Auto Cash Secrets 2015 Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 13, 2015

Name: Auto Cash Secret SoftwareAuto Cash Secret Scam Review


Price: “Free” with a catch!

Rank: 0/100 – SCAM!

What Is Auto Cash Secrets?

Auto Cash Secrets is a recent 2015 online marketing development, which claims that by using their “unique algorithm” software, you can make an unlimited amount of income.

Auto Cash Secret Software Claims & Red Flags:

As soon as you enter the auto cash secret website, you will notice a large number of red flags that immediately stick out allowing us to question the legitimacy of this product.

Here are some of the red flags which tells us how bad of a scam Auto Cash Secrets Software truly is:

Red Flag #1:

Auto Cash Secret Scam Review

“The First Fully Automated Software That’s Created 30 Millionaires So Far..”

This tagline on the website is not only a terribly over-exaggerated claim, but a complete dishonest and unethical way of going about getting your attention, for a product and software that literally doesn’t do anything, but make commissions off you.

Red Flag #2:

Auto Cash Secret Scam Review

“19 Spaces Left”

In the bottom right corner of the homepage, something else you might notice is that the software claims to have only a certain number of copies left.

The longer you stay on the homepage, you will notice this number slowly decreasing, and is used a schemey tactic to get your attention and interest and have you fill out your e-mail address.

Nevertheless, one interesting thing you might come to notice, is that by timing the number of spaces left as it decreases, that each time interval is exactly the same!

Red Flag #3:

The biggest rad flag of all though in regards to using Auto Cash Secrets is by scrolling down to the bottom, and taking a look at other members earnings.Auto Cash Secret Scam Review

To simply buy into this useless software is nonetheless far from a wise thing to do.

In addition, you will notice that these member earnings are all approximately the same, and have allegedly all been produce in the past week alone..!

Auto Cash Secrets Fake Income Proofs:

Barry Dingle Made..


David Miles Made..


Steve Johns Made..


Andrew Smith Made..


How Auto Cash Secrets Really Works..?

Hence, you are probably wondering by this point how this really dumb software really works.

It works by exploiting the binary option trading niche, and attempts to convince you to download this free software.

Price To Join?

After doing so, you will be required to then deposit a minimum amount of $250.

This is the exact amount of money you would need to get started with a binary options broker.

Essentially, because you would be depositing your money into Auto Cash Secrets fake software, they would become your binary options broker, and as a result, be eligible to make commissions off each and every deposit.

That is why, they use all these red flags in order to really try and convince you, to capture your e-mail for future promotions, but most of all, to tell you that by using this free software you can make an unlimited income.. But that is all completely false, and the furthest lie from the truth imaginable!

Auto Cash Secrets Software Overview

So can you trust Auto Cash Secrets?

Obviously not!

This is all just another binary option trading scheme that is scamming people left and right out of their money.

The chances of you making any money is very slim, since better in the binary trade options market gives you less than a 50% chances of making any money, and is no different than simply gambling all your money away.

For a more legitimate online income solution, please see my #1 income-earning recommendation!

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