Binary Vault Scam Review – Will It Make You Rich?

By | June 9, 2015

Name: Binary VaultBinary Vault Scam Review


Price: “Free” with a catch

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

The binary vault is a product released only about a week ago promising you to get rich from simple binary trading. In this system there are a wide variety of red flags to look out for. The very first telling you its some special binary trading software that will help make you $1,000 in just one day.

How Much Is It?

Like most of today’s binary trading schemes, the binary vault is claimed to be offered for free. But the reality is, once you get inside you’ll notice you need a $250 minimum deposit just to get your account activated and begin trading. Because of this, I was almost shocked to see this being promoted on Clicksure by its various affiliates.

How It Works?

When you sign up for the binary vault product, you’ll be automatically assigned to a binary trading broker. The man in charge is also known as “Maverick Michaels,” who will push you into making your first deposit into this software. From there, you let the software go to work in making your trades.

But, its promises of helping you win more trades just doesn’t live up to the hype. Unfortunately, there is nothing new about this binary trading scheme and has been created with some pretty awful intentions. The fact is that no software in the binary trading market can help to predict in which way a trade is going to go. The market is so volatile, that it is nearly impossible to use past historical trends to predict any outcome, as it is so short-term in nature. Unlike stocks, placing money down on any trade is nothing more than a 50/50 gamble!

Binary Vault’s Red Flags!

I’m sure you’ve noticed. There are so many number of red flags when you reach the homepage. I wouldn’t be surprised if this alone made you skeptical.

Red Flag #1 – “Please Stop, Before You Leave Get Your $1,000 Free Software And Earn $1,000 Today.” As mentioned before, this is the first and most blatant red flag. There are two problems.. First, their using this to lure in and capture your e-mail address. Second, they are doing so by making you a promise they cannot keep. By doing so, they are dramatically increasing their potential ROI by being able to contact you at a future date, in case you change your mind.

Binary Vault Scam Review

Red Flag #2 – The second red flag you probably noticed, is the small widget in the upper right hand corner showing you how many spots are left. I can’t begin to tell you how many binary option schemes are using this today. Despite its effectiveness, it always proves to be a lie. To test this out, I went back to the website after the counter went down to zero, and what do you know.. It was back up to 50 and starting all over again!

Red Flag #3 – Now one of the biggest red flags tBinary Vault Scam Reviewhat irritated me the most was trying to prove this software worked by putting up the faces of people who supposedly won money. Rather than showing that they won small amounts like in the $100 range, they instead are showing illegitimate earnings of above $100,000.

I’m not sure who in the world would ever buy into this, but one thing remains clear. With so many different binary scams using the same exact tactic, chances are these people aren’t even involved with the system in the first place. And, if they really did win so much money, why is “Maverick Mike,” promoting Binary Vault in the first place!

Red Flag #4 – Last but not least, is its counterintuitive approach to attract you to Binary Vault. First they tell you, oh this software is completely free. You can even put away your credit cards, wallet, and paypal account if you have one. But then, we see that in order to begin trading you need a minimum start up cost of $250.

Now the reason for this is likely to make you think that the owner of this system is not using it to profit off you. While this may be a bit tough to understand, its merely an approach to make you think you’re simply buying into trades. On the contrary, every deposit made gives “Maverick Mike” a nice hefty 75% commission minimum!

Binary Vault Scam Review


No wonder he’s doing this!

Binary Vault Overview

So is Binary Vault a scam? You tell me. But I will tell you this.. If it was in anyway legitimate, these blatant scheme tactics would be avoided at all costs, especially if it worked. There would be no need to tell you there is in-fact a $250 minimum start up cost involved here. There would be no need to over-exaggerate six figure earnings in the matter of just one week. And there would be no need to show us that they are only approving “50 people,” when in-fact they’ll take as many individuals as they can get.

I don’t know about you. But Binary Vault really let me down, as do most of todays binary marketing platforms tend to do. They all seem to use this simple “copy and paste” approach of each others programs, because it seems to work for a short-while. Many of these people surprisingly go on to release even newer and more updated binary products, once individuals figure out that their old one is entirely useless. The thing you need to understand here, is people like “Maverick Mike,” do not care about helping us. They’ll do whatever they can to insult our intelligence as long as it works out for them.

Now if you’re looking for a much more legitimate way to making money online that actually works and is honest and truthful, check out my review here on Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike binary trading it requires a bit of work. But, unlike Binary Vault is a proven and tested method. Simply follow the steps and you are on your way to greater income and success.

Thanks for reading. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns on this Binary Vault Review, please leave them below.


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