Automated Paydays Scam Review

By | February 22, 2015

Name: Automated PaydaysAutomated Pay Days Scam Review


Owners: Jamie Shaw & Rob Benwell,

Rank: 37/100

What Is Automated Paydays?

Jamie Shaw and Rob Benwell’s product, Automated Paydays offers to coach individual members how to go about creating their own online income in exchange for a one-time cost membership fee.

This review will help to cover the essentials and everything you need to know about the product before deciding whether or not to join.

Moreover, Automated Paydays greatly focuses on making money as an affiliate marketer and go on to claim in teaching how one can begin to produce a six figure yearly income with it.

What’s Included In Automated Paydays?

There are over 20 sections in which the product is split up in.

The very first helps you learn how you can get started by:

1) Finding and choosing your own profitable niche.

2) Finding and choosing specific products and/or services within that niche to promote.

3) Learning how to begin attracting traffic and visitors to your new “niche specific” website.

Automated Pay Days Scam Review

Within the first section of Automated Paydays, you will also come to find a variety of resources to effectively help teach and show you how to get in started in detail..

These resources contain:

– PDF & Getting Starting E-book Reports

– Video Tutorials

– Audio Podcasts

All in which help show you a variety of strategies in helping you get started with your own online presence.

The second section of Automated Paydays continues right off the first by showing you how to start building your niche specific website.

This is done by:

1) Learning how to properly write content (e.g. also known as consistent blogging).

2) Learning how to get backlinks from other higher authority websites and sources.

3) Other strategies to help you build and attain more traffic to your niche specific website to begin helping you earn your own online income.

Automated Pay Days Scam Review

Nevertheless, Automated Paydays has been titled to be automated for a reason; that is by following the lessons that are given above, you can essentially begin to build a variety of niche specific websites that will help you attain traffic and make sales more easily, or what the product owners like to call, on “automation.”

Is Automated Paydays a Scam?

No, not necessarily….

In-fact I found Automated Paydays to be a much more legitimate product in nature than 99% of other products out there today.

That was until I did my due diligence and went through the product a bit more thoroughly only to find out the following:

1) Majority of the content is made up of PLR content – That is Private Label Rights content, purchased by other online marketers, and used to create your own product to sell to the masses.

2) Complete lack of proper organization, direction, and lack of specificity.

3) Almost zero to no proper mentorship.

Very Few Solid Benefits..

1 – They don’t promise nor guarantee any fast cash, money, or immediate income.

2 – They realize hard work is in order first before you can start to see any results from your own effort.

3 – Instead of choosing some MLM based structure opportunity, they have developed a product more legitimate in nature, by teaching and showing you the ropes on how any individual can learn, get started, and eventually earn as an experienced affiliate marketer!

Con’s of This Product:

Just like any product however, not one has proven to be perfect! Despite the pre-mentioned disadvantages above of Automated Paydays, I also feel they exaggerate quite a bit on some of these points, for example:

1 – They claim you may start to see some significant results in just a few months.

In most-cases, it genuinely will take a bit longer to begin seeing significant results, and this is due to Google and other search engines giving your website time and recognizing you as an authoritative ranking website.

2 – Again, one of their initial taglines is in helping you produce a 6-figure yearly salary in no time.

I believe that this takes a one-year minimum, for any one to achieve, regardless of how hard they work.

– While the product does offer some solid training, with owners who should be nothing but exceptional in their own motives, I believe that consistent mentorship and community help is in order to help get any affiliate marketing moving.

For example, faced many hurdles alone at first, and if it wasn’t for my sole ability to ask a community full of tons of experts in various specified fields, there is no way this website would have seen success in its first 5-month period.

But it’s a result of finding a trustworthy community, full of active participants that gave me great further leverage in my own ability to succeed with any niche online.


Even thinking and finding of a profitable niche at first can be very difficult at first, but because I had a community to help me at a moment’s notice, I found myself in the best hands anyone could ask for!

Here Is What I Mean!

-> The addition of its endless number of models proves a huge lack of organization.

While this may not be a con in itself, it just comes to show that as a startup online product, you may have a hard-time getting all the necessities you need first-handedly.

Example: If I were to compare this side-by-side with a better known product like Wealthy Affiliate, whose reputation seems to exceed all day after day, then I would surely consider going with the latter!

Automated Paydays Overview!

So, is this product a scam and can it make you money?

In my opinion, while I believed initially Automated Paydays product felt more legitimate in nature initially, the fact its been made up of nothing but lousy PLR content with lack of structure makes this product feel even more off the wagon than I would have concluded.

Verdict: Scam!
Rank: 37/100

Your Alternative!

As you can see both Automated Paydays could barely pull off a single legitimate course on teaching you how to create an income using affiliate marketing!

All this product is made up of one PLR product after the next.. Apparently no work, coaching, or mentorship has been involved in the creation of this product and has been put up simply for its own profit.

Nevertheless, it is always in my own personal preference to help you out with as best of a reputable and legitimate online product as it gets!

One that proves time after time to never fail and has helped thousands upon thousands on end, earn an online marketing income and living through simple ten minute video courses.

Therefore, check out my #1 recommended alternative to Profit Academy & Automated Paydays.

Thank you and I hope this has helped in every way possible.

Regardless of the choices you make as an online marketer, know this, always choose affiliate marketing first and foremost, above all.

Everything else, such as MLM, network marketing, usually call out some big kind of scheme or scam, and can take you way too many years to begin earning any kind of legitimate online income.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand, can and will reduce the amount of time to make a full-time income, by your first 6th month mark – That is, if you choose which product wisely to mentor you the best! :)

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