Automatic Mobile Cash Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | February 4, 2015

Product: Automatic Mobile Cashautomatic mobile cash scam
Type: Mobile App; Revenue Ad sharing
Price: $25 Per Network Package
Rank: Scam!

What Is Automatic Mobile Cash?

Automatic Mobile Cash is a new online ad-share revenue sharing product. It is a product that claims you can be earning $300 per day by consistently purchasing, what they like to call, a “Network Package” which costs $25 each.

However, my investigation into Automatic Mobile Cash gradually proved to be increasingly sketchy the more I found out about what the product is saying it offers along with how you could potentially profit from them.

Automatic Mobile Cash “APP Developments“?

Much of today’s trends have been looking well into the development of mobile applications, trying to reach out to consumers through mobile apps and devices.

While this type of marketing is all well and fine, I immediately ran into a few problems with Automatic Mobile Cash; problems that I believe deal primarily with the dishonesty of the product.

Making $300 Per Day Using Automatic Mobile Cash?

The question therefore lies upon the fact and method of how you as a potential individual could begin earning with this company.

According to their company policy, earnings are apparently produced by development of each app they create, as stated:

“Every time an app we develop or one of our partner’s develops, you’ll receive a payment from each sale. We currently sell 1,000’s of mobile applications each and everyday so this will add up very fast.”

Now any intelligent individual would ask the question how and why the heck in the world would this “automatic mobile cash app” company want to pay me, a certain sum of their own profits!

I’ll tell you why..

The reason is it has nothing to do with the development of actual mobile applications that would result in your potential profit.

As previously stated above, these $25.00 Network Packages immediately call out, “Ponzi Scheme!”

There is no surprise that there are countless number of online company start-ups today that have no problem hiding their actual source of revenue and payouts.

Automatic Mobile Cash, essentially is called automatic for one reason only, and that is its ultimate dependency upon the payments of new members to begin paying out shares to its oldest members. A great example of a recent company guilty for stealing the money of 1,000’s of its members is, LetsHaveCash..

And although, they didn’t use mobile apps as their “back-up product,” the fact remains, both these ad-share revenue companies are something to be highly weary of.

Why Use Mobile Apps As Their Product?

From my point of view, using the idea of developing “fake mobile apps,” apps that don’t exist to begin with by this company, is an easy way to get people into joining this Automatic Mobile Cash company.

In addition, using Mobile Apps could prove to be a useful method in minimizing the chances of getting shut-down or caught for the companies own fraudulent behavior and tactics.

Automatic Mobile Cash Guarantees!

Another thing that I find significant to mention in the case of this company is that they specifically state: “Automatic Mobile Cash Does Not Guarantee Any Kind Of Profit Or Fixed Rate In Return.” Thus, their ability to use their so-called thousands of Mobile App sales allows for a great way to scheme people into a company.

Last but not least, if they suddenly lacked the necessary and constant payments of new $25 “Network Packages,” the company than has the upper-hand advantage or rather excuse to shut-down all incoming/outgoing payments.

The Result?

Nothing but a complete and worthless adshare revenue ponzi scheme!

Before I wrap up my review here on Automatic Mobile Cash, I would like to point out some of the red flags being used in regards to how they are promoting this opportunity to potential consumers.

Red Flag #1: The first thing that caught my eye was seeing their scrolling Live Network Results, showing fake individuals making outrageously fake profits.. e.g, “Rachel just made $2665” ; “Robin just made $1039” ; “Alice just made $1905“; “Kathy just made $3154 ; “Frank just made $2251

How You Know Their Fake: Not sure if you can tell, but the names are very generic, in addition their Live Network Results continually keeps using more and more names with more and more various amount of unusually HIGH profits.. Rather than showing even just a minimal amount of say $20 or even $50, all these profits are shown to be very high.

What’s this prove? It proves Automatic Mobile Cash is nothing but a complete scam, that uses generic names with nothing but high profits to get people to joining into their Automatic Mobile Cash system.

One more test I did was signing in once every few hours, and guess what I saw as a result?

The SAME names with the same amount of profits being made!!

RED FLAG #2: “1089 People In (my small town), United States have collected Automatic Cash by joining our network!”

