AyuWage Review: Is This Opportunity Any Good?

By | January 11, 2016

AyuWage ReviewName: AyuWage

Website: www.ayuwage.com

Type: PTC/Paid To Click

Price: Free to join

Rank: 65/100

What Is It?

AyuWage is a PTC or Paid To Click website that pays you to complete small tasks. The majority of these tasks consist of you viewing other advertisements posted by individuals. Despite the small payouts however, this isn’t the only way you can earn with AyuWage.

One of the more popular methods of making money with PTC’s consist of individuals obtaining and/or renting direct referrals. By doing so you make a commission on each advertisement they click. AyuWage has been open since 2009 making them one of the more trustworthy PTC’s out today. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that AyuWage is your best option to making money online.

How Much Is It?

AyuWage is completely free to join. The only time you really need to pay anything is if you plan on advertising with the site. Nevertheless, you can start to earn by viewing the various advertisements listed on the site.

Types of Ads

AyuWage has 10 different options for you to start viewing:

  • Regular
  • Explore
  • E-mail
  • Search
  • Special
  • Radio
  • Survey
  • Rewards
  • Live

Some of these will consist of filling out surveys, viewing advertisements, filling out offers, exploring sites, and clicking on banners. So it’s very easy to earn with AyuWage. The only thing you might not like about them is the fact that the payouts are so low. On the other hand, they still happen to be¬†higher than many of the other PTC’s out there today. These payouts can range anywhere from $.0015 to $.03; yep, sometimes only a fraction of a penny!

Rented Referrals

My biggest discernment with AyuWage is the fact they do offer rented referrals. I wouldn’t recommend using this however. Rented referrals are basically referrals that come into AyuWage that can be rented out by you for a period of time. For example, you could rent a referral for one week for a small price.

In return you would make commissions on however much they earn. The reason I don’t recommend this however, is because a lot of the times these referrals tend to go inactive due to the extremely low retention rates with paid to click sites. Almost 99% of the time its the company that will gain more money than the individual who rented that referral. You’d be much better off obtaining direct referrals for free than having to pay to rent them.

Gift Cards + Earnings

One of my favorite aspects of AyuWage is the fact you can actually cash out your credits in return for a gift card. In the rewards area you’ll see big named companies like Target, Starbucks, iTunes, Gamestop, and Amazon. Of course you could always request a cash withdrawal instead, as long as you have an account with Payza and/or PayPal.

Also there is a payment proof section within the site itself if you need proof that they pay. The biggest problem I found with this were how low these payments consistently were. Nevertheless, AyuWage can be a good site to promote any other offers that you may have.

AyuWage Overview

So is AyuWage a good earning opportunity? It depends what you’re using it for. But generally, I would say that AyuWage will definitely be able to provide a sufficient means for a full-time online income. I believe that’s the case with every PTC out there, unless you’ve managed to obtain direct referrals to these opportunities every single day.

In regards to renting referrals, that is one thing I would stay as far away from as possible. If you’re looking for an opportunity that can earn you a whole lot more income, make sure to click the link below. Otherwise, feel free to leave me any questions or comments below.

Thanks for checking out this AyuWage review!


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2 thoughts on “AyuWage Review: Is This Opportunity Any Good?

  1. Sim Legault

    Hey Peter, like I said to others, Ayuwage seems to have difficulties paying. Now more than ever.

    Some members complain about not being paid for 4-5 weeks now. Just be careful if you plan using this site.


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