Auto Recruiting Platform Review – Not So Recommended..!

By | December 3, 2014
Product: Auto Recruiting Platform
(by Prosperity Formula)
Overall Rank: Not Recommended.


What Is The Auto Recruiting Platform and Can It Help You In Your Business?

That is the question we’ll be trying to answer today. I found this system while searching the internet lately and happened to find an increasing amount of hype surrounding this system. Primary reason being that it is a platform that has seemingly broken the barriers into the “Mobile Marketing” sector.

This is indeed a very big and popularly growing method of advertising. Question is, can the Auto Recruiting Platform offer you anything that’s in particularly helpful, and if so, is this a legitimate worthwhile investment for you?

Auto Recruiting Platform Sales Funnel

Very similar to many of the highly popular network marketing platforms that are consistently plaguing the world of internet marketing, Auto Recruiting Platform takes a shortcut approach in gaining attention through means of entering the “Mobile Arena.” While this at first glance looks to be more unique and less ordinary than the approaches made by MLM geared products like Empower Network, WakeUpNow, and Prosperity Formula, can and how does the Auto Recruiting Platform guarantee you leads?

Essentially this is done very similarly to most of the MLM products out there today and is done through what is called a Sales Funnel. Here is what the Auto Recruiting Platform Sales Funnel looks like:

  1. SMS Subscribers: Through utilizing Auto Recruits Platforms automated opt-ins and leads, you’re essentially given a list of subscribers, in which you are allowed to contact via 2-way texting. This supposedly allows you to start building up a list of potential business leads.
  2. CMS Automate: This is an Auto Recruiting Platform technology that gives its buyers the capability to view in real-time where each of your subscribers happen to be along the sales route. It shows you whether or not your prospect or lead is going through the process of a potential purchase or have seemingly forgot or discontinued with the buying process altogether. Essentially this allows you to pick up where you left off and go back to step one, in which you can begin speaking with them via text.
  3. Video Hosting: This gives you unlimited bandwidth to produce your own videos which you can send out for your leads to see. It’s supposedly used as a “fascinating” alternative to having wasted your time picking up the phone and talking to each one of them. Hence, you can produce your video, and “set and forget,” to be sent out to your Auto Recruiting Platform opt-ins.

Auto Recruiting Sales Funnel Benefits & Exemplary Technique:

The supposed benefit of the Auto Recruiting Sales Funnel is to simply summarize, give you the ability to literally avoid constant human interaction with others, when attempting to sell a product or service, whether it be the Auto Recruiting Platform itself or your own business.

Hence, its easy to see why so many people may have found such a great potential interest in a platform like this. With every amazing thing, such as this supposed and apparent “Complete Automation” tool, you must realize and see if and what the catch is. Are there any strings attached? If so, what are they?

Nonetheless, you may be just as confused as I first was when trying to understand how the Auto Recruting Platform Sales Funnel works in the first place. I know my personal confusion was a bit spiked after looking into the “CMS Automate” aspect. Essentially, all this truly means is that the Auto Recruiting Platform basically will simply send you either a text or some kind of notification to give you a better understanding if you have a lead that has shown some sudden interest by moving along this funnel. What gets to me however, is how big or long must a sales funnel be, in order to make a sale or opt-in.

As far as my knowledge goes it’s usually no more than a simple 3, sometimes 5 step process, and if it were for some case or reason to be even more than that, I believe talking to your actual lead should be in order.

Example, I know that if I was about to purchase insurance on my own life, whether it be even a term policy, I would much rather be talking to a sales specialist in person. Or anything along a big decision or that would require more than a certain sum of money from me.

My point being, I’m just not quite sure how seriously I would be taking some automated texts from the person on the other side. This then also begs the question, how are these leads in anyway targeted, and also why does the Auto Recruiting Platform itself bother you first and foremost before anything, with entering in your very own personal Phone Number… Is it so they may as well add you to this list of prospect or leads to be used at a later date?

Auto Recruiting Platforms Prices, Cost, & Monthly Packages

Now let’s take a look into how much the Auto Recruiting Platform Memberships go for. If you’ve already attempted or have indeed bought this product, I’m sure you’ve become already very well aware with the number of memberships being offered. They certainly are not limited by any means, and have simply shown to offer a wide variety of “resources” seemingly made up for the benefit of offering the product at a higher than average price. They indeed offer some high-ticketed price products here and has thus made the importance of putting in some very vital research a priority here.