Really..? So what they’re ultimately saying is 1,089 individuals, from my small town of 20,000 people alone, have signed-up for this product.. Give me a break!

Automatic Mobile Cash Overview

There’s not much more to say or even conclude here for this company. As unbiased as this review was initially intended to be didn’t exactly pan out that way, as a result of so many individuals getting scammed more and more by an uprise of illegitimate companies like Automatic Mobile Cash… A company that is assuredly in just for the shortest term possible, to take money from its registrars, and leave with as much profit in-hand as they can.

What Now?

I know and understand what it’s like to get scammed online. That’s why I took responsibility for myself and seek out a way not to pay a company to allegedly try and make me profit $300 a day, but instead create something that could make me up to $3,000 per month – a full-time income!

However, unlike Automatic Mobile Cash, this money won’t be made automatically by any means and like anything in life requires just a decent amount of effort and work that will be just enough to having you create more income in your life than your average day job.

It is my all-time favorite and #1 recommendation that has taught me the ins and outs of LEGITIMATE online business.

Why is legitimacy so important..?

As the phrase goes, you reap what you sew, and just by creating your own website and blog with your own valued opinions providing information to the public, can create true wonders in your life. I recommend taking a look over my review and getting started for free.

You’re going to love it!

Thanks for reading this review on Automatic Mobile Cash, and until next time, make sure to leave a brief comment, opinion, or question below. I insist! :)

22 thoughts on “Automatic Mobile Cash Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. dan Kennedy

    I signed up and tried to contact support for some info but a link came up and said this is no longer avilable. Click here to resolve this. When I sent a message the support team got back to me and said they were a third party support company and had no contact information for this company, so be wary. I am glad I did not pay for anything before I contacted support.Beware!!!

    1. dan Kennedy

      Sorry I meant to add this with my comment but forgot. This is what I recieved from support from Automatic mobile cash support.

      The company you are trying to reach uses our software (osTicket) to easily manage their customer service and support. Please note, osTicket is a free, open source software that anyone can download from our site and run on their server. We have absolutely zero contact or information on the company nor do we host, maintain, support or assist the company with their help desk.

      Please contact the vendor/company directly. osTicket has no contact information or business relationship with the third parties using our software for customer support.

      I’m sorry that we aren’t able to assist you.

      Good Luck,

      1. Peter G. Post author

        I’m a bit surprised that the owners themselves do not offer support and really seem to have nothing to do with their own company!! Not cool if you ask me. This is just another big HYIP scam. Stay away everyone, unless you want a product with just about zero support!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry to hear about your experience with Automatic Mobile Cash.

      They deserve to get shut-down for all the money they’ve stolen.

      What a complete Ponzi scheme!

  2. Cindy

    I bought 2 network pkgs on 05-03-2015 and there is no activity whatsoever. I submitted tickets asking why but no response. I tried to submit another ticket but it won’t let me. Seems to be a scam. Just letting others know to beware.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you for sharing your experience Cindy. It’s why I advise against the majority of today’s HYIP products out there. More importantly than that, I just can’t believe they would still take your money!!

      I mean, it’s one thing for Automatic Mobile Cash to just shut-down, and another to be taking members money, while they are not paying out! That is utterly ridiculous, and I just can’t believe it.. I’m sorry to hear that Cindy. If there is anything I can do to help smooth out your experience as an online marketer, feel free to check back and leave me a comment.

      You might like to check out Wealthy Affiliate It’s known to boost both encouragement & motivation daily ;)

  3. Mario

    Hi all there.
    Don’t invest in automaticmobilecash. I did it as you can see $25.00 $0.00 2015-03-05 10:12:54
    Total Packages Purchased: $25.00
    Total Profit from Packages: $0.00

    Everyday I received a mail from customer support (which i regular email but doesn’t work at all) to remind me to buy if I want to make money even If I already bought it. Picture about them is clear.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Mario,

      Thank you for this critical and impertinent information regarding Automatic Mobile Cash.

      I believe that most the hype surrounding that product has took a sudden fall lately.

      A very short-lived product if I must say.. I hope most people took my advice!

