Automated Sales Intelligence Review – Scam Or Legit?

By | August 20, 2015

Name: Automated Sales Intelligence


Price: $49

Rank: 50/100


What Is It?

Automated Sales Intelligence is a newly released online marketing company also known as ASI.

It’s aim is in trying to help you build your own work from home business by setting up a completely automated sales system. But unlike most other conventional companies out there focusing on MLM and networking, ASI is more like a company that helps to strengthen your tools by offering you a custom built in sales funnel.

The outcome is supposed to help you build what they call a high volume residual income that could essentially pay you for many years to come. In this Automated Sales Intelligence review, we’re going to take a look and see what they have to offer and whether or not this is a legitimate opportunity.

Getting Started

The first thing that bothered me with Automated Sales Intelligence was having to hand over my phone number just to get access.automated sales intelligence review - scam or legit?
This made me feel a bit less comfortable giving them over my personal information, but I did it anyways in order to see what was inside.

Afterwards, I was immediately billed $49.00 almost like it was out of nowhere. That so-called “demo” they said I would be getting apparently was no longer apart of the offer..

More importantly, I did not know what Automated Sales Intelligence really consisted of at this time. All I knew at this point that this business would consist of sending out texts and SMS messages to others, which had me a bit weary.

How It Works?

Step 1. The first step taken with Automated Sales Intelligence will require you to enter in a cell phone number. You’ll then get a text message with a pin that you can use to get into the system.

Step 2. You are then told to “Apply Now” by entering in all your personal and billing information to get access into ASI.

Step 3. Gain access to their System Reseller and Custom Sales Funnel system.

1) Custom Sales Funnel

As shown in one of their videos the main emphasis here with Automated Sales Intelligence is really based upon helping you to automate your MLM or affiliate marketing opportunity. I think the main goal with the tools and resources inside are to help you automated sales intelligence review - scam or legit?connect with your own leads on a personal level and hopefully, increase your sales and conversion rates.

What it does not help with is your ability to attain traffic, which is needed for any successful online marketing business. But I believe that Automated Sales Intelligence may be able to prove useful to a number of people out there with MLM businesses and many leads already in place.

An example of how Automated Sales Intelligence could be used is by importing your leads into the ASI system and sending out texts or SMS to all your MLM leads. It’s important to also think that the majority of individuals may not want to be spoken to on their cell phones and may not be ready to hand out their numbers.

2) System Reseller

Their System Reseller program basically gives you access to resell Automated Sales Intelligence to other similar network marketers out there. By showing them the benefits of the system and how it can be of help, this could become an additional side business of yours. The only way to be accepted into this program is by signing up for ASI and paying the $49 fee.

Automated Sales Intelligence Overview – What’s The Verdict?

I’m not exactly sure if I would title Automated Sales Intelligence as a total scam, despite a few signs that do seem to lead to it. For example, you don’t exactly know or understand what you’re getting until you are actually in the system. This consists of you having to enter in your phone number, which I don’t really agree with. And the next step that requires you to pay $49 up-front without being aware of what you’re getting.

I usually don’t trust anything that charges me out the gate. On the other hand, they do seem to have a “Refund Inquiry” button down below, which is a plus.

Nonetheless, Automated Sales Intelligence really mostly relies on the use of SMS and texting in order to attract new leads and builds the majority of your custom sales funnel. Their automated texting technology may prove to be useful to a number of business out there – both local and possibly network marketers. Then again, if introduced to the wrong individuals they may get the wrong idea about what this business really is about. Thing is, it really depends on who this system will really appeal to.

If you’re looking at this as a way to build a business out of nothing, I would be cautious going in.

How you get your leads is really down to you. ASI really mostly helps with how you connect with your leads. After you have their information and phone number, you can then steer them into whatever opportunity you wish. You just have to think though, depending on your business, how many of those leads would be interested in giving out their phone numbers.

To give you an example, if I had say a Pizza Shop in place, Automated Sales Intelligence could become a big asset to me. I could send out texts to my customers and let them know of upcoming deals and such. But if I was looking for an online opportunity and didn’t have a good starting point, this might be a difficult opportunity to get involved with. Another way though you could make money with ASI is by joining the System Reseller in advance and selling it to other individuals and companies.

ASI may be able to help you look like you have a more legitimate business in place. So I believe ASI is best suited to more advanced network marketers who have a lot of experience and a lot of leads in place whom they can contact. What I don’t like about this opportunity (and that’s just me) is having to get and contact other people’s phone numbers and such. If you have a plan and know what you would use this system for, give it a go.

But if you don’t like the idea of contacting other people’s cell phones and would still like to see a solid starting point to begin your own legitimate marketing business, here’s what I recommend!



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  1. Tom

    Thank you for this great review Peter! Helped me steer clear of this system! I own no Pizza shop, so this system would be useless for me. And charging US$49 without any preinformation!?? Have a nice day! :)


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