Big Idea Mastermind Review – Avoid At All Costs!

By | May 16, 2015

Name: Big Idea MastermindBig Idea Mastermind Review: Scam Or Legit?


Owner: Vick Strizheus


BIM Basic Level – $25 per month

BIM Silver Level – $125 per month

BIM Gold Level – $625 per month

BIM Platinum Level – $1,622 per month

BIM Diamond Level – $5,122 per month

Rank: 5/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Big Idea Mastermind was created by Vick Strizheus who teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer. The biggest initial problem with Big Idea Mastermind however, is its very close affiliation with one of today’s biggest online marketing scheme’s, known as Empower Network – which isn’t even an affiliate marketing program to begin with, but an MLM.

Many of todays products as a result, have used this tactic of adding an upsell of another product into its own to simply lure people into these higher ticketed commissions.

In this Big Idea Mastermind review, I would like to cover several aspects within this opportunity, and conclude with its overall legitimacy. Recently, I had reviewed another product by Vick Strizheus, better known as High Traffic Academy, which I became very weary of and ultimately led me to BIM.

How Much Is It?

The price of Big Idea Mastermind isn’t set simply, as it is in Wealthy Affiliate. As a result of the large variety in its membership prices, people like Vick Strizheus tend to experience very high ticketed commissions, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. This has resulted in a great loss of trust and totally scheming people out of their hard-earned money.

Prices range anywhere from $25 per month to over $5 grand every month, in order to better capture the online marketing audience. To put this in better perspective, simply paying $5,000 per month for a membership, does not mean you’re going to make money, but rather makes it more accessible for you to promote products; products that other companies won’t even charge you to begin with to promote. This is likely the result of joining a product that is in close affiliation with the Empower Network MLM scheme.

Devious Scheme!

Most importantly is Big Idea Mastermind’s very blatant attempt in selling you a membership in Empower Network. It will even say it on its very website, which should come across as a huge cautionary sign of this product.

Another sign Big Idea Mastermind is really just a front for Empower Network is the fact its own membership levels are exactly the same ones being used in Empower Network.

Use Of Paid Traffic

Even if you have no issue joining Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network, it is important to know that one of Vick Strizheus’ primary teaching methods is the use of PPC traffic.

I still remember the day I had joined High Traffic Academy since I was so convinced of his lessons and the way he spoke, that I would be rich becoming one of his members. But, that didn’t last very long.

Big Idea Mastermind Review: Scam Or Legit?

Instead, by the time I was atleast half way through every one of Vicks most pointless lessons, was I told I would need to spend an upward of $100 to $1,000 on Pay Per Click traffic alone!

His teachings in you using media buys and extremely expensive PPC ad networks made it all the worse. I remember how angry I felt inside, and from then on, never wanted to be scammed like that again.

The worst part of it all however, is these guys willingness to charge you an upwards of $1,000 just on the membership alone, which does not even include his only method that is expensive Pay Per Click traffic. Despite the importance of gaining traffic, this was not something I was ready to gamble my money on.

Big Idea Mastermind Overview

Personally I’m not surprised of the schemey tactics that are used in this online marketing system. These guys lie, cheat, and steal.

As a result, you’ll be faced with one disadvantage after the next, only to realize how hard these guys make it seem for you to make money. For me, they turned my dreams of becoming successful online upside down. Thankfully, I actually came across some of the most honest online marketers in the industry, that put my dreams back to life, and finally into a reality.

To conclude, Big Idea Mastermind is not something I could recommend to anybody. They are devious in their sales tactics, offer overpriced memberships, don’t even explain how you’ll begin go about making money, but worst of all, completely leave out the fact that you’ll be needing to spend money on PPC traffic. If you have thousands of dollars to waste and play around with, then just maybe, Big Idea Mastermind is for you.

Otherwise, I would take a look into Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for reading this Big Idea Mastermind Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

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