      Sorry to all the individuals who resultantly got scammed. Becareful with these HYIP products..!

      They tend to be nothing but ponzi schemes that just come and go.. In order to be making a legitimate

      online income, I would greatly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate!



  4. Daniel

    Many thanks to you Peter. I had already signed up for Automatic Mobile Cash and i was to buy some packages last night but after several attempt to make the purchase Payza was not accepting the transaction so i decided to leave it and give it a try in the morning. This morning on a second thought i decided to check for a review about this company and i found yours. It has saved me some dollars.
    I was actually looking to do an investment where the start up would not be so much when i came across Automatic mobile Cash.
    Thanks from my heart Peter.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Your very welcome and many thanks to you for taking the time to provide your experience with Automatic Mobile Cash. I know it will be very beneficial and helpful to the many visitors who come across this review.

      Although, I am not the biggest believer in online HYIP’s as the great majority of them (over 90%) tend to fall out of business due to lack of consistent sales, My Advertising Pays has proved to be the best of them all.

      I won’t guarantee they will stay in business forever, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The owners are very reputable and helpful people as well and have created a number of avid fans these past two years, while putting many individuals in good profit.

  5. Jackie

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your review I was looking at the product earlier Automatic Mobile Cash and it looked too good to be true so I decided to find out the review. You have saved me from making a big mistake thank you.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Jackie,

      Pleasure is all mine. I’m glad to see my review has helped you from making a wrong decision. I agree, products that look too good to be true such as Automatic Mobile Cash tend to turn out to be some kind of ponzi scheme. In addition, I’ve been hearing quite a few complaints as of lately with payment processing gone wrong and so forth.


  6. James P

    Hey man, don’t be writing that AMC is a scam! Have u tried it yourself? I can tell u that I made almost $600 in a month so far with this program. Sure it’s not a guarantee that you will make money because nothing is. I love this program so far. Do I see it sticking around for a long time? Maybe not, but at least it does work so far. I hate people who right a bad review on something that they didn’t even try themselves and only to try to promote something else. How do I know what you are promoting is a scam? Exactly!

  7. Trus

    search long for this. And in a far way thinking I know it. Couse… Me is newcomer in www too.
    Do you know anyone in German how can help me to start make money in www?

  8. Darren Sumner

    I have spent a few months mainly looking at various opportunities and quite honestly I’m confused, found your page after looking for a review on Mobile Cash but then got sidelined by what you are saying about Wealthy Affiliate, this appears to be very very good and from what I read initially completely different than anything else because you do appear to genuinely care about people and not about ripping them off. I am unemployed at the moment so in a bad situation money wise but still hope I can start something from the ground up and make it work, I am new to working online really and new to marketing but have a keen interest in this.
    I look forward to your reply but please can you do me a big favour, please don’t pass my email address to anyone else and no spamming thank you..
    All the best..

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yea Darren absolutely, all your information is kept private and completely confidential. In-fact I have been getting one too many complaints upon this particular review.. Nonetheless, I greatly appreciate your compliment. I will take another look into Automatic Mobile Cash, but I just find it very hard to believe a company is trying to create an HYIP product by attempting to create sales off “1,000’s” of mobile apps.

      There is always a great chance that I could be wrong however, so don’t take my word for it. I’ve seen many companies like these come and go, LetsHaveCash for example, another but different HYIP company, which you can read over here may have been a factor that made me sway to my personal and opinionated conclusion.

      My comparison with Automatic Mobile Cash and Wealthy Affiliate, while yes may seem entirely irrelevant from each other at first, really have one very similar exception in common: They are both products that are used to facilitate online workers and home-based business owners create monetary income!

      Question is, what works and what doesn’t.. Is Automatic Mobile Cash products word, enough for you to go on? If so, be my guest, no one is stopping anyone, I am merely helping as many individuals I can from making a potentially wrongful mistake as I know before you know it, people all over the web are going to be talking great and amazing things about them regardless of the actual truth!

  9. keisha

    People are making money off this site. As far as the 3000 it is being made. When you get referrals they pay you a percent off of them. Don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the facebook group. Plenty of people have posted the payment proof pictures there. Why don’t you try it out. You will be glad you did.


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