Auto Recruiting Platforms 5 Different Memberships:

  1. STARTER: Starts at a cost of $99/Monthly! Given that it is a mobile platform software, it should be noted that the product of course would only offer its services at a monthly fee. Services include your ability to contact a manager. Atleast we know there seems to be some support here, which is good. Sales Funnel, limited to just 1. What that means is when you produce a sales funnel, you have the ability to customize it in a variety of ways and techniques. Hence, when marketers try to capture their audience, its usually a high-priority to create it in a fashion that will capture the attention in the strongest way possible. Therefore, I see the starter membership is not a very optimal way to go, if you really were to take this serious. Another aspect is you cannot create your own custom sales funnel. Another downer if you were to try and create something more personalized to the business you are promoting. You get 200 SMS subscribers per month. While that looks to be like a good number of leads to work with, question arises of whether these leads are noteworthy! What if they’re fake, for all we know? Also, you get 5 videos to create, host, and send to your subscribers.
  2. INTERMEDIATE: Starting at $199/Monthly, instead of 1 sales funnel, you now have the option to choose from 3.  You still however, do not have the ability to create any customized ones. Also, rather than getting 200 SMS Subscribers, you now have 500. That’s a nice boost! Also, 15 videos to host.
  3. ADVANCED: (Recommended!) Starting at $399/monthly! WOW, now that’s quite the chunk change. For only 1 customized sales funnel, that’s a bit cheap of them. Though you do get double the amount of SMS subscribers. While 1,000 seems to be more than a fair number of leads, it’s still fair to ask where these leads are coming from. Also, imagine if 100 consumers were buying this product per month, 100 x 1,000 leads = 100,000 Leads Total. However, we should predict that there could be triple that, atleast. So where do these leads come from..? That is the biggest question at play here and I find is what would MAKE or BREAK this product.
  4. GURU: Starting at $599/monthly. Double the leads, 45 videos, 9 optional sales funnel, only 3 customizable sales funnels.
  5. CORPORATE: $799/Monthly, with 5,000 potential leads, 15 optional sales funnels, and 5 customizable funnels. Use up to 75 various videos to host.

Auto Recruiting Platform Overview: Scam Or Legit?

To summarize my opinion on the Auto Recruiting Platform, I must say I am much more impressed with the actual idea than the actual overall implementation. I do like how they implemented a proper sales funnel, and have optimized the many aspects surrounding mobile, given the fact EVERYONE is on mobile now. I also like the idea of being able to create and send out videos.

However at the same time there are a few things that I not only dislike about this product, but makes me more than just extremely sketchy.

1. The whole idea around the creation of the Auto Recruiting Platform is to try and build something as automated as possible for you. The more automated, the less work for you. That is, the more traffic (or SMS consumers, opt-ins, and leads) you attain, the higher likeliness you’ll make sales. Hence, the overall product was developed around the fact and idea of selling you (Guaranteed) consumer leads. Everything else in addition that has been added seemingly is used to increase the price along with your monthly mobile traffic.

2.  How do your consumers know what they’ve even opted-in for? To be advertised to randomized services? Therefore, with the 1000’s of various businesses out there, these make the Auto Recruiting Platform opt-ins to be highly unlikely to end up purchasing whatever your service is.

Nonetheless, it surprises me to see how far the platform has gone in creating memberships that try and attempt to serve at the “Corporate” level. I believe this is nothing but a merely proven tactic to show how far the company is willing to go to look as highly LEGIT as can be.

On the contrary, what this company truly needs is an EFFECTIVE way of obtaining HIGHLY-TARGETED leads and opt-ins to your business. Instead it seems all the Auto Recruiting Platform is doing to attain your “prequalified guaranteed” leads is using its very own website and capture page system, to have you enter in your own phone number to get to the next page.

Seems a bit funny and ironic, don’t you think? They’re not even asking for a name or anything. All they want from you on that first page of their website is your PHONE number so that it can be included into the packages people are paying for.

Overall Verdict: Potential Scam – Not Recommended!

Rank: 10/100

In order to attain effective and highly-targeted traffic, I recommend a more legitimate opportunity that will allow you to consistently increase your traffic. Regardless of whether your an offline business, and individual salesperson, or a person looking to make a higher online income, please check out my review down below.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, make sure to let me know. Leave a comment down below!

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