $7, maybe I’d go a little easier on them, but the fact is $47 here to start a business that you’re likely not going to do much with is much too pricey! For something more legitimate that I believe can help you, check out Wealthy Affiliate!